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Best Desert Ever

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Part two of sexy scents


This is the second instalment of a story of meeting my current boy friend, Check out the first part if you want back ground.

On our first date he took me to a private dinner club that was top shelf. I should have known I was in for a treat when my menu showed no pricing, He explained only members got menus with pricing. Keith explained that it was intended to enhance the experience for those being treated. I found out later that the Materdei apparently asked the member if he wanted his guests to see pricing. Keith wanted to impress me, little old waitress, & flower shop worker & banquet server me. I did not understand the how much he was into me until later. But this kind of treatment had my juices flowing.

It was flat out impressive, but not in an overly pretentious way. 'So shall we both have surf and turf or do like sharing meals and shall I get something different.' If it were up to me I would sample every plate on the table at a nice restaurant. I know it is uncouth so I would never do that, so I said 'I was almost ready to change my request to coq au van but if you were serious about sharing and would not be embarrassed doing that at your club'.... he stopped me mid sentence, 'say no more I love chefs coq au van. If I never get another date with you I would feel terrible if you did not have the opportunity to try it.' To have him validate this quirk in me and suggest the he was the same way was awesome. I could actually feel my nipples get hard.

The Somalia offered a wine suggestion and offered a sip, I would have upended the glass to get the last drop if I had not been where we were. Keith asked me if I liked it and I said absolutely, He ordered a bottle, and ordered a glass from a bottle he had open from his last meal here. I have never heard of a place that recorks and stores bottles for members. Keith explained he pays a fee to have access to exclusive tastings and have storage privileges. He said when he came here with clients he never had more than one glass but he so loves fine wine. OK maybe a little pretentious.

It occurred to me that it must be an expensive bottle to warrant such measures. He admitted he usually only brought clients here for lunch, but when I had suggested surf and turf. He thought this would be the spot, 'not so much to thank you for the help with the wash, but I really like you, and I wanted to impress you.' The sous chef arrived to prepare the stir fried prawns and scallops table side as an ors d'oeuvre. At this point I had to admit I was totally smitten.

Dinner was very romantic we were close to the bar area and they had a piano player. We shared everything, feeding ourselves and each other, there is no dainty way to eat lobster and this was not a split tail kind of place, the whole lobster was served, it's good to live on the east coast. Keith did the honors of cracking and extracting the meat. I did the butter dipping and feeding, of the lobster and the beef. Keith fed the chicken to me. He is not fond of mushrooms and they are my favorite part of coq au vin. It was quite livatious, any one watching us would have thought we had just consummated our relationship, or were about to.

I asked him what he would do for an encore. He said 'I thought that would be up to you. What interests you.' I love a guy that thinks of me first not occasionally but always WOW! 'I like to ski', I said. He looked a little worried he said he had only tried it three times, and that did not end well, the girl he had come with basically left him to fend for himself. I told him I had been an instructor in college, and if anyone could be taught, I could teach them. Then it occurred to me I work all the time and I'm broke, this is not going to happen. I opened up and laid it all on the table, Keith is nothing if not a fixer. He said he would get me an interview with their add agency, and If that worked out I would have my weekends free.

I would have done anything for him at that point, he seemed to be the answer to all my prayers. He then confided that he was old school, and if I would agree to date him we would not have sex. He had made a chastity pledge and that most girls he met when they learned that, went looking for more fertile pastures, if you will. I had not had sex since graduating so this was nothing I did not have figured out. But I wondered how chaste we were to be. He smiled I think just from the thought that I did not storm out thinking he was a nut job. He confided most of the girls he met were through Kevin and did not want anything but sex, on their terms, according to their timetable, and they sure did not want any strings attached.

So I asked 'what are you looking for'. 'Promise not to laugh'. he says 'I'm looking for my soul mate.' I queried, 'So how will you know when you find her.' 'She will enjoy the finer things, she will be patient with my stupidity when it comes to doing laundry or learning to ski, and she will enjoy travel and rock music, and will share my religious prospective. So what are you looking for?' 'Someone tall and handsome, that will respect that I'm a hard worker, and that I'm smart, and have a degree. Someone who will not be offended by my parents who think college is overrated, and that working with ones hands is the only way to find happiness. It would be nice if he liked to come to nice places like this to eat occasionally.' Then I assumed the close as I was taught in salesmanship. 'So how chaste are we going to be. Can we kiss'. He leaned in and gave me the sweetest kiss I have ever had. 'That was nice can we French kiss.' He leaned in for another go and left me wanting more, much more. I had to go to the girls bath room I was beginning to smell my arousal. I tidied up a bit, and text him. 'How about second base', he text back 'not in the restaurant', I replied 'How about third base.' He sent back 'how about we pick up a pint of ice cream and go to watch the snow fall near the lake'. I got back to the table he had the leftovers boxed, and the check managed, and we were off.

We got a pint of salt caramel nut ice cream and drove to the lake. The snow was falling like snow globe snow. He put on the classic rock xm channel and before the ice cream was half gone, we literally attacked each other. He began with ice cream on my tits and I tried ice cream on his dick. The heater was up full blast but we still had the windows fogged up.

He fingered me and I came so hard I think I wet myself a little. It did not phase him in the least. He licked his fingers and went back for more. I'm normally one and done, but as he started rubbing my clit with one hand while fingering me with two huge fingers I knew I had another. It's good we were in the middle of nowhere, he had me moaning like crazy and when I came I screamed 'don't stop.' He continued until I had to grab his hand, I was too sensitive to continue.

The car was very warm at this point. He rolled down the window and put the ice cream on the roof and grabbed some snow and applied it to my nipples. They stuck out about an inch they were so hard they ached. Then he began so suckle them and another shudder of orgasm passed over me, and I collapsed in his lap.

Given the proximity, I now had an appreciation for the size of his cock. Not that long 6-7 inches, but it was as big and round as my wrist. I'm not an expert at giving head, but there was no way I could think about getting even half that thing on my mouth. I made some remark and he said 'I guess I'm a little aroused, can you help please.' There was a note of desperation. I reached in my hand bag and found some cuticle oil. It was just the thing, I brushed it up and down his shaft. I concentrated in the tender underside and he started thrusting and pleading for me to stroke it. I continued with the tiny brush. His contractions, when they hit, were amazing. Cum launched everywhere. The first stream actually made it to the roof. There had to be eight to ten ejections of hot cum. I took a spoon and cleaned him up the best I could. We fell asleep in each others arms, nude in a car on a frigid night. He woke me hours later asking me if I had ever gotten off on a ski lift. I allowed as much that I hadn't and said 'I'm free next Tuesday night'. He looked disappointed, 'I guess I can wait that long.'

He is learning to ski and I am learning to play poker, he is not ready for the Olympics and I'm not ready for the casino. I hear next week about the marketing job with a local add agency. I'm pretty sure I'll get it, they need tech savvy people with degrees. Yea!



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