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'Being Caught' Turns Out Ok, Continued..

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As I grew up, This man was a constant Jack-off Fantasy for me....


In the first part of this continued story, my best Buddy was Jake...we were caught jackin each other in a Campground shower by his Dad, Jack, while we were on a Campout to celebrate our both turning 21. Two days later after we had gotten home, with no questions asked, Jack, the Dad, called me and asked me to meet him at his Auto shop after my usual job. I had agreed, and was relaxing in his Office, while he closed up the shop. When he came into the room, and sat behind his desk, I wasn't prepared for the barrage of questions he began asking me about myself and his son, Jake. He never took his eyes off of me as he asked, 'Do you guys do this alot?' 'Do you enjoy it?' 'Do you suck each other's Cocks?' Etc, Etc...all the while staring at me, as I squirmed in the overstuffed chair in front of his Desk...the thoughts of it, and what his son Jake and I had done for years was giving me a Hard-on, which clearly showed in my pants!
Jack was red faced, and breathing hard by this time, and had begun to sweat small beads of pirspiration popped out on his forehead. This was the man I had Fantasies about during my Solo jackoff sessions...Was he Hung, did he Fuck his wife Hard, slowly, Long....I had made up scenarios for years, and here he was asking me personal sexual questions!!
He was moving about in his chair now too, never taking his eyes off me, Hot erotic Blue eyes boring through me, making my Cock twitch in my pants...Too obvious to hide, my erection was tenting my pants, and a wet spot had begun to show to one side.
Slowly Jack pushed back his chair, slowly rising from it, and His boxers and pants pushed to mid-thigh, He had his hard cock in his hand slowly stroking it, a good 7 inches, with a big head, dribbling precum...Still staring at me, he proceeded to move in my direction.
He stoped in front of my chair, still slowly stroking, and said 'Suck it!' I reached out for the fulfillment of years of stroking to imaginary Fantasies, and put him in my mouth...He came quickly, fucking my face with one hand on his Cock, the other hand behind my head...thrusting back and forth, he said 'Here it comes, take it...take it...' unnnghhh, ungh, unnn.
When he had calmed down standing there with a softening Cock...still dribbling, he said 'I don't want the missus to hear about this.' I assured him that she would never know. I was already looking forward to the next time, as I believed that he was now 'Hooked' on being sucked...much like his son, Jake.



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