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Best Friend

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This story takes last week with my friend (let's call him 'Mason'). Mason is about 5'10', has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, he is on a swim team so he is nice and tan, and almost has a six pack. He looks good naked because I have seen him naked at school before. His cock is about six inches with big balls and a nice blonde patch a hair around his beautiful cock and balls. I am 5'9' and have black hair, black eyes, I play basketball but I don't have a six pack like he does. My cock is the same size as his but I have black hair around my cock and balls.

Anyway, as I have said I have seen 'Mason' naked before in the locker rooms, and have always wanted to kiss and jack him off. One day he invited me over to his house to play some video games and go see a movie. I went thinking about what would happen if I told him what I really wanted to do to him. Would he get mad? Would he kill me? I had no idea what would happen but in a few hours I would find out. So when I got to his house he was playing basketball outside waiting for me. I said,'Hi, what are you doing?' Stupid question because I could see what he was doing. 'Mason' said,'playing basketball, want to play?' I said,'sure', but the whole time was looking at his silky shorts which I love to see on hot guys like him. I could see his cock bouncing up and down, up and down, I could not take it anymore and finally got a hard on. I tried to get close to him so that I could feel his huge cock. But then he got in front of me and put his back to me got really close and came in contact with my cock which was really hard, and he threw the ball. I was scared that he felt my very hard cock. But 'Mason' did not say anything and said, 'let's go inside and go in my room'.

My heart was pounding the whole time I got close to him because I could not get my eyes off those damn shorts and he smelled soo good!! He wanted to show me a magazine that he had but I can't remember what it was. 'Mason' got close to me (we were on his bed, and there was nobody home)and then his smooth arm and leg started to push against me(I had shorts on too). My heart was pounding more and more because his smooth body was touching mine.

Then he put the magazine on my lap, so that part of it was on his lap and the other part on mine. Then all of a sudden he put his right hand under the magazine and it landed on my thigh. It felt sooo good there that I froze and looked over at him but he just kept reading. His fingers started to move all over my thigh and then it stopped on my cock. OOH MY GOD!!! I thought to myself I could not believe it! His fingers slowly started to rub my hard cock and slowly rubbed up and down. I said whispering,'UMMMM, OOH GOD THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD, DON'T STOP!!!'

'Mason' did not look at me but kept reading the mag. Then I said, 'STOP'. He quickly took his hand away and said, 'OOh god I'm sorry, I thought.....I thought that you would....like it, I'm sorry'. I said, 'no, that's not it I want this to be perfect'. I got up took off my shirt, shoes, socks, and shorts. I was completely naked, then I said, 'now, you get naked I want to see your hot body'. He did the same and then he pulled me close to him so that we were now rubbing against each other. It was sooo perfect and it felt soo good to be rubbing his big cock with mine. We kissed for about five minutes and then we fell on his bed. He got on top of me and started to kiss my neck, and then he rubbed the head of my cock (I am not cut and he is not either) I was saying,'JACK IT, OOH FUCK, IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD, FUCK!!' Then I came on his hand. Now it was his turn. I kissed him like he did me and then I went for the gold. 'Mason' would say,'UMMMM YES... SHIT DON'T STOP....JACK IT BABY TAKE ME TO HEAVEN!' Then he came and I fell right on top of him and we just stayed there kissing and rubbing against each other.

We got dressed and went to the living room where we watched a movie and I had my head on his chest and his arm was around me. It was spectacular!! I hope we get to do this again very soon. 'Mason' has asked me over again for next weekend and I will tell you if anything happens. But until then I hope you enjoyed this story that is 100% TRUE!!!. Plaese feel free to leave any comments.



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