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Best Friend Taught Me How

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When I was 11-13 I had a best friend who used to come over all the time and have sleepovers. I'd also sleep over her house. We did stupid things like make our barbies do sexual things, and sometimes she'd bring her mom's romance novels over and read the dirty parts out of them. One day in my room after she finished reading from one of the books, she looked up at me and said, 'You know, it feels really good to put the shower head on your crotch. It makes you have an orgasm.' And I was like...'REALLY?' I wanted to try it right then. I used to cover myself up in the bathroom and in changing rooms and stuff but the curiosity and I guess sexual tension actually made me forget all that for a minute and I like RAN and asked my mom if I could take a shower. She shouted up the stairs yes and I asked my friend to show me. So we went into the bathroom, and turned on the shower to let it warm up. I got out two towels, (she took the romance novels in to read on the toilet in case she got bored!) and I took off my shorts, t-shirt and underwear. (I was only about a 32A and didn't start wearing a bra until my nipples started poking through my t-shirts really noticeably after I'd already turned 13.) I stood under the shower for a bit getting warm because I was getting all goosepimply and my nipples were standing out. She said to run the shower down the wall for a bit so I could lean on it without it being too cold against the tile. I did, and leaned against the wall. She told me to hold the shower head and spread my legs. Then she took off her shirt and bra, reached into the shower, and took the shower head. She told me to spread my lips with both hands. I did and she pressed the shower head up against me. Then she told me to try to stretch my lips around the shower head. I did and then she turned the shower head to pulse. She sat back on the toilet and watched me. I watched her sit there topless, but then she wrapped a towel around her because she was cold. I moved the shower head up and down and it started to feel good. After only a couple of minutes, I had the most amazing orgasm that started in my crotch and spread all the way up and down my body. I almost couldn't stay standing up. It was wonderful! I looked down and my legs were all red from leaning for so long. I quickly washed my hair so my mom wouldn't know I hadn't wanted a 'real' shower, and my friend put her top back on. We came out of the bathroom, and no one had even noticed we'd both been in it. I thanked her for showing me how and was in complete awe of my friend.
She taught me all the bases as well, and she told me about an older friend of hers who was 14 who had already had sex twice, once laying on a bed with her boyfriend, and once up against the side of her house in the yard! She knew lots of older girls through sports teams she was on, which is I guess where she knew all this stuff from. Anyway, we always used to talk about vaguely sexual topics, and always right before we went to sleep. So this time we were at her house, and we made up a new game. We would write on each other's backs one letter at a time, and guess the full message. So we would write stupid things like song titles or tv show names or whatever. It was stupid but fun, and you could repeat a letter if the other person didn't understand it the first time you wrote it on their back. You had to write really big, so you had to hike up your nightgown really high and lay on your side. I always pulled it up just under my boobs, because I was still shy about showing my body and had learned how to hide most of it in the locker room and when I got changed for swimming and stuff, even to my best friends and family, and even after this shower thing. But she hiked her nightgown right up to her neck and I could see the side of one breast. Hers were already a full B cup and my mom had even commented once that she was busting out of her bathing suit and would have to get a new one. So after I noticed that, I started pulling my nightgown all the way up. We started doing punctuation, and I noticed that ( ) and --- and ... all seemed to go really far over when she drew them on my back, and onto my breasts. So that's how I did them on her. We kept writing sentences that had weird punctuation in them to keep feeling each other's breasts! (But only the sides.) Finally she asked me to scratch her back, so I did, then I asked her to do mine. She did, and since I was still on my side like for the writing game, she was able to scratch really far over. It was really relaxing and she kept going for ages, and then she scratched the side of my breast, and then my stomach, and then like in a curve shape from my breast to my stomach until finally she was scratching my front, basically, reaching over. She was going really lightly until she was stroking more than scratching, and concentrating on my breast. Then she pulled herself up right behind me and started stroking across to my other breast, then stroked both breasts and my stomach for ages, going up and down, back and forth. I started feeling this pounding between my legs, and I really wanted to touch her breasts. So I turned over and said, 'Your turn.' So she took her nightgown off over her head and said that would make it easier. I started off just like she did scratching her back, and I kept looking at her breast bulging out from her side. It wasn't too long before I started scratching her side and stomach, working over to first one breast and then the other. Her nipples were hard and her stomach was warm. It was so easy to bring my body up behind her and I pressed my nipples against her back. She said my nightgown was bothering her so I took it off. I kept stroking her breasts and then started rubbing her nipples in circles and squeezing her breasts a little. I told her I felt like I wanted to take a shower. She said she did too but it would wake up her parents and they'd get mad. I was really disappointed and frustrated but then she said, 'You know the feeling you get when you orgasm with the shower head? You can get that lying down too.' I asked her how and she said you could use your fingers. Then she took off her underwear and lay down again. I did the same. She had a little bit of hair - lots more than me, though mine was darker. Her lips were bigger than mine but I couldn't see very much. She put her fingers over her clit and started rubbing in a circle. I first tried putting one finger on either side of my clit and rubbing them back and forth, but that kind of hurt. Then I spread both legs, used both hands to spread my lips, but didn't have a hand left to touch myself with! I really liked the cold air on my vulva though. Doing that helped me find a comfortable way to touch my clit hood with one hand, though, and I started rubbing the same way. I felt my vagina tensing and loosening and I wanted to feel what was going on in there so I put my other hand in my vulva and was able to get one finger in my vagina. It felt good but I wasn't in far enough so I tried to push in deeper. While I was doing this, I turned my head sideways and saw my friend rubbing herself fast with one hand and squeezing her nipples with the other. She was breathing faster too. I kept going and started getting bored. I stopped for a bit and sat up and watched her. I said, 'You're all red inside!' She told me I was stupid because I was too. She said to spread my lips, looked, and said, 'Yeah you're red too. Everyone is.' Then she went back to rubbing her clit. She used her other hand to spread her lips and I saw a small hole opening and closing. She put her finger in the hole and pushed it in and out. It went really easily and some white cream came out with her finger as her vagina closed around it. Her fingers were longer than mine and could reach deeper in her. She still rubbed her clit with her other hand and I could see it now, big and pink under the hair from her labia. She went faster and faster with a squishing noise and then she came with a couple of high pants and a moan, then looked up at me. I started going again but slowly. She said she'd help me with the finger inside part if I couldn't reach, and put her finger in instead. From that angle she was able to reach much farther and it started to feel very good immediately. I imagined my own hole opening and closing around her finger and got very excited. I felt my hole around her finger and could feel the cream coming out. I rubbed the cream up to my clit which had been really dry, and liked how I could now make it slippery so my fingers slid around it. I looked down at myself and could see my tiny breasts, stomach in a bit of a roll from curling up, hips thrusting up to meet her finger and her hand and my hand in my crotch. She was sitting between my legs naked, with her breasts full, nipples out, big smile on her face even though she was concentrating. She put her finger in and out over and over again, and I rubbed my clit through my hood and one side of my labia with the other hand, and started really riding her finger. She looked so beautiful and I remember wanting to kiss her, but I never did. I touched and squeezed my nipples with my other hand like I'd seen her do, and she started touching her own nipples with her other hand. Then without saying anything, we switched to touching each others' nipples and breasts. She was kneeling between my legs now and I looked down and saw her lips were still wet from coming. I wanted her lips to drip onto mine. I could feel myself getting that familiar feeling like with the shower head but this time it was so much more intense. I never made a noise before but this time I gasped and then came in the most amazing way with a huge moan. I nearly sat up with it when I came, and ended up leaning against her afterward, our bare chests touching. She stroked my hair which was now pretty sweaty, and we laid down together. We eventually put our nightgowns and underwear back on and went to sleep, exhausted. Sadly, we never did anything else sexual together, but we still played dirty barbies and read romance novels! I still masturbate thinking about my first time.



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