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Best Ever

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During the week it is hard to get together with my girlfriend S. but my roommate H. has a late class three nights a week and on those nights she comes over about 11PM and we give each other a quick handjob and she leaves before he gets home. He knows about this. Last Tuesday his class was cancelled and she didn't know and arrived at the door expecting to get off. She came in and all three of us talked a while and she was going to leave but she and I were both horny and really needed it.

So I asked H. if maybe he could go out for a while but it was an awful cold and damp night and there would be nowhere for him to go. He was about to go and S. said we were all adults and he could read or something and we would turn out the lights on my side of the room and go under a sheet. That got me really excited for some reason and so we did exactly that. Man, it was so great because I knew this would bring him close to cumming just the whole experience of hearing us and seeing us under the sheets even if it was dark. I was stone hard before I stripped and got under the covers. Both S and I stripped before getting in bed and he was watching. I wanted to cum right away but forced myself to slow down. S. was so wet already that the sheet was soaking through and I said that aloud.

I was touching only her belly and ass because I could tell she would throw an orgasm if I even touched her clit. We were both moaning and she was begging me to put my finger in her. I looked over at H and saw he was rubbing his dick. He stopped seeing me look over. I told him, 'It's ok man, go for it if you have to.' So right away he yanked out his dick and balls and was stroking away. I was ready to cum and S hadn't done more than gently touch my balls yet. I tossed off our sheets and kneeled up with my legs straddlng her legs and let go a huge arch of cum that blew all over her belly and parts. Then I put my face real close to her and fingered her just a little and very slow. She was watching H who was near cumming and she was shaking like I had never seen. She shoved my hand away because I was too slow and easy and she was offing herself with three fingers in.

She made this little scream when she started to cum and it just got more intense because as it seemed to let up she kept her fingers going and she had another one and was bouncing around and made a really loud gasp and moans that I know our neighbours had to hear. H was cumming at the same time and I was horny again watching them both cumming. I picked up some of my cum and what I could get of her juice and did myself real quick again. That took probably less than a minute. H is begging me to do it again and I would but S got embarrassed the next day and won't anymore. It was the hottest thing I EVER did!



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