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Being Good to Myself

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I was 4 when I masturbated for the first time. During a routine doctor's visit, I felt a funny, tingly feeling when the doctor had examined my genitals. I was sitting naked on the examination table, and he reached down and parted my lips for a moment, and that moment will forever be remembered.
After my parents drove me home, I just knew I had to see if I could give myself that feeling. I went to bed earlier than usual that evening and rubbed and touched myself between my legs for what seemed like a really long time. For most of my early childhood, I masturbated through my panties. I would lie on my stomach, place my hand between my crossed legs, and hump. I could do it for hours.
When I was 11, I was listening to a radio show about sex, and that was when I heard about the clitoris. I knew that when I dried myself after my bath, there would be this really sensitive spot that I had to be careful with my towel around, so I guessed that was it.
By this age, I was starting to become concerned that my first way of masturbating wasn't all that similar to what I would feel during sex with another person. I could only have orgasms with my legs tightly crossed, and I really wanted to be able to come with my legs spread apart. I started trying to get myself to learn to come on my back with my legs spread, and it was a difficult thing to learn after doing it the other way for so long. Being in in the middle of puberty, though, I had tons of sexual energy, and I was determined to masturbate in this new way until I had success.
I was patient. I fingered my clitoris while lying on my back with legs spread every night. At first, I seriously wanted to just stop doing it and go back to my old way, but I kept at it. I got to the point where I could get myself pretty close to orgasm, but at the point where I expected to push myself over the edge, I would always flip over, cross my legs over my palm, and finish myself off in that old way.
One day, I just refused to let myself change positions and kept rubbing my clitoris in harder and faster circles as I felt my pleasure increase. It seemed like forever that I was hanging on that edge, and I was afraid that I would lose it, but I just kept going. When my orgasm came, it was truly the best one I had ever had up until that point. I was incredulous and pantingly happy, and I decided that that would be my way of coming from now on.
The next few years between the ages of 12 and about 24 or so were taken up by many sessions of clit fingering. I would use two fingers over the hood of my clit and rub in circles and had many happy orgasms that way. I masturbate 2-3 times a day. I've tried vibrators and shower heads, and although I could always have a quick orgasm that way, it always seemed more mechanical (like something was just happening to my body) than pleasurable.
Recently, I've been experimenting with different ways of giving myself pleasure aside from the tried-and-true circular motion over the clit technique that I spent so much time at the age of 11 to perfect. I'm a very visual person, and lately, I've been trying different things in front of a mirror placed between my legs.
I can get myself fully aroused just by spreading my lips with my hands in front of the mirror and contracting my cunt muscles. There are few things more arousing to me that watching my pussy twitch as I contract and relax. My juices begin to drip out before long, and that makes the visuals that much more stimulating. I like to pull back my hood and watch my clitoris get bigger and harder as I twitch. Almost anything I do to myself at this point will bring on an orgasm, and when it happens the throbbing around the cunt opening looks incredible.



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