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Being Told

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Writing about this, just felt like the thing to do.



I will start off by saying, I love my girlfriend.

That being said.

Recently, through my regular masturabatory sessions, I have realized many things:

- I enjoy masturbating thinking about masturbating in a group, or with another man.

- I enjoy pee play, and regularly pee on myself in the shower before masturbating to an amazing orgasm.

- I have a underwear fetish, and (although not with my current girlfriend) have masturbated using the thongs or g-strings of girls I've been dating.

- I often fantasize about being dominated, and recently was able to get that one into the bed room (yay me).

Being curious about the other sex, and through the internet I was able to meet John.

John's first email to me, was very sexually demanding, and turned me on like nothing else I have ever read. I still masturbate to it on a semi-regular basis.

John and I tried talking, but I guess the whole thing became very real to me, and I sort of freaked out.

Well my nerves might have left me, but my sexual thoughts about men never did. In fact last week, I was able to get enough courage to masturbate into my own mouth (something every guy should try, and I have no idea why my girlfriend doesn't like my taste, I thought it was quite good) and, what an amazing orgasm that was. In fact since, I have masturbated that way a handful of more times, each getting hornier and hornier.

So with my nerves returned to me, and hornier and more curious than ever, I contacted John, and explained why I freaked out, and proposed a solution to continue communicating with each other (below).


Hey Jay,

It's Martin,

I can't stop thinking about you.

I think talking to you, sort of made it really real.

I was able to cum into my own mouth last week!, how many people could I tell that to?

I love my girlfriend, I don't ever want to cheat on her, but maybe we can think of something?

I still read your e-mails where you said you wanted to dominate me.

Maybe that can still happen but online, you could tell me to do something and I could take a pic of me doing it or something.

I'm not saying I'm not going to get freaked out again, but I don't want to shut someone out, who gets the fact I love the taste of my own cum.

Thanks for listening.

- Martin


Not exactly my best work, I'll admit.

I was nervous or freaking horny all day!

When I got home from work, this was waiting in my inbox (below).


Sure I'm game.

This is the first thing I expect you to do for me.

I want to to have your camera ready, get lubed up nice and get your cock nice and hard for me.

You will snap off a whole bunch of pictures of you jerking off and you will get some close up shots of your rock hard cock.

Even after you cum I want you to take a bunch of picture of your cock after it's gone soft with your hot cum all over you.

I also want you to read your manual for your camera so you know how to use the timer on it as you will need to learn how in order to take pictures of of yourself as I get you to finger fuck your ass, and with various objects...but that's not til later.

You in? I am going to turn you into my own little slutty fuck toy Martin!


Attached to the email is a picture of John's cock with his wife rubbing her panty covered pussy on his shaft.

The picture and more so the email made me hard instantly, to the point where I almost came in my boxers. (Thong, Pussy, and a nice hard cock, whats not to like?)

Needless to say I responded right away, and agreed to be his slutty online male fuck toy.

Being as I was just home from work, I took a nice long shower. Shaving my shaft and balls, to make sure John gets really good pictures.

Tomorrow is Friday, I am counting down the minutes till I can masturbate for John and send him the pictures of my adventures for his approval.

I will keep anyone who wishes updated on how things go.

Happy Masturbating!




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