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Best Birthday Ever

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I started becoming sexually attracted to women around the time I entered high school. I never had a thing for girls before then, but right around that time I started seeing them in a different light. Their beauty and sexiness, the shape and curve of their bodies; it all started to drive me wild. Throughout high school and as I entered college I hooked up with both guys and girls, but once I started to experience being with girls, I knew it was something that I wanted for good.

By my junior year of college I was exclusively hooking up with girls. The sex I'd had with women up to this point was nothing like I ever experienced with a guy. The touch of another woman is so intensely sensual and erotic. It's like they know exactly what get's you off and they stop at nothing until that happens.

During my junior year when my birthday came up, my girls decided that they were going to take me out and give me the night of my life. It was my 21st, so I was pretty excited to get out and let loose. Going into the night I had two things in mind; dance with the most beautiful women I could find and have amazing birthday sex. I love dancing. It's one of my favorite ways to express my naughty side. For me, dancing is just a vertical representation of a horizontal desire. Getting ready for the night I put on my hottest pair of fuck me heels and the hottest little fuck me black dress I had. My intentions were pretty clear by my outfit.

We headed into the city and hit the hottest bars and clubs we could find. Bar after bar, club after club, the night was intoxicating. The drinks were flowing and I was getting hornier by the second. The last club we walked into I spotted the most beautiful women I'd seen all night. She was jaw dropping. She was 5'6', long flowing brown hair, enchanting blue eyes, perfect 36C breasts and the most beautiful, perfect, round ass ever.

I had to dance with her, so I approached her and asked her if she wanted to dance. To my surprise she said absolutely and we went up to the dance floor. The chemistry was instantaneous and the passion was undeniable. We couldn't keep our hands off of each other. Chest to chest, face to face, the way she glided her hands over my body was like she knew what I wanted, her. One touch led to another and before you know it we we're making out in the middle of the dance floor. I told her that it was my birthday and that dancing with her was the best part of my night so far and that I would hate for it to end there. She could see it in my eyes and I could see it in hers, we wanted each other so badly. She yelled in my ear over the entrancing music that if we left she had a gift for me that I wouldn't forget. I grabbed her hand, rounded up my girls, left and headed back to our place.

As soon as we walked through the door, we headed straight for my room and landed on my bed. Picking up right where we left off, we started kissing. Her lips were so soft. I begged her to kiss me all over. She whispered in my ear; 'just sit back and relax; I'm going to take care of you tonight.' We slowly undid each other's dresses and slid them off our bodies. Her body was even more beautiful than I imagined. My nipples were hard. My pussy was dripping wet. I opened my legs inviting her onto me.

She leaned in and slowly began to kiss me while her hand massaged my pulsating clit. I couldn't help but moan in ecstasy. Her tongue gently caressed mine then the rest of my body. It was as if she had watched me masturbate before and knew exactly what to do to get me off. With each kiss, I drew closer and closer to cumming. Her lips and hands glided over my body effortlessly. She pushed me to the edge of climax. I told her I wanted more; I needed her to fuck me. With that, she slid her fingers into me. The feeling sent me to the ceiling. My back arched and my moaning became louder and more rapid. I knew I was going to cum instantly. She worked her fingers in and out of my soaking pussy and continued to tease my erect clit out from under her hood. I pulled her closer to me and kissed her soft lips begging for her to fuck me harder and faster. My toes began to curl and I could feel my pussy begin to contract. 'You're gonna make me cum' I whispered to her. Out of breath I threw my head back as my hips came off the bed and waves of pleasure were sent pulsating through my body. I could feel the cum running down my thighs as I laid motionless and weak in the knees. 'How do you feel' she asked me. All I could do was laugh through the smile that was on my face.

I pulled her onto me and kissed her passionately. I had to return the favour if for anything, to explore the curves of her amazing body. I turned her over, threw her down and pinned her arms against the bed. 'Now you just sit back and relax, I'm going to take care of you' I told her and I began to explore every inch of her body with my hands and mouth returning the orgasm that she so effortlessly gave me. The next day when I went out into the living room, I ran into my girls who could clearly see that I had 'I had amazing birthday sex last night' written across my forehead. They questioned me and I gave them the details of the amazing night I had.



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