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Best Day of High School so Far

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This story is about me and a hot junior girl I have had a crush on forever. This is a 100% true story.


My name is Drew and I am 16. I am a sophomore at a private high school. I am 5'10', 180 pounds, football build, brown hair, blue eyes, and a muscular body. A couple days ago I would be embarrassed to say this but I have a 7 inch cock with unusually large balls. My testicles are each about the size of the extra large eggs you can get at the store. They hang down almost half way down my thigh and when I wear boxers they don't stay in the middle they go down one of the pant legs. When I sit on the toilet my balls dip about an inch into the toilet water. When I jerk off I cum so much that I can fill a small cup and shoot several long ropes. You don't even know how hard it is to find a cup for football.

We have football lifting early in the mornings before school. There are usually about 40 guys there. After we are done we head to the locker room where everyone takes showers. I don't take showers because I am embarrassed of my balls. Well the upper classmen always make fun of me for not taking a shower.

Well two days ago it was a pretty bad day for me. In the morning after lifting I went through the usual insults from the upper classmen. Well after that the parking lot was pretty much covered in ice and when I went to park in my spot when I got out I slipped. I hit my butt(my butt is pure muscle) and left arm on the side of my car and then asphalt. It hurt like hell, but I jumped up so no one would see me.

The day went on as usual and I was excited for art class. Art class is my favorite class because of a junior girl who is smoking hot. She has brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, C cup tits, legs that go on forever, and a nice big butt that I could not resist.

I have known her since eighth grade because I met her at one of my older brother's parties. She came up to me and asked 'You look too young to be at this party, so who are you?'

'I am Charles' little brother' I said.

'Oh, you must be Drew'. She said and that was basically it. When she left to go upstairs I saw her lower ass cheeks because of her mini-skirt. Ever since then she has been the center of many of my masturbation sessions and I used every opportunity to see more of her.

Now two years later even a grade difference we are pretty good friends. We really never hung out outside of school but in school especially art class. The bell rung ending seventh period and I left history to head to the art room. I always get there before her and this day I was kind of down so I had my head down. Then I heard Leslie's voice 'Hey Drew!'. She headed towards her seat next to me. I turned gave her one of those half smiles. I was kind of angry when I saw she was wearing the stupid school sweater that covered her large breasts.

'Why are you so down?' Leslie asked.

'My day hasn't gone as I wanted it' I said.

'Why not, today its actually sunny and warmer than 40 degrees' she said while fixing her long school jumper.

'Its jut a stupid thing in the locker room, I slipped in the parking lot, and I got a bad grade in science' I said. Leslie is in the same science as me but a different period.

'Cheer up it's the last period. What happened in the locker room?' Leslie asked.

'Just something the upper classmen make fun of me for almost every morning' I stated while re-adjusting my 'package' under my desk where Leslie could not see.

'Well just ignore them assholes. If you don't mind me asking what do they make fun of you for?' she asked.

My face turned a light shade of red. 'Umm...I'll tell but please don't be grossed out okay?'. She looked curious and she nodded her head. 'Ok...I don't take showers' I said reluctantly as my face became redder.

'Don't be offended....but why don't you?' she asked showing a strong curiosity.

'Its complicated...its...its a guy thing' I said acting to do work to avoid further questions. About ten minutes went by as we sat totally occupied with work. She seemed to be confused and thinking. I caught her many times looking at me.

'Is there a reason you don't take a shower?' she asked. I acted like I didn't hear her and kept on working. She leaned in close and said in a low voice 'Come on Drew just tell me I am not gonna make fun of you or tell anyone now come on'.

'Alright...um...I..lets just say I am...um..well endowed' I said feeling my face fill with blood.

'How do you mean well endowed?' she asked. I just looked her deep in the eyes and then nodded toward my crotch a couple times. After a few nods she caught on and said 'O...why be embarrassed if its big you should show it off?' she asked half giggling, half whispering.

I don't know what came over me but I felt my cock twitch and I became relaxed. 'It is not my dick I am shy about but the other part'.

'You mean your balls?' she asked.

'Ya' I stated. My cock grew to about half erect when she said 'balls'.

'Whats wrong with them?' she asked in a quick low voice as if someone was listening in on our conversation.

'Well they are...really big...bigger then usual' I said while my cock grew to full length. It felt really uncomfortable with both my balls and my 7 inch cock down the same pant leg.

'Oh....really' she said in a kind of sexy voice and a sexy look on her face. But I was concerned with the dilemma in my pants. After about a minute I couldn't take it. I moved around trying to be comfortable and I finally did. Leslie saw this and looked away when I noticed she had her eyes on me.

The last 30 minutes of art class we didn't talk and I finally went soft right about five minutes before the bell rang. When it did Leslie was the first out the door followed by other classmates. I walked slowly because I had to go to a science test review which would last 15 minutes.

When I got there I was surprised to see Leslie in the class. When she saw me her face turned a light shade of red and she smiled. She was sitting next to I suppose one of her friends. So I sat near them at a desk with some weird kid. Throughout the review Leslie and her friend were continuously whispering and looking at me. I became half embarrassed and half angry because she said she wouldn't tell anyone.

At the end of the review her friend left and she swayed her sexy butt over towards me and leaned close to me. 'I need to pass this test or I will fail. Can I come over after school to your house so we could study?' she asked, like our conversation in art never happened.

'Ya sure'. I said in a quick kind of excited voice.

'Ok, see you around four.' she said and walked out of the class. It didn't hit me until I was on my way home that this could be the day I see Leslie naked. When I pulled in I was relieved to see my mom was not home. I got out and ran in the house up to my room to straighten it out. But by the time I reached my door the front door bell rang.

I opened it and saw it was Leslie. 'Sorry, I just felt like coming over earlier because I didn't want to waste gas.' Leslie said with a worried face.

'No its alright I just got home. Here come in.' I said motioning her in. She came in with her booknag on her back and she kicked off her shoes.

'Wow this is a nice house' she said.

'Thanks. Do you want a drink or something to eat?' I offered her.

'If it is no trouble could I have a diet coke?' she said with a puppy like face.

'Ya just go ahead to my room. Its the last one on the right. I'll be up there in a few minutes' I said and headed for the kitchen. As I opened the fridge and got the coke I realised I left my computer on which has all my porn on it. I ran up the stairs and found Leslie in my chair in front of the computer screen. I almost fainted but was glad to see she was on her myspace account. 'I got your diet coke'. I said holding it out in front of me.

She turned in the chair and I almost fell over at the sight of her. She was wearing a school t-shirt with cut-off sleeves and super short purple shorts that barely covered her butt. She leaned forward grabbed the coke giving me a quick view of the top of her tits. 'Thank you so much' she said and quickly opened it taking a swig. I kept on looking over her body and she noticed and said 'Oh I felt like getting out of my uniform so I hope you don't mind' she said in a sexy voice.

'Oh..not at all. I think I'll change too.' I said and quickly turned around towards my dresser. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her school jumper on my bed. I first pulled off my shirt and I could definitely feel Leslie's eyes on me. I undid my belt and I started to get hard. I took off my pants and quickly threw on my sweat pants.

When I pulled on the sweat pants my heart felt it was in my mouth. I heard noises of sex and I heard Leslie say 'So I am not the only one' more to herself than me. I stood there paralyzed lost in thoughts. Then I felt someone's hands on my chest and abs. 'Drew I have been wanting to do this since I first met you' she said into my ear and then started to give me a hickey on my neck.

I turned around and she leaned forward and our lips met. This was my first kiss and it only took a few seconds to catch on. Our tongues wrestled each other like the world was going to end. Our lips parted and we both started kissing and sucking each others necks.

I started to explore her body with my hands. I moved my left hand to feel her big round butt and my right went to feel her large breast. They felt firm but also plump. She threw me onto my bed where I landed on my back. I now realized how my cock was forming a tent in my pants 7 inches tall. Leslie then slowly took off her shirt and bra at once. Once I saw her little brown nipples I could feel pre-cum starting to ooze out my cock head.

She used her hands to twist her nipples and massage her breasts. She then turned around and started swinging her butt slowly removing her shorts. She pulled them down and bent over like she was mooning me. I almost came at the sight of her huge butt with her pussy squeezed in between her cheeks. She then crawled over on top me and once I could reach I took a nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it and circled it with my tongue. Leslie let out a loud moan of pleasure. As I sucked on her nipple she led my hand around to her pussy where I started to rub her.

After several minutes she yelled 'I am gonna cum Drew...uhhh... I gonna....' I felt her shudder and she collapsed onto me. Her pussy landed right on my cock but luckily my sweat pants were the small barrier between my member and her slit. She was still oragasming from my magic fingers. She was humping my crotch and I could feel her juices soak through my pants. I then started to kiss her and she slowly came out of her orgasm trance.

I couldn't take it any longer my cock was throbbing and I felt like I was gonna cum. After 5 minutes of making out she sat to the side of me and placed my her hands between my waist and waist band. 'I wanna return the favor. Now lets see these big balls' and with that she yanked my pants off and I heard her gasp. 'Holy shit you weren't kidding'.

She began playing with my huge balls taking them in her hands and gently playing with them. She finally wrapped her hand around my throbbing cock and started pumping fast. About 3 minutes later I felt that familiar feeling in my balls. 'I'm gonna...I...gonna...cum' I moaned. With that my cock erupted like a volcano of cum. Around 6 or 7 long ropes shot out that landed on my neck, chest, and even the wall behind me. The first some fell on my face. The rest hit Leslie's tits and stomach. She rubbed me out until I stopped dribbling. She then laid back on top of me and rubbed my cum between our bodies.

She then leaned in and I thought she was gonna kiss me but she was out for the cum on my face and neck. She licked it all off. 'That was amazing. I have to go, my parents are gonna be home and I am grounded. I will call you tonight' she said as she began to dress. I was still in a daze from my orgasm when she left. I actually fell asleep and was awakened by the sound of the garage door opening. I was still in the same position on my bed. My cock was now soft and the cum was dried on me. I jumped up and took a shower.

After the shower Leslie called me and apologized for leaving in such a rush. I said it was fine. We talked for hours about what happened and what we want to do. She asked me out and of course I said yes. She said there is no reason to be embarrassed she said her friends complained about there boyfriends having the balls to fondle. So we hung up and I went to sleep.

In the morning after lifting I stripped down and wrapped a towel around my waist. I headed for the showers and on the way a senior pulled my towel off trying to embarrass me. He failed, the whole locker room went silent. Here I was in front of half the football team staring at my crotch. My balls were bigger then everyone elses. I was even bigger than all the basketball players even the black ones. I picked up my towel and made it to the shower. From then on I was respected by all in that locker room. The normal noise came back and the upper classmen were now picking on the small freshmen.

I am no longer embarrassed and that day rumours grew rapidly of my endowement. Tonight is my first date with Leslie and I can't wait to see what happens. Happy jillin' and jackin'.



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