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Being Neighborly

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I never intended for it to happen. My wife and I were happily married for 15 years. Sex was good, but infrequent, at least until our new neighbor moved in to the apartment across the hall. He was a single guy, late twenties and just out of grad school, working his first corporate job in the big city. I hadn't paid much attention, but apparently he and my wife had become friendly through casual meetings in the laundry room.

After about a month, my wife said he was having trouble with leaky faucets and offered my services to fix them. I asked why he couldn't do his own plumbing. She informed me he was gay and not very handy. 'Oh, great' was my reply.

I grabbed my tool box and went next door. Greg had me start in the bathroom. There were some gay mags scattered around and, I must admit, when he wasn't there I leafed through some. I'd really never thought about two guys getting it on. Mostly jacking photos, but a few penetration shots; damn it looked painful. Anyway, he walked in and caught me looking. I was all flustered. He said it was cool. He understood the curiosity and explained it was no different than with me and women. He asked if I'd ever fooled around with a buddy to which I could honestly say 'no.' He then uninhibitedly began to tell me in detail how he enjoyed the feel of a hard cock in his hands, very erotically, describing the fondling, and other motions. He laughed, pointing to my crotch indicating that I obviously enjoyed what I was hearing since I was hard. I admitted I did.

He reached over and started stroking my package through my pants. While my mind said I better go, my dick said I better stay. He undid my pants and let them fall around my ankles. There was already a wet spot on my briefs from precum. He asked if I was doing OK and to demonstrate I was, I slid down my briefs as well as allowing my cock to bounce free.

He knelt in front of me as I leaned against the bathroom counter with my legs spread. His breath was warm as he leaned into my dick and took it in his warm hands. He slowly squeezed and stroked it causing it to harden and lengthen. He seemed pleased with his progress and complimented me on how well hung I was. I let my head fall back as he went about making me hard. As he stroked me, his other hand moved south to my balls; I was in heaven and he knew it from my moans of pleasure. He concentrated on squeezing my balls, so I took over stroking my hardon as he used his hands to explore my legs and ass. I continued jerking myself off as he groped my balls until I had to shoot. He said to let him have it all over his face and chest and I was happy to accommodate. I was never so spent and satisfied. What a turn on and, even though it was with another guy, I reconciled that it was just another hand, it didn't matter who it belonged to.

We get together quite often now when I feel the need to get off. While the guy may not be handy with plumbing, he sure knows how to handle my tool.



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