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Bens Friends

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Bens friends

Just as Ben moved away he told a few of his friends back where I lived about mine and his and my 'fun' time together and one day at school, Rex, John & Romeo came to see me. They told me they knew about what I had done with Ben and said they want me to do it to them. Now they were all hot and I was really horny so I agreed. They were glad and they asked me to meet them at Romeos house on Saturday night because his parents were going to be out all weekend and his brother was at a sleepover. 

When I arrived Rex answered the door in shorts. He had a flat body and I could see some abs starting to come through the skin. I went inside and Rex took me up to Romeos room. 

When I went in John and Romeo were sat on the bed also in shorts waiting for me. All three of them had good bodies because they were in the school running team. 

They were each 15 and were in puberty. Romeo who was really tanned is from some place in Europe (Spain I think) and Rex and John are Americans, with John being African American. John looked the biggest out of them and was a dark brown colour. Rex is a light tan colour. 

They said they heard from Ben that I give boys the best orgasms and that they want me to jerk them off. They said that girls just don't understand how to give guys a good handjob or bj. I laughed to myself that three hot straight guys would want me to jack them.

I asked them why and they said they didn't care who got them off, just as long as they had a good cum once in a while. Fair enough I thought. 

Romeo had a large king bed in his room and when we had finished chatting they each got up and pulled there pants down. 

Rex had light blonde pubes that were almost invisible and there were lots of them. He had a short dick. It was tightly circumcised. Three inch soft, five inch hard. 

John had a dark chocolate colored cock and he lived up to the stereotype. He had a thick long dick which was loosely circumcised. I was glad that I'd have at least a bit of foreskin to play with on him. Six inch soft and nine inch hard!! He was a year younger and an inch bigger than me!

Romeo had a tanned thick average dick, inch soft, 6.5 inch hard. Hanging about 2 inches down from his dick was the longest foreskin id ever seen ! I couldn't wait to play with it :D

It was the first time they had each seen each others dicks and they all stood up and examined each other. 

Rex and John were looking at Romeos dick like it was an alien-they had never seen an intact dick. Romeo got self conscious and I told him don't be ashamed and then I revealed my 4 inch soft 8 inch hard dick covered perfectly in light brown foreskin. 

Romeo was glad he wasn't the only one and after another minute of looking, Rex and John asked Romeo if they could play with his foreskin. 

Romeo said okay and they lay him down and both started fiddling around with his foreskin. Stretching it and pulling it back to reveal the head. They were amazed by how much skin he had and by how Romeo was enjoying them touching his foreskin. He was rock hard from them playing with it. Even when hard the foreskin still fully covered his dick head, with about 3/4 of an inch to spare, the skin still hanging down. 

When they had full filled their curiosities I asked them who wanted to get done first? Rex said' me !' enthusiastically. Romeo and John said theyll watch while I do him. 

I had never jerked a circumcised dick before and I expected it to be easier to make him come than an uncut guy but I was wrong, it was way harder. My hand was rubbing it up and down. The skin was dry and I felt like I was hurting him. Rex didn't show any signs of pleasure although I was jerking him expertly. It seemed like his dick was numb. Taking a break from jerking himself, John said you have to use lube for circumcised guys. I though oh that makes sense and when I put it on it made my job a lot easier (no pun intended). My hand was rapidly sliding up his 5 inch making lots of slushing noises as my hand passed over the lubed ridges of his dick. When I rubbed him really hard and fast he seemed to feel it more and he reached orgasm in about 10 mins after a good hard rubbing down. He closed his eyes and let out a high pitched squeal as two ropes of clear cum shot out of his dick onto my arm. I kept rubbing vigorously and massaged out the rest of his clear cum. He obviously wasn't as developed as I thought. He liked when I kept going after he came and let me rub his dick for about three mins afterwards, until it got soft then he thanked me so much and took johns spot. 

After seeing rex's reaction John said he wanted to go next. His dick was fully hard now, already lubed up and ready for my hands to get to work. He lay down on the bed, covered his eyes with his hands and told me to start. Whoa! his cock was big. My light brown hands stood out against his dark brown dick skin. His dick was really lubed up, like he had dipped it in a bucket of olive oil. Only the circumcision scar almost matched my skin colour. His dick was massive! I could only just fit my hands around it! I jerked my fist hard and fast up and down his shaft. It was big enough so I used two hands. One working the head and the other the shaft. He was moaning and groaning in a deep voice and slowly thrusting his hips up and down as I rubbed him closer to orgasm. He still had a small amount of foreskin so I made the most of it and it seemed to make a huge difference in his pleasure. I would tightly thrust my hand up his big black cock, stretching to the max all the foreskin still left on his dick. There wasn't much skin, it only reached about 1 cm up his glans but when I did he oozed so much pre cum. When I did this he nearly erupted.  After 10 mins of wanking his dark rod he started swearing and without warning, he started to cum. I slowed down my pace so much and massaged the thick cum out of his dick. It stood out so brightly against his skin. His wad slowly oozed out into my hands, and instead of furiously jerking and letting his load shoot everywhere I thought I'd let him savor this cum and have a good slow cum and dick massage. I slowly and tightly rubbed his dick only downwards as more cum pulsed out of his dick like white lava. He instinctively tried to jerk himself to make himself cum faster but Romeo ran over and held his arms down. Romeos foreskin almost touched Johns mouth when he did this lol. 

He was feeling this cum because he was swearing and moaning so load and bucking his hips so much.

I kept the steady movements downwards and he pushed out nine snakes of creamy dick soup with my help. His cum covered my hands and fingers and his wad has sooooo thick! It was like jello. 

With each stroke his body jerked and more cum pulsed out of his large dick. I kept going for about five minutes after his cum and let him have a prolonged pleasure period because of the slow cum I gave him. Small amounts of cum were still coming out even then !

Romeo let's go of johns hands and he said his dick is so sensitive and went so get up. He nearly fainted and said it was the most intense cum/orgasm he'd ever had. After a minute of sitting down He said he thinks he could cum again. His dick was still rock hard so I grabbed his dick and he stood up this time. His balls hung low and now I jerked him quickly. He didnt need any more lube because the 10 ropes of thick cum he produced before were still stuck on my hands.  The sensitive nerves on his dick head were on fire ! He squirmed and wriggled around but eventually he calmed down and after a few minutes of me jerking him ultra fast, he squinted his eyes, groaned and shot his second load. This time the cum was clear and there was much less of it. It was not as tick too. 3 ropes squished onto Romeos bed and John almost collapsed. I gave his dick a final tug and a rub down his frenulum and laughed as his face grimaced and he shuddered. I played with his cum with my fingers. 

John was in shock and thanked me for a great cum. Well for two actually. 

Now it was Romeos turn. After seeing me give the other guys a perfect handjob, he was really ready for his. His cock was already oozing lots of pre cum and when he lay down in a small pool of johns cum I went to town on it. 

The first thing I did was pull his foreskin back and push it back over his massive cock head. He moaned so loudly at this. A flood of pre cum slipped out of his dick hole and made the foreskin even more lubed up. 

I grabbed his shaft and rubbed his manly dick up and down fast. 

I was making the most of him having a foreskin, rubbing it and showing John and Rex how much fun it is. 

I was rubbing his foreskin up and down his dick and watching him scream and wriggle in pleasure, seeing his dick ooze pre cum and watching Rex and John in shock that anybody could feel this much pleasure, I realised how much more sensitive 'uncut' guys were. Any slight touch to Romeos dick would have to be intensified by 5 for Rex or John to feel anything, where as it made John moan with delight. 

After a few minutes, I wrapped my hand around his cock at the middle and told him to get ready to cum. I licked under his foreskin and he almost shot. Then he said 'I'm ready'. Because of my work, his foreskin was wrinkled and pushed up to the top of his dick. There was so much of it ! so I pulled it down to the right spot so when I was jerking him, he would get maximum pleasure from all his skin going up and over his head. I quickly jerked him and in about 5 seconds he sat upright in the bed and his dick hardened by about 3 times. His face looked shocked and his dick started shaking. I knew he was about to cum so I quickly rolled his foreskin down gave it a hard tug and for the last second before the eruption and grabbed the head of his dick with my full fist, and put the most friction on the most sensitive part of any guys dick, the frenulum. When I did this the whole dick was as lubed up as johns before before because of all the natural lube Romeo made. 

He curled his toes, stretched out his lightly hairy legs and tightened his muscles when the first shot came out. It was pure white and landed on his tanned stomach. I jerked it faster and faster. The rest (Approx 8) were huge cloudy ropes and fell all over his dick and pubes like rain. The last few filled my hand. All the times he was coming it was like somebody had gave him an adrenaline boost, he was jumping up and down and moaning so loudly. He looked like somebody who was strapped down at a mental hospital !

After his huge cum I rubbed his dick and played with his foreskin for about 30 seconds. Romeo looked like he had been shot because how sensitive it was. So I let him go. 

 I was so happy with what I had just done for all the guys. 

I looked at Romeo and he looked like he had just won the lottery, a look of such happiness on his face I was ecstatic with his reaction. I turned and looked at John and Rex. Their mouths were wide open. John said 'holy fuck! You looked like a porn star cumming' later on Romeo told me they asked him if he really felt all that he was showing when I jerked him off. They were shocked how much extra pleasure a foreskin could give. 

I washed my hands and watched as 3 boys loads washed down the sink. And when I came back into the room to say goodbye they ambushed me. They were going to jerk me off, hahaha they looked so funny, each with semi hard dicks, still with semi dried cum covering the tip of them and romeo with cum oozing from his foreskin. 

They pinned me down on the bed, with Romeo sat on my chest, holding my arms over my head and tickling my armpits. So while they were jerking me I would be stuck in one spot like john was. At least I got to see Romeos fucking hot foreskin while they were jerking me behind Romeos body. I could actually smell Romeos dick because his foreskin was open and oozing cum from it, inches from my face. John aggressively gripped my dick which was still hard from jacking off three horny teenagers and made it to it's full length. While John grabbed my dick with a big fist, and pumped it, the foreskin was really lubed up with lots of pre cum so it easily slid up and down my cock and felt fucking amazing ! I pulsed blood through my dick as Romeo sat on me, watching my facial expressions as I got jerked off. He was laughing at how intense my looks were. while this was going on, Rex had my balls in his hands and was squeezing and massaging them. 

John was used to jerking his own cut dick so he pulled my foreskin all the way down and did what he would do to himself on me and whoa ! It was intense ! He rubbed me so hard and fast it felt so good but it almost hurt. I was shouting in pleasure and my hips were thrusting as I was getting closer to blowing my load. Within 5 minutes of this torture of my super sensitive dick I could feel the cum welling up in my balls. I told John was about to cum and he kept going faster and faster and pushed me just over the edge. then stopped. My cock was convulsing on it's own trying to push the cum out automatically. I had the most intense feeling I've ever felt and Romeo could see by my face. After one second that seemed like a lifetime, John grabbed my dick jerked it. I could feel the foreskin going up and down then I felt shot after shot of cum shooting up and a second later it landing on my body. the orgasm was incredible and was one of the best I had ever had. 

I went to get up of the bed but Romeo still sat on me. I tried to push him off but now rex held my legs down and I knew what was coming. 

John kept jerking my dick after my huge cum. He kept going ever after the last drips had been expelled from me. 

It felt like somebody had poured acid on my dick! My foreskin was being pushed hard and fast up and over my still hard dick by johns rough hands. I put up with this horrible feeling for about 15 minutes of me sweating, wriggling and screaming. Lucky that Romeos parents were out or else they would have though somebody had been stabbed upstairs. 

I ran out of energy and collapsed on the bed with John still pumping my dick. My dick was screaming for release!! I could feel myself getting ready to erupt again and with all my last energy I thrusted my hips and shot my load again. Romeo got off me quick enough for me to see my dick shoot all two ropes of now almost clear cum from my red over stimulated dick. It hurt to touch after Johns super hard handjob. But he thought he had gone at it at a normal intensity. 

When I stood up off the bed I almost collapsed. John sat me down and apologized for going too hard on my dick. Even he could tell he had hurt it. It shriveled up inside it's protective skin and we all calmed down for a minute. 

We all thanked each other and they talked with each other and then they asked if I would like to do this again? I said fuck yes and grabbed my shit, got dressed while on the way down stairs and left his house. 

Thanks for reading 

Ps all these stories are true but I have enhanced them with more description and dialogue because my memory is slightly fuzzy.



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