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Being Watched on Nude Beach

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I live in Florida and I enjoy frequenting the nude beach at Playalinda Beach near Titusville. I am both a voyeur and an exhibitionist, so I love to watch others play and be seen playing. Over the years I have witnessed just about every possible sex act on this beach, including blowjobs, fucking, handjobs, circle jerks, and of course, individual people masturbating. I usually like going on weekdays because it is less crowded and since people are spread out more, you are more likely to see some action.

On to the story...true story. I recently went to the nude beach and spent the entire day oogling at nude bodies, drinking beer, and smoking cigarettes like I always do there. Occasionally I would pinch my nipples or tug on my penis to get a semi going for my neighbors or some passersby. I tend to position myself near single females (on the rare occasion that I can find one), or at least by a couple (man and woman together) so if all goes well I can have a woman watch me masturbate. Towards the end of this particular day, I was at the far, far end of the nude beach area and I happened to have a single female on one side of me, and a couple on the other (Jackpot!). Each neighbor was about 40 feet away; close enough to see, but not so close that anyone felt threatened or uncomfortable.

I laid out the porn mag that I had bought that morning just for this occasion, applied some oil to my hand, and began subtly stroking my penis while I looked at the hotties in the mag. After being out in the sun all day, the heat had my balls hanging low so that they literally sat on my beach towel as I sat with my legs out in front of me bent at the knees. After a few minutes of stroking, the single female began to take notice. She was no beauty (thank god I had the porn mag because she was no inspiration). But I figure for showing that is all the better. If she is not hot, then she never gets any so she would welcome some sort of male visual experience. She was about 40, short blonde hair, kind of chubby, and the funny thing was, here at the farthest depths of the nude beach, she was sitting there wearing a full one-piece bathing suit.

I continued stroking my cock, which by now was standing up at full mast about 7 inches. She was being kind of coy about watching, she would glance my way and then piddle around in the sand or else watch the waves or whatever. I would just look at the mag or out at the sea and keep an eye on my neighbors serendipitously. Meanwhile, the situation with the couple on the other side of me was what I ideally look for in a couple. The man was laying flat on his back sleeping or otherwise zoned out, and the chick was sitting up kind of looking around. Once she caught sight of me masturbating, she locked on like a laser. Unlike the single woman who only glanced my way occasionally, this chick was really looking at my cock and she seemed kind of shocked and excited. She was much younger than the single woman, thinner, hotter looking, and completely nude.

The nice thing about drinking lots of beer is, you can jerk off forever and only come when you want to. No premature ejaculation here. I continued playing with my cock for a good 15 to 20 minutes while these two woman looked on. The single woman had moved closer to the water so she was positioned better to look straight up between my legs. A pearl of precum appeared on the tip of my cock, so I wiped it with my finger and brought it to my mouth. Both ladies watched! Then I turned and got on all fours so my ass was sticking up obscenely in the air and my cock was pointing up as tall as possible. I jerked it and felt nasty doing it in this rude position, like milking a cow. The single lady could clearly see my asshole and hanging balls from this position.

At this point, I thought it was time for the show to reach its climax. I laid back down on my back so my cock was pointing obscenely straight up with no encumbrances for either lady, and I commenced to jacking off like a I meant it. I knew I had their attention, and I began to spew an entire day's worth of horniness in a torrent of cum that sprayed out of my cock like a firehose. Rope after rope, squirt after squirt, my penis erupted 2 feet in the air again and again with all the pent-up sex-energy from the entire day. When I finally finished cumming, I looked up at both ladies who were staring wide-eyed at my sperm-spewing spectacle. I smiled at them both and they smiled back. The dude was still sleeping, she apparently wanted this show all to herself. I waited a few minutes, gathered my things, and made my way on back to the car. A very enjoyable experience, one that I'm sure none of us will ever forget.



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