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Being Watched by Wife's Niece

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There is nothing that makes me harder than being watched


The guy who wrote about masturbating while some young girls watched reminded me of something that happened to me this past summer. My wife's 16 year old niece was spending a week with us. After watching her sexy young ass for a few days and not getting any action with the wife, I was so horny I was about to climb the wall.

That night when the wife and I went to bed I told her that I had to have some or I was going to go crazy. Our bedroom door was partially open but the door to the guest bedroom was closed. I figured if by chance that her niece, Debbie, came out to use the bathroom she would not pass our bedroom door so it would be safe to leave the door open. Little did I know that Debbie loves to peek at people.

Anyway, after a little touching and feeling under the sheet we got down to some serious loving. The sheet had been pulled down and my wife and I were kissing. I spent some time sucking her big 38D tits. It was about the time I moved down in the bed to look at her beautiful hairy pussy that I heard Debbie's door open. My wife didn't hear it because if she had, she would have gotten up and closed the door. Me? I really didn't give a crap. If she saw us, fine.

After I moved down in the bed my wife had her legs spread real wide and I was playing with her pussy. I kind of moved around to the side so I could finger her better. It was when I moved that I got a glimpse of someone at the door peeking around at us. I knew that Debbie was watching us so from that point on I tried my best to put on a show for her.

I fingered my wife's pussy until she started getting wet. Every minute or so I would remove my fingers from her vagina and lick the juice off my fingers, or reach down and rub her pussy juice on my hard throbbing dick.

I made my wife cum a couple of times and then moved around in the bed so she could work on my dick. I knew that when the sex started I would not last long. Just from wanting pussy and knowing that we were being watched made me so hot and horny that I was about to cum.

I decided to let my wife masturbate me until I came so Debbie could get a good view of me cumming. It didn't take long until I shot cum all over me, my wife and the bed. I thought the cum would never stop spurting out of my dick.

My hard never went down and we kept playing until I was ready to go again. All the time I pictured Debbie standing at the door watching us. And from that vantage poing she had a good view of exactly what was happening.

Finally after both of us cumming again I stopped and we just lay there, both with cum and pussy juice all over us. About a minute after we stopped I heard the other bedroom door quietly close. My wife heard something and said, 'Did you hear anything?' I told her I didn't and that was the end of it.

Watching us apparently had an affect on Debbie. The next morning my wife and her went shopping. After they left I went to the guest bedroom and looked around. There on the bed was a pair of panties. I picked them up and the crotch was covered with pussy juice, some of it still not dry. I wondered if she had masturbated with her panties on that night or that morning before changing.

I held the panties to my face and two or three sniffs and my dick was hard again. I spent the next 30 minutes smelling and licking the crotch of Debbie's panties and slowly jacking my dick. I finally got to the point that I felt much like I had the night before. I really needed to cum and cum badly. I had licked her panties clean of her pussy juice so when I got ready to cum I held them down to my dick and filled the crotch full of hot cum. I replaced the panties where I found them.

The next few days that Debbie was with us she looked at me totally different than she had in the past. She looked at me with such a seductive look. I also noticed that she seemed to show me a lot of skin over the next few days. She would sit opposite me and was always crossing and uncrossing her legs, all the while letting her panties show. She really gave me some good views before she left for home.

I also got my hands on some of her dirty panties again before she left. I spent the rest of the week smelling, licking and jacking off into her dirty panties.

That week this summer was without a doubt the horniest week of my life. I hope she visits again soon.



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