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Best Day at School

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This is a true story. This happened when I was a freshman in high school. I was around the 15/16 year range. Also this story has two experiences in one which both occured on the same day. One solo male and the other Male-Female. All names are changed.


Just a little about me at the time. I was about 5'11' and 170lbs. I had a decent build for not really being a athletic type...

I come from a pretty strict family. My parents always want me to succeed, and because of that they made me always test into the super advanced classes at school. These tests were taken on computer in our vice principals office for privacy and quiet so we could do our best. On this particular morning I was running late and I had to be in the room testing by 8:00 sharp. I didn't get a chance to masterbate like usual. I took a very quick shower and threw on my dark blue boxer briefs, jeans and a t-shirt and my favorite hoodie. On the way to school I could definately feel the effects of not masturbating.

I made my way to our vice principals room and was greeted by her and led to her desk with the test already pulled up and ready to take. She left as I sat down. I was probably a third of the way through the test and getting very very antsy. I couldn't focus on ANYTHING. Well except relieving myself. I knew I had to do good on this test...so the only 'logical' solution was to get off right there. Well it was logical for a 15 year old boy that was very aroused. I looked around and there were no windows at all and it was quite. I slowly unzipped and unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down a little along with my boxer briefs. At 15 and still growing I had a decent size at about 6'. I scooted all the way under the desk just in case someone came in. I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking it like normal. Starting slow, but then getting faster and faster. At this point I was wanted to cum and finish my test. I kept stroking away trying to make as little sound as possible. I felt myself starting to get closer and made sure I had tissues at the ready. I felt my orgasm just right there and I pounded away until I exploded and let out three or four long ropes of cum. Thankfully it wasn't everywhere.

I finished up my test and did amazing (I wonder why). Due to the test I missed my first two classes which was fine with me. I made my way into my third period class which I enjoy because I sit next to one of my best friends, Deven. Now Deven was about 5'2' and had brunette hair. She had nice c-cup boobs (I knew this because we were good friends and talked about everything) and an amazing ass. She is pretty attractive. Once I sat down next to her she playfully pushed me and said, 'Thank god you showed you he just assigned a partner task.' He being our teacher Mr.Baker. I responed with a laugh. When we did group projects our teacher would allow us to go wherever in the room which of course we did. I recounted my whole story to Deven and I could tell she was starting to need to get off. Today was one of her 'Lazy days' as people refer to them, and she was wearing basketball shorts and a cami I think it's called (tanktop or something of the sort). I could see a wet spot start to form as we talked more in depth about my experience. Then we moved on to talking about masterbation in general completely ignoring our project we were supposed to be doing. I too was beginning to harden again as Deven got more wet. At this point we both needed to get off and expressed it to each other. Deven said, 'I think I am going to relieve myself at lunch I really need it.' I responded with a 'Me too, lunch would be easy to get off.' Deven smiled and said, 'You know it could be better if we did it together.' I was so hard after she said that. I never really had an experience with any girl before.

At lunch Deven and I went outside and to her car. She was a year older than me and had her license already. Once we got in her car-which was a pretty small dark purple one-both of us were silent. We were pretty open to each other, but nothing like this before. She turned to me and said,'Well now or never, and we are pretty turned on so I would say now.' Right then she slid down her basketball shorts to her ankles and leaned her chair back. She was wearing white bikini cut panties with a pink trim and a pink heart on the front. They looked pretty damp already. They were super girly and not very revealing, but looked good on her. She said,'well are you gunna do it too?' I slid my jeans down to my ankles after un doing them after her remark. As I finished pushing my jeans down I looked over and saw her rubbing herself though her panties already. I just kept on watching her getting more and more horny.

She seemed to like somebody watching her because she really got into it. She was moaning slightly and wiggling constantly. After a minute or two she slipped her hand into her panties and started to finger herself. She moaned louder and louder as I watched her fingers go in and out. She looked over at me saw how horny I was and smiled. She asked if I wanted to help. Of course I did! She took my hand and put it down her panties and showed me how to rub her and finger her. She knew from our talks I had never done anything. After a while of fingering she said,' Mmmm I am about to get it...mmmm go faster.' I did as I was told and went faster and listened to her nearly scream and buck her hips and she finshed and got her orgasm. She laid there for a second and said,' Now that was what I needed. Now I think its your turn.' She smiled and put her hand down my boxer briefs and started to tease me by stroking me super slow. I didnt need to tell her what to do, and again from our talks I knew she had done stuff before. She asked if I liked watching her and seeing her in underwear and I managed to moan out a yes. She smiled again and started stroking faster and faster knowing exactly what she was doing. I said almost there and she finished me off and I let out all the rest of cum I had in me.

We both quickly got our pants back on and neated up so nobody thought anything. It was a great day for both of us. We went on to not become more than best friends, but more of friends with some benefits.



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