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Best Friend Shows Me How

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Several years ago, I lived across the street from my best friend. We went to the same grammar school together, and later to the same junior high. We also swam for the same team, and always showered with the other guys on the team before and after practice.
After we started junior high, Dave's parents had gone away one weekend. Our school usually sponsored a Friday night movie for the students, and we both went. After the movie, it was agreed Dave was going to sleep over at my place for the weekend. I was 12 1/2 at the time, and Dave was just 13.
We both went to the movie, but Dave sat with his 'girlfriend.' I sat with some other friends a couple of seats away, but I could tell from a distance that Dave and she were getting into some heavy kissing and maybe more, but at that time I didn't know much about sex. Well, the movie ended, and we got a ride back to my house.
I noticed that Dave had covered the front of his pants with his jacket, and kept it there for most of the ride.
Back at my house, we pulled out a 'day bed' to make a double bed in which we were both going to sleep. I felt a little odd, but Dave stripped down to his jockey shorts right away. (I noticed Dave had a small wet spot on the front of his underwear.) Dave said 'let's get into bed......I have something I have got to tell you.' I was a little more modest than he was, and turned out the light. I then stripped down to my briefs, and got into bed next to him, but there was enough room that we didn't touch each other skin to skin.
I asked Dave what he had to tell me, and he said that during the movie he and Sherry had been playing around, and that Sherry got really wet and went to the bathroom and took her panties off to give to him. Dave got up from bed and went to his jeans where he pulled out a pair of bright red silk panties and threw them to me. Dave then got back into bed, and said 'guess what else.'
I said I really didn't know, and then Dave took the panties back and sniffed them. Dave said that when they were fooling around, he had gotten really hard and because he was so hard for so long, he started to leak and thought he was going to 'jit.' We had never had this type of talk before, and Dave asked me if I could 'jit' too. (I later found out that it was the same as cumming and shooting your load.) I said that I could, and he said to prove it.
BUSTED ! I had no idea of what he was talking about, and all of my orgasms had been dry so far, so I had no idea of what 'jit' was. Dave asked me if I really ever jerked off, and I said that 'Yea, of course I do.' He asked me to show him my cock, and I said that he had to show me his first. Dave asked me if mine was hard yet, cause his was. I said that it was, and Dave turned on the lights, and threw the covers down to expose both our fronts. We both had full hardons showing beneath our white shorts, and Dave pulled his down to show his 5' cock. I pulled mine down to expose my 5' cock. Dave's tip glistened a little from something shiny that I didn't have.
I quickly turned off the lights, and pulled the covers back up. Dave asked me if I was going to jerk off. I rolled over and said no, not tonight. ( Although I really wanted to. The sight of his little dick was REALLY hot.) He said that I probably couldn't jit anyway, and that I was afraid. He said that it really felt best of somebody else jerked you off anyway, cause just before you jit it felt so good you almost have to stop. He said cause he had some pre-jit, that he would have to jerk or he'd have 'blue-balls' in the morning. I asked him what blue balls were, and at that point he knew I had never cum. Dave asked if I minded if he jerked me off, and then I could jerk him off and I could see what he meant. I said I wanted to jerk him first, and he said OK. He pulled his shorts just below his balls, and pulled the covers down. I reached over and started to jerk him off. He let me go on for a while, then said to go faster. I started to, and I felt his body start to tense up, and his cock start to get really hard. All of a sudden he put his hand over my wrist, and I could feel his dick start to pulse. I didn't know what was happening (since I didn't wet cum yet) and all of a sudden, I felt this warm, really slick fluid in and over my hand, his cock and balls. I said 'you pissed in my hand' and got really pissed off for a minute. He said that no, that was really the 'jit' and to prove it took some between his thumb and forefinger, and showed me it was really thicker and white.
Dave took my cock in his hand and said to 'let me know what feels good.' By that time, anything would have felt good, and as he jerked me off he played with my balls with his other hand. In about 5 minutes, I was all tense, and had an intense orgasm, even though it was dry. I finally had to admit to him that I couldn't wet cum yet, but he said that was ok....I would do it in about 6 months to a year. Dave said as long as it felt good, not to worry about it. We jerked each other about three more times that night. He came once more, then was dry, and I dry came all three times.
We kept this up for several months, by now even doing it in the daylight so we could watch each other, and one day totally unexpectedly, shot my first load in his hand and all over my stomach. He rubbed it into my cock and balls, and said that 'now you know what it's like to 'jit'......like it?'
I did, and we kept it up through junior high, cumming over each other's hands and cocks at least twice a week. To this day when I whack off I still think of that first handjob when Dave showed me what cum was.



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