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Being Watched

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I love to be watched when I masturbate. I can't explain in enough words how much it excites me. I get a large thrill when I see a woman's eyes carefully watching my hand as I stroke myself. It is such a turn on.

I work with a woman quite a bit older than I am. She is at least in her late 50s if not early 60s. I've never asked her age. We have had plenty of conversations about sex over the years. She told me, not too long ago, that she loves to watch men cum.

Right up my alley! I didn't hesitate at all. I told her I'd love it if she wanted to watch me cum. She told me that would be nice to watch. We more or less made an appointment for that night.

I was throbbing hard in anticipation as I drove over to her house that night. I planned on stripping totally naked and sitting right in front of her as I stroked away. I walked to her front door with a huge bulge in my pants.

She greeted me with a big smile and let me inside. We admitted to each other that we couldn't believe we were going to do this. She said she had been thinking about it all afternoon. I told her I was so hard already I couldn't believe it. We didn't waste any time. I asked her if she wanted me to sit in a chair, on the couch or where? She said the couch would be fine and she took a seat.

I stood in front of her and with some slow pomp and ceremony, I slowly undressed until I was in my boxer shorts. My hard dick sprang out through the fly in my boxers and she said, 'Ooooooohhhh!' I gave myself a few strokes, then slowly pulled my boxers off. I stood there naked and rock hard as she admired my dick out loud. What a turn on!

I told her it excited me to no end seeing her look at me.

I moved closer and put my dick right in her face and held still for a while as she looked at it, then I gave myself some strokes. I sat down beside her and she snuggled close to me. I bent my hard dick outward so she could see its shape and length from the front side as I see it when I'm jacking off. She felt me and told me how nice and hard I was. I asked her if she wanted to jack me off or if she wanted to watch me jack off. She said she wanted to watch me so I started slowly jacking for her.

I told her how good it felt and every now and then I would stop, remove my hand, and we would watch my dick twitch with involuntary muscle contractions. I also stopped now and then to wipe the drooling precum off the head of my dick. I didn't have a tissue handy so she watched as I licked it off my finger. That really excited her. I made this show last and last and last. Finally, I gave in and leaned back and pumped cum all over my stomach, some squirting to my collar bones.

She loved every minute of it. She told me seeing me cum and squirt really excited her. I asked her if I could do it again sometime and she said I sure could. I don't care if she ever gets naked with me or not. I just love being watched. I asked her if her pussy got wet watching me and she said it did. I asked her if I could watch her but she said, 'Not this time; maybe another time.'

I can't wait to jack off for her again. I hope she will let me watch her then. If that happens I will follow up with a part two.



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