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Benefits of Being 70

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This is for anyone younger who may have wondered about some of the same things I did when I was a teenager!


When I was 15 and happily jacking off a couple of times a day, I wondered what it will be like when I’m 70, my grand-father’s age at the time. Would I still be able to enjoy masturbating and ‘having sex’? I didn’t think my grandpa was doing it at the time, or even at 60, but then I never asked him. I guess I thought we were all sexless when we “got old”! If anyone had told me then that I’d be able to masturbate at least 75 times a month when I’m 70, I’d have thought they were out of their mind.

Well, now I know! Being retired [semi, anyway], living in a quite retirement community, having lots of time on my hands, and having a sleep schedule different from my wife’s, I’m usually awake around four or five a.m. This morning was no exception. At about 4:45, feeling the initial stirrings of an erection, I apply a good amount of lubricant along with slipping on a cock ring for extra firmness. [And, more often than not, I take that "little blue pill"] Within five minutes I’m near the edge, sensing the intense arousal that signals the climax about to start – but I immediately ease off, change my stroking and massaging pattern, and then gradually start the build-up process again. For the next half hour to 45 minutes I continue “edging”, feeling the internal twitch of a few mild orgasms now and then, and also feeling the Cowper’s fluid as it continues to flow. Finally I reach the point of needing a short break – there’s a certain kind of exhaustion that comes from exerting the sort of focus and self-control needed to continue what I think of as “that blissful journey of edging”.

After a short time I start into another edging session . . . take a break . . .and then begin still another. By the time it’s nearly 8 a.m., I’ve enjoyed three fantastic edging sessions but decide that I’ve had enough for the morning, and it’s time to get up and start the rest of my day.

I typically have two or three masturbation/edging sessions each morning [although sometimes only one, and sometimes as many as four]. But, on average, I figure I’m enjoying about 75 ‘sessions’ in any given month. Most of the time I don’t let myself come off [reserving that for the times that my wife and I get together], but now and then I do . . . succumbing to that almost-irresistible urge!

Sometimes I think I’m addicted but, for any male reading this, you know how fantastic it feels as your sexual arousal gets increasingly intense in those seconds when you approach the ‘point of no return’, right? Then, as you sense that first full-on orgasm that launches your first semen-ejaculation – how does it feel . . . like the dam has burst, or an erupting volcano, or a canon shot, or an exploding geyser? I’ve read a lot of descriptions but for me it’s like a volcano . . . that almost-hot sensation as the pressure builds . . .and builds . . and then suddenly erupts. The feeling is about as close to ecstasy as I can imagine.

At 70, the feeling today is just as fantastic as when I was 15. I still remember the first time I jacked off [as we all called it then] like it was this morning. I felt a sense of wonder, of being “happier than happy”, of having achieved something all on my own, of feeling those erotic sensations wherever I touched my “package” and the surrounding area. I was instantly hooked on masturbation and it [along with partner sex] became one of my life-long priorities. Health and life permitting, I’m counting on being able to continue my ‘edging journeys’ for many years to come!



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