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Best Friend Turned Bed Buddy

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I know I wont regret it. I know I wont forget it.


First of all...love the site. Im glad to know there are people out there that arent shy about their sexuality!
Now, to the point of the story.
I was staying at my best friends house for the weekend. Our parents dont really care that we are of the opposite sex, because we are 'good kids'. So I spend the night over there all the time.
His mom had to work late, so we ordered some pizza, and were sitting on the couch watching a movie. He was sitting upright, and i was sorta laying on his chest, which isnt unusual, cuz we do it all the time. The movie got to a part where people started having sex, and he put his hand on my thigh. I didnt really think anything of it. Then he started rubbing on my inner thigh. This turned me on. My nipples started getting hard, and my pussy started getting wet. My arm was resting on his lap, and I could feel his dick growing.
He started kissing my forehead and running his hands through my hair. I then sat on his lap with my legs wrapped around him...kissing him deeply. Then we walked into his moms room. He layed me back on the bed and was feeling up my shirt...and undid my bra. Having him feel my hard nipples drove me outta my mind.
He undid my pants and took off my thong. He was rubbing my clit and then put a finger into my pussy and went in and out..in and out. I was rubbing my inner thigh.
He then took off his pants and boxers and exposed a rather large, extremely hard dick. I have accidentally felt his dick before (through his pants) like when he bumped into me in the hall. I thought it was big before but now i thought ...'DAMN'
He jerked it a few times with one hand while he rubbed my clit with the other.
Then he slowly stuck his dick into my tight pussy. It hurt when he first stuck it in, vut after going out then back in, it felt good. (I was a virgin.) In and out, thrusting faster and faster until I thought my body would explode. Then we turned over and I rode him like a wild bull. I felt his leg muscles tighten, and then he blew his load into me. I continued riding him until I felt myself orgasm also. I moaned like there was no tomorrow.
I got off him, his dick soaked with my pussy juice and his cum, and my whole body was weak. We were both sweating and out of breath. He then took his mouth and started sucking my clit. And then tongue fucked me. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed him as hard as i could into my pussy, humping his head. I started screaming and moaning. I gripped his head so tight and had a mind blowing orgasm right into his mouth. My body was shaking.
He then got back to his side of the bed and now had another raging hard on. I decided to return the favor. I sucked his dick until he was almost about to cum, and then i let him explode onto his stomach. I licked some of it off and then kissed his mouth...putting the cum from my mouth into his.
We heard his mom pull up in the drive way. I ran to one bathroom, and he to the other. When we came out(fully clothed), his mom was in the kitchen putting some groceries away. 'Oh.. hey guys, did you have fun today?' We looked at eachother then at the same time, smiled and said 'Yep!' She never suspected a thing.



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