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Being Watched

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I am a divorced man in my mid 50's living in the UK & have had my fair share of relationships with the opposite sex. These have been emotional relationships with one exception & it is this exception that I want to tell you about.
I moved house some time ago, to a small village.
In my new local pub, I met up with a young lady who had also moved there recently.
She was attractive, but very butch & made it clear to all that she was a lesbian. We became friends, even though she was a lot younger than me & we had little in common. Perhaps that is why we became friends. There were no sexual motives in our friendship.
My friend, I will call her Tess, was studying for a technical qualification, but did not have a computer at home. She had to go especially to the college some miles away to write & print out her course work. So, I offered to let her use my PC to do this.
She came round a couple of times each week to do this whilst I relaxed on me settee in the same room & watched TV
One evening there was a film on TV that I was watching that had an unexpected sex scene & Tess turned in her chair to glance at the screen. 'That is very poor acting' she said & I had to agree. I then commented that I had a tape with a more convincing performance on it & asked if she wanted to watch it. She shrugged & said yes, but in a not very enthusiastic way.
So, I put the tape in my VCR & pressed play. Tess had already turned back to the PC & was typing away. The tape was pure porno, showing penetrative sex & Tess turned occasionally passing comments like.. 'They are only acting for the camera' or 'That orgasm was faked'.
Then she said something that made my heart skip a beat. 'I suppose you wank off to this? So if you want to do it now, don't let me put you off'
I just sat there dumbfounded, but with my mind racing at the possibilities for what seemed an age. 'Are you sure?' I asked. 'Yes, just stay over there. I am strictly a Ladies' Lady.'
I got up to get some tissues, stripped off & lying on the settee I did it! What a thrill, doing this with a woman, half my age, just sitting at my PC, typing away. Occasionally she turned to glance at the TV, then me & then carrying on with her typing.
This went on for about 15 minutes, with me looking at the back of Tees's head.
Each time she turned to watch & saw that I was looking at her, she averted her gaze.
I normally cum in about 5 minutes from starting, but try as I did, I just could not push myself over the edge. Eventually, I said, 'For fuck sake, will you turn round & watch me PLEASE!!'
She did just that & I came. Oh yes I came all right! Now, by the time men are over 50, we just ouse. Just as much spunk, but with no real power. Not this time. I shot my spunk about a foot into the air.
Tess just turned round & started typing again.
I cleaned up, got up & dressed.
We acted out the same thing 3 or 4 times over the next few weeks, but with no increased involvement from her.
I did suggest that I was prepared to wank for a few of her selected lesbian friends but she reacted strongly to that. She did not want them to know what we had been up to!
A short time later she moved house from the village to a nearby town & we did not meet up.
I bought another porno tape & this one had a long lesbian scene in which one of the girls was getting off in a big, big way. I was thinking that there is no way that Tess could say they are acting. As if by fate a few days later Tess rang me & after some small talk, she asked me if I still watched the video. I told her about the new one & that she would be convinced that they were not acting & that the orgasms were real.
'If you are in town anytime, drop the tape off & I will watch it' she said. So I did.
I explained that I was still 'using' the tape & she would have to watch it before I left, so that I could take it back with me. (I have 2 VCRs & could easily have made a copy for her, but she did not know that.)
So the game began again.
'Wank if you want to' she invited & I did.
As I got going, I pointed out that it was her house & it should be her that was wanking.
After a bit of persuasion, she shyly undid her jeans & pulled them down to her knees, as she lay on the settee. Then her knickers came down an inch or two & her fingers got to work. I pointed out that I could not see what she was doing & talked her out of both the jeans & then the panties. She was going at her cunt & clit with both hands, but not managing to cum.
I carried on talking to her & managed to convince her that I could make her cum if I fucked her. I kept saying this & in the end she relented about her 'no contact rule' & said that I could fuck her but only if we did it on the floor, with her facing the TV, so that she could still see the lesbians on screen. I already knew that is was the visual aspect that kept her on the boil, so that was how we did it.
Next minute she was cumming in a big way & I was hanging on, trying not to cum, as I did not know how long her orgasms would last.
In the end she stopped cumming & we separated. I had still not cum & was now on my back wanking like mad. Tess saw that in our passion we had kicked over a mug of tea by the settee. She threw a fit about her carpet & what we had been up to.
Next thing, I was on the street, still trying to button up my cloths, with the door slamming behind me.
I have had no further contact with Tess.
We all know that all men try for the home run & I certainly hit out that day.
However, I still can't help but wonder that if I had been happy ending each game at first base, then I would still be enjoying watching & being watched.
To this day, I watch the tapes & as I wank, the vision of Tess sitting across the room is a big turn on for me.



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