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Being Watched on the Balcony

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Being watched on the balcony.
Here we have a service called "alte sachen" which means old stuff. the service buys old things from people by driving in a truck around cities and a radio says all the time "alte sachen..." the service is done by arabian men who usually come in pairs. i prefer arabian men cos there's no way they know anyone i know so its like a secret thing between us.
i have a balcony which looks exactly at the road 5 meters from me. every time i hear that alte sachen sound i run to the balcony get naked and just stand there. usually, when they notice me they tell the other guy in the truck and slow down a bit, sometimes even stop. sometimes instead of stopping they drive a few times around my block just to see me a few more times. my cock then comes to a full erection and they smile. sometimes i even masturbate and they just stand there and look at me. once when there was only one man he got out of the truck and stood under me. i understood what he wanted so i masturbated and when i cummed he tried to "catch" it with his mouth.
i once dreamt that he came out of the truck and came to my door, so i opened it, completely naked and he comes in. he lookes at my cock and asks "can I?". i didnt know what he meant but i agreed. he started jerking me off and i told him i was going to cum, cos when someone's watching me masturbate i can cum in one second. the same problem is with erections. i only have to think of something sexy and i get a stiffy. this is very annoying when i see movies with naked men, without it being a porn.anyway, he stopped and took his pants down and started masturbating too. i asked if i may and he agreed too. but i just jerked him a bit then played with his balls then blowed him. i noticed he was going to cum so i stopped and we went to the bathroom and i jerked him a bit more. he groand loudly and came in my bath. then i asked him to do the same and he blowed me but he didnt go back and i cummed in his mouth. he swallowed and thanked me for the "drink". when i woke up i noticed i actually came in my bed.
the annoying thing is i really want to experience a blow job but i never did, and i dont know who to ask. in the pool showers a kid asked me to teach him how to masturbate after i saw him doing it (very badly) and told him that thats not how its done. i disagreed cos he had a bunch of friends with him and they always laughed. besides, i didnt want him to notice my erection as soon as i take my bathing suit off. but i think he noticed it when he put his hand on my cock to tease me. the same day i saw him the first time, he was talking before to two 19 year olds in the shower. they were talking about masturbating and how the penis grows 2 times as big in three years. when they said it i suddently got my usual erection, so i just had to remain sitting there without being seen by them.
another time when i was in the showers i just got my swimsuit off and showered. i only do that when im alone in there or if there is only 1 more kid which i dont know. so there i was naked thinking about the same kid asking me to teach him the art. so i got an erection. suddently a man about 40 years old came in and put his stuff on a bench. he saw me and smiled. i felt quite embarrased, yet my dick didnt relax. i think he did that on purpose but he took his clothes of and stood exactly in the shower in front of me, touching his dick. without and further notice he saw i was about to cum and he approached me, touching my dick. so i came. again he smiled at me saying that i shouldnt do that again in the pool showers. i looked at his dick and told him that i wont if he wont let his monster dick loose again. of course i was joking cos he had quite a short dick.
usually i like to sunbathe naked in my balcony and fantasize about those stories that happened to me and sometimes i just make some up for me to jerk off with. on of the fiction ones started when i was awake and ended as a dream. it was about me being in the pool shower when they were going to close and i said i was only showering quickly and going, so only one of the responsibles for the pool stayed there on a comfortable chair with his face to the shower door. here's where the dream begins. i noticed him being out there so just to tease him i went outside to drink from the water cooler while i was naked. i looked at him and saw him mesmorized at me and his dick erecting. i went back in the showers and he followed me. then he gave me a blow job (as you can see im really fanatic about getting one) and then the dream ended cos i heard the "alte sachen" truck coming so i woke up and stood up (both of me :) )
just as proof, right now when i write this letter my dick is erected and even has pre-cum on it. i really want to jerk off now but everybody in my house is asleep and if i came now i'd wake everybody up trying to wash myself.
i read in my friend's book once that men who like to stand naked in windows and being watched are sex maniacs. does it mean i am a sex maniac if i like being watched by arabian men and thrive to have a blow job?



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