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Being Groped

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When I first started puberty, for a long time my nipples were puffy and swollen and stuck out, with no actual breast development underneath. I was really self-conscious about it because they poked through my training bras and it felt like everyone would look at them (in hind sight they probably were). I was a flower girl for my aunt's wedding during this time and I was being fitted for my dress by an older woman, probably a little older than my mom at the time. I remember she had her brown hair back in a bun and wore thick-rimmed glasses. She must have been looking down my dress at my nipples while she was fitting me, and she slid her hand down the top and just fondled my nipple for about five seconds, then she continued as if nothing else happened. They both got really hard for awhile and I never told anyone.


That experience was an awakening for me. When she was touching me it sent electricity through my body. I had never touched myself like that, or been touched like that, at all. From that moment I was very aware of how I showed myself off inadvertently but was able to get this woman to reach into my dress to touch me. It excited me to have this certain kind of power to show myself.

I played with my own nipples after that but it was never the same as when someone else is touching me. Growing up, I was constantly teasing and trying to lure curious hands to my skin. Admittedly, it's not hard at all to get men to look at you. Since that dress fitting, though, I have since developed a bit of a taste for older women.

I show myself off all the time. It's not necessarily a daily thing--I have appearances to keep up and I can't dress like a slut 24/7--but I like to exhibit myself fairly often. As my tastes developed for older women, my tactics about how I flaunted myself changed. With women I couldn't just be a total airhead bimbo and shove my tits in their face like with guys.

With women, it definitely requires more subtlety, or you get dirty looks. I wear skirts a lot and often I wear nylons. I like to let my skirt ride up while I'm sitting on the train so that they can see the lacy tops of my stockings, or the stark contrast of my pink thong when I'm dressed in a business suit. I find the color goes a long way to drawing eyes in.

Most of the time I do not get women who are overtly interested. I'd say about half the time, they aren't interested at all and never look at me again after they see me starting to show off. The other half, it's mostly lookers. They will stare if you leave it out but if you try to make eye contact, they'll pretend they weren't looking. Owing to my original experience, however, I want an older woman who will take what she wants from me if I'm offering it up.

This has happened only twice, and only once did I actually get to go all the way. It is particularly difficult to find a woman willing to make the first move, especially in a public setting. I make attempts to put myself in the situations where I'm pushed up against a beautiful woman in the crowded train, but it's just a very rare circumstance.

Once, a woman sitting next to me on the train who I showed my stockings off to placed her hand on my thigh and squeezed it. When I opened my legs a little, letting the one closest to her slide closer, she slid her hand up my skirt and rubbed my pussy for a short while. I was gushing into my panties while I placed my bag on my lap to cover her hand. It was all squishy and wet when she leaned over and whispered into my ear that I should take my panties off and give them to her. In the most inconspicuous way possible, I was able to slide my panties off and I handed them to her. She smiled and put them in her purse and I never saw them again. She touched my pussy a little more but her stop came up right then and she licked her fingers as she got off and I stayed on.

The other time I was on a business trip in San Diego and had dressed up to tease and I showed off for a woman in the elevator with me. She was already in there as I got on. It was an older woman (maybe 35-40), who looked like she could be my boss. She wore this silk blouse in a pantsuit that hugged her ass perfectly. I wasn't wearing panties and had a short skirt on. I can detach the strap on one of my bags and make it look like it came undone, "spilling" the contents of my purse. I did so and when I squatted down to pick up my belongings, left my legs open just enough that she could see my bald little pussy glistening.

I saw her looking and we flirted and decided to get drinks at the bar. The more she drank, the more handsy she got. She was groping me all the way back to her hotel room, particularly in the elevator. She pushed me up against the wall in the elevator and started fingering me from behind. If we were in the elevator for more than 30 seconds I'm sure I would have come then and there, but she made sure I did later in the room, many times, as she seemed to devote herself to making me writhe and moan.



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