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Ben Again

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Ben again 

Read my other story 'Big Ben (For his age) before this one 

After a year of not seeing each other because Ben moved away, we invited Ben and his family over for dinner one night. This was about one year after our first encounter. 

When he walked through the door I was amazed at how he had grown from a hot boy into smoking hot young man. He was taller and more muscular than before and the bulge in his shorts looked bigger. After some idle chat with his parents, I invited Ben up to my room and I hoped we would have some more fun and we did. 

I told Ben how impressed I was with him and how he had grown and he just laughed it off. He said do you remember the last time I came over? I replied of course I do, how could I forget. 

Ben then went on to tell me that in his year away he hadn't been with anybody because the new school he is going to is a really christian school and there are no gay kids there. I felt sorry for him and then he said he only gets to jerk of once a week because he now shares a room with his sister (who is at another friends house while this took place) and that he hadn't jerked it in two weeks because him and his family went on a road trip to come back down to see us. 

I was sad for him but also happy, because I get to give him an amazing orgasm and his first cum in two whole weeks.

Still not shy about his body, he said can I jerk it with you now? I said no, let me do it for you. 

I got up and locked the door and by the time I turned back around, he had his shirt off and was stood in his boxers. 

I looked at his perfect abs and little treasure trail down to his dick and his muscles on his arms. He said he worked out lots because there was nothing else to do where he lived. 

I went over and told him to lie down on my bed, he did. I told him that I was going to give him an amazing cum and I pulled his boxers down. 

What I saw made my mouth water, a plump big cock with trimmed brown pubes all around it. His dick had certainly grown, and now measured 5 inches soft, and 8 inches hard. (mine was now 4.5 soft and 9 inches hard). 

He put his arms on his head showing me his bushy armpits and inhaled as I pushed his tanned foreskin back, exposing the beautiful pink head to the world. After I did this I licked up and down his abs and sucked his nipples. By the time I returned to his dick, it was rock hard and ready for a good jacking. His body desperately needed to cum after all this time. 

I pushed the foreskin back up and over his dick again and again. He wriggled around. This was like torture for him. Clear pre cum was leaking from his dick so I rubbed the head of his dick and swirled my thumb under the foreskin, savoring his slick juice. He moaned with his new deep voice and his dick jumped, he almost exploded right there and then. I told him to wait a minute. I pulled my shirt and shorts and boxers off. 

I got my hard dick out and pushed it in to bens hand. I wanted relief before he got his. I was so horny because I had saved up my cum for four days ready for Ben. He jerked me off hard and rapidly. I could feel my foreskin going up and down my pre cum lubed dick and felt like I was cumming already! (you know how good that feels .... unless you're circumcised). I told him I'm going to cum soon, so he sat me on top of him, me straddling his chest-my dick head about two inches from his face. Using both his hands he jerked me faster and faster, the foreskin moving up and down my dick was a blur. I felt the cum shooting up my dick and shouted in immense pleasure. My dick throbbed as one rope of pure white, thick cum after another shot from my dick slit. Six went right all over bens face and the rest oozed out of my dick as Ben slowly pushed my foreskin back and forth, milking my dick of the creamy cloudy liquid. I sat, high from the best orgasm of my life and looked at bens face. He had a smile from ear to ear and was licking his lips, tasting my cum. I bent down and kissed him, his mouth tasted like a mixture of strawberries and cum. I pushed the last bit of my cum out of my dick and saw it splat on his fucking great abs then went back down to give Ben his first orgasm in two weeks.

His dick was the hardest I had ever seen it. His foreskin was halfway up his red engorged glans. I put my hands at the base of his dick and slowly pulled his dick skin down, while rubbing his frenulum. He was thrusting his hips up and down and moaning really loud. I rubbed up and down his extremely veiny shaft, playing extra attention to the frenulum which was attached to his perfectly sized foreskin. 

I told him get ready for the best cum of his life. His had his eyes tight shut, and his body was braced for ejaculation. 

I put my hand over his dick head, and quickly jacked up and down his frenulum and with my other hand I pushed his foreskin up and down. 

He shouted out so loud 'I'm gunna cuuuummmm' 

I quickly jerked his foreskin up and down faster than I've ever moved my hand before in my life! His hips were moving up and down at the speed of light and his face was scrunched up. Then the first shot of cum exploded from his dick. It was clear, thick and huge! It reached about one meter in the air and landed on his belly button. The next three shots were like thick milk and went further than that and joined my cum on his face and neck. The final eight shots squirted on to his abs, forming a mini lake of boy cum. He shot 12 ropes of huge white thick cum in all! I kept pumping his dick for the last drips of cum and he writhed around my bed in a mix of ecstasy and torture. For up to two minutes after his main cum, the white liquid (now going cloudy and clear was still leaking from his cock and it was all over my hands. He really needed this cum! When I was milking him for the last drops, I payed extra attention to his foreskin and head to give him maximum pleasure. He was wincing because of how sensitive his cock had become. His foreskin was red, extra long and puffy from all it's work so I gently returned it to it's rightful position, over his glans and took a picture with my phone of Ben lay down, covered in mine and his cum with his dick still semi hard. 

He was heavily breathing and thanked me for the best time he's had in a year. 

Ben went to sit up but I pushed him back down. I didn't want his cum to leak all over my floor! I licked up his surfer boy abs and tasted his super sweet cum. It tasted like somebody had added salt to the milk leftover after eating fruit loops. I went and grabbed a plain black shirt/vest that I would never wear and mopped up his cum with it. The shirt was now half white and smelt like pool water. I threw it under my bed and I now sniff it and look at his picture whenever I jerk off. 

I kissed him again and we exchanged thanks for the best time ever!! 

After this, he somehow convinced his mum to move back near us and he eventually became my boyfriend! 

If you want more stories, just ask me. 

Thanks for reading 

Ps all these stories are true but I have enhanced them with more description and diologue because my memory is slightly fuzzy. 



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