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Ben's Homecoming

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Ben, my best mate was coming home! He'd been away for nearly three years whilst his Dad had worked abroad; I'd only seen him briefly during a holiday spent with him but that was two years ago. Now, we were both sixteen years old and from what I gathered by the tone of his emails, he couldn't wait to be home too.

Great celebrations ensued on the day of their 'welcoming back' by our family and friends. Ben walked into the room and I hardly recognised him. His voice was deeper, he had truly 'broadened out' with a stocky build but was, as before, somewhat shorter in height than me. It looked as if he'd been shaving for years and I had only just started! However it was as if he'd never been away - as if we finished one conversation, he'd gone away for three years and then we continued where we left off on his return.

It was New Year when I had been invited to Ben's house to keep him company whilst his parents were away for a long weekend. When I arrived, Ben was going through a large chest that had just been delivered by a shipping company and was particularly excited finding items that he'd packed away weeks ago before the family had left America. He threw a magazine at me asking what I thought of it. Wow! I'd rarely seen a porn mag. and these pictures and stories were something quite exceptional. He produced a large pile of them apparently obtained from a lad he'd become close friends with whilst at High School in the U.S.

Satisfyingly filled with pizza, we settled down for an evening of TV. We both said how good it was to be back together again; Ben wanted to know what I had been doing in the years we were apart and, in turn he told me about his American adventures. Wanting to be curious, I asked him more about the magazines and his friend in the States. He was a bit evasive at first but eventually asked me if I had become 'a man of the world'. Still not too sure to what he was hinting at, I asked if this meant 'serious stuff with girls'. He answered yes - and a bit more?

Now, Ben and I had been friends since we were ten. We'd done all the things that young boys do - play, fight, rode our bikes around the neighbourhood, argued and fallen out, made up, spied on a courting couple in woods nearby and we'd even had a pee together, got erections and had a 'sword fight' with our penises! We were relaxed and unnerved, perhaps even unconcerned about our bodies.

Ben clearly wanted to talk more about his US experiences and hedged around until he asked if I could, as we'd always done, keep a close secret between ourselves, and only ourselves. I assured him nothing had changed.

It was then that Ben told me about him being introduced to his American friend (Evan) and his circle of mates. Ben revealed that Evan had encouraged him to become his 'jerk-off partner'. I asked him to explain. In England, it was not a phrase we were familiar with. It wasn't long before I fully understood! Ben had obviously enjoyed his 'work-outs' with Evan.

Later that night, Ben went for a shower and I followed. I was surprised at Ben's muscular body, his well-developed pecs, legs and arms - Ben wasn't one for over-exercising so all this was just natural development! He commented on how I had developed too - hard swimming had contributed to my muscles!

In Ben's room we had a look at more of those porn mags and it wasn't long before I spied that Ben was playing with himself under his duvet. I had a rock hard on too and almost simultaneously we said we needed a pee but we both knew what we really needed. It wasn't long before embarrassment had been overcome and we both admitted the need for an urgent wank - sorry, jerk-off!

Both Ben and I were circumcised and our cocks were now similar in length (7') but his was slightly thicker matching, I thought his sturdier body frame. I admired his growth of pubic hair - being a strawberry blond with curly hair, his pubes, although darker, were a good match. They covered his balls and were running up over his stomach. I was darker and less hairy.

Rubbing ourselves under our respective duvets was eventually going to cause a problem so Ben grabbed a swimming towel, laid it on the floor between our beds and we lay totally naked doing what we'd found a regular (very regular sometimes) relaxation since reaching puberty. The difference was that Ben had done it before with Evan but this was my first experience as a 'twosome'-and it was very enjoyable.

With his hand urgently working his rock hard cock and the other clutching his balls, Ben was looking at a porn picture but casting glances at my equally hard and worked on penis. It was clearly exciting him as he gently thrust his hips back and forth with the motion of his hand. He asked me if I was enjoying it, which of course I was. He said this was 'just great'.

He turned on his side towards me and said he was ready to shoot; at the same time his free hand moved up to his hard pecs and rubbed his nipples. His face grimaced and with mouth open he looked down at the now open end of his engorged knob. With a loud 'aaaarrrhhh' he thrust his hips forward to coincide with a spurt of cum from that seven incher landing on the towel between us. His cock continued landing lengths of cum until his body stopped jerking somewhat.

This sight, the picture I was looking at becoming secondary for my arousal, threw me into an immediate ejaculation of semen over my stomach and then, turning quickly facing a now relaxing Ben, on to the towel. Fantastic!

Ben looked at our slowly shrinking cocks, smiled and thrust his towards mine play-acting a sword fight asking me if I remembered doing this? He reminded me that we were considerably smaller in those days!

My friendship with Ben continued for years until we both went our separate ways. We enjoyed regular 'jerk off' sessions for years. We were honest enough to admit that we found each other a turn on but equally the porn was needed to ignite our arousal. I'm sure if we met up together tomorrow, our friendship - and more - would continue as if we'd never been apart.



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