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Being Tutored

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This happened to me about two months ago and I'm still thinking about it. It is my last year in high school and in order to graduate I had to pass a required math class. Math is definitely not my best subject and going into the final exam I barely held a D average. To fail the exam would mean I would not graduate. My parents were quite upset and my dad said that he would hire a tutor for me to help me pass the exam. I told him I really needed the help but that I was fairly friendly with Marsha who loves math. I told dad I would ask Marsha if she would help prepare me. Marsha is a real nice, very pleasant girl and she said she would be happy to help me but that we should get together at her house at least twice a week for the weeks leading up to the exam.

I willingly agreed and the next night after dinner I went to her house. I still can't believe how much I learned the first night. By the third week I was getting confident I would pass. The following week the tutoring was over and I took the exam. I got a B and passed the course. My dad gave me a hundred and fifty dollars and told me to pay Marsha for doing such a terrific job. I headed over right after dinner.

Marsha was thrilled because she was tutoring me as a friend and never expected a dime. We hugged and then she said, "you can at least give me a thank you kiss." I hugged her a second time and then went to kiss her on her cheek. She turned her head toward me and held my face with her hands. Marsha then kissed me very tenderly on my lips. She held the kiss and as I was about to pull away I felt her tongue pushing through my closed lips. I instantly got that feeling like when you start to make out with a guy. I let her put her tongue in my mouth and I then put mine in hers.

For probably a half a minute we moved our tongues against each other. I didn't even think about the fact that I was tongue kissing a girl, I just knew that I was enjoying it. Then I felt her hold and then squeeze one of my little tits. I let her feel it. We then stopped kissing and Marsha told me I kissed real nice.

She started to unbutton my blouse and by now I was quite excited. She took it off and reached behind me and undid my bra and took it off. Marsha began fondling both my tits and then rolling and pulling my nipples. She bent forward and put one into her mouth. I loved it and told her to suck it. Now, Marsha took off her top and bra. Oh Boy! her tits were a nice size but her nipples were unreal. They had to be well over an inch long and as thick as my thumb if not thicker. I had no idea that nipples could get that big. I immediately began playing with them and I quickly put one into my mouth. Mine looked like a boys compared to hers. I sucked one and then the other back and forth until Marsha said, "take off your jeans."

We both stood up and removed our jeans as well as our panties. Marsha's pussy was hairless and looked so much nicer and neater than mine. She then had me lie on my back and she spread open my pussy lips with one hand and started to massage my clit with the other. Every once in awhile she would bend down and use her tongue on it for awhile. I liked that the best.

After I got really wet she told me she was going to fuck me. The only time that ever happened to me was the times when I did it to myself. Marsha put two fingers up me and then put up three. She pumped them in and out while touching my clit with her other hand. It didn't take me very long to cum. We then reversed roles and I stimulated her.

Shortly after I started I almost passed out. I heard a slight sound behind me and as I turned my head I got a quick glimpse of Marsha's mom as she closed the bedroom door. She had seen us and just left. I continued with Marsha until I made her cum. We then got dressed and I broke the news to her that her mom had seen us. I couldn't believe her reaction. She just said it's no big deal. My mom would have gone nuts.

Since that night Marsha and I have gotten together twice more at her house. Both times I felt my face get red as I said hello to her mom. I thought to myself that her mom knows what we are going to do and seems fine with that. I hope this continues for the whole summer but in Sept. Marsha goes away to college.

I almost forgot, the next day I shaved it and I totally love the look.



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