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Being Naughty at Camp

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Hi, this happened not this past summer - but the one before. It was in mid-July of 2002....
I was working at a 'girl's' camp (they kids were 9-13. I had been attending it for a number of years before hand, but this year was the 1st that I was a councilor/cabin leader. The first week was pretty tame, nice warm weather, hikes, swimming, camp fires, etc. One day during 'crafts' one of the girls in my group, Allie, whispers across the table and asks me about sex. I looked around and saw the camp head near by and quietly said, 'This is not the right spot to talk about that now, maybe later in our cabin.'
So, a few hours later - when Allie and the other 7 girls were changing for swimming, she openly asked again.
* All the girls under me were like 9 or 10! *
I started telling them about sex and what happens and what could happen (if protection isn't used). Then, Amanda, this adorable 9 yr old, pipes up and says, 'My sisters play with their vaginas a lot and I even saw them doing it to each other once. Why do they do that?' Well, I took
A moment to conjure up the right answer and said, 'Well, girls - when you get a little older, you'll understand it more and probably do it too. What they were doing is called masturbating and both girls and boys do it.'
Amanda again comes forward and says, 'Kate, do you do it?'
I blushed and said that I did.
That was the end of the chat and we all went down to the lake and went swimming! However, for the rest of that day and into the evening... I was very horny and in need of a good orgasm.
At the campfire that night, my pal, Ashleigh (was also a councilor) sat beside me and we began to chat about the day's activities, etc. When the time came for the girls to head for their assigned cabins and lights out... Ash & I stayed out by the fire ('til it was out), but to also talk about private matters (or our desires for sexual pleasures). Anyways, we had both said that we hadn't had a lot of privacy to do it (masturbate) and needed to.
So, we decided to find a place and do it, we had done it on many occasions beforehand - so it was no biggie to see each other.
We went back to my cabin (teddy bears) and all the girls were asleep, I quietly snuck through to my bedroom (as a councilor - we get a separate sleeping area from the girls bunks), as I opened the door - I saw both Amanda and Allie asleep on my bed. So, I went back out and outside.
I told Kate and we went over to her cabin and she checked on the girls. Since Kate's group had more it than mine, she was a co-leader with another girl, Cheryl. All were asleep and Cheryl was in the bedroom reading.
She (Kate) came back out and was like, 'Now what?'
We thought of the dock, too easy to be seen, then we thought of the mess hall - but it wasn't the safest place either. We then said, 'Screw this... Let's go into the trees.' As we crossed the grass for the hiking trail -- we passed one of the small un-used cabins and ash says, 'Kate - how 'bout in there?' She smiled and climbed through the window and opened the door. I walked in and before it was closed -- she was sliding her hands into her shorts. She looked over and said, 'I can't help it, but this not being able to self-love is driving me bonkers!' She proceeded to strip and lay on one of the beds.
Well - that's all it took for me and I was soon also naked and furiously working my pussy. We both started to moan and hump the beds.
Soon, we both arched our backs and came with intense orgasms. We looked over at each other and smiled. Ash then admitted that it was good - but she still wasn't done.
She walked over and laid with me on the bed I was on and we began to play with ourselves and each other again. We did this until we each came again and then ended our little fun with going down on each other.
We eventually fell asleep side-by-side, naked, with no covers. We only awoke the next morning well after sun-up to the camp head banging on the window. We ended up in her office and were disciplined for what we had done and were never able to do it again for the rest of the time at camp.
Although - we would tell each other when we did find time for some solo fun though.



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