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'Being Caught' Turns Out Ok...

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When I was 12, my Dad died unexpectedly and everyone was devastated. My Savior was a long-time family friend named Jack, who happened to have a son my age. They were always around prior to Dads death and were there after as well. I was always included in their Family outings, Fishing and Camping with Jack and his son Jake. Jake and I were longtime fast friends, went to school together, and literally grew up together.
When Mom and my little Sister had to go to visit Relatives, I always got to stay at Jack and Jakes House.
Jake and I learned how to jack-off together on one of these stay-overs. It was fun, and we eventually went on to other more intense sexual adventures with each other. We even talked about how Jack might Fuck his wife, and this was a big turnon for me, and I even used the fantasy for Stroking sometimes on my own.
Well, we finally Graduated from Highschool, Jake going to a Trade School to learn Automobile Mechanics and I went on to College. We celebrated our turning Twenty-One together with a Camping Trip later that Summer...Just Jake, Jack and myself! It was terrific. Swimming, Fishing, late nights at a Campfire, all in all really Great stuff.
Jack was an Automobile Mechanic and eventually had his own Business, where ultimately Jake would work with his Dad.
On this particular Camping trip, there were Showers at the Camp-ground. Old structures, built of wood, that had been there since the early Forties. One evening after a day of Hiking, Jake and I went to take a shower, and had gotten hard-ons in the shower. It was usual, and we decided to stroke each other off. We were really getting into it facing each other, the other's Hard Dick in our hands, stroking like crazy men when Jack walked in the door!! Needless to say, there was an embarassed Silence, we just could hear the showers running behind us, when he excused himself and turned around and left for the campsite.
We were really mortified and unsure how to explain, and scared we might have to, but Jack said nothing about it.
Acouple of nights after we had gotten home, Jack called to ask me to stop by his Shop the next day. I said, Ok, and headed there after work the following day. Jack said make yourself comfortable in the office, I will be right in after I close the shop. I went into the office, and plopped myself into one of the overstuffed chairs casully placed before his desk.
In a couple of minutes he was there, sat behind the desk and said...Is this something you and Jake have been doing for awhile? I admitted that it was, and then he asked if we did other things as well? I admitted that we did, trying not to be too specific about what that might be. Then he asked me if I enjoyed it? At this point he was getting Red, so I thought I was really in for it now! I admitted that we both found it enjoyable...Then he blurted out Do you guys suck each other's Cocks? I squirmed in my seat, getting half a hard-on, thinking about it, and admitted that we had. Jack was beginning to sweat, red faced, and had a very serious Demeanor, he hadn't taken his eyes off me, and I was getting very uncomfortable myself at this point...my Erection was showing in my pants, and I was flushed looking too. He was moving around a bit by now.
Then he asked How does it feel? Does it feel Great to have Jake suck my Dick? How often do you guys suck each other? Before I could answer intellegibly, he moved...
Then, he slowly pushed back his chair and slowly stood, his pants and boxers around mid-thigh, with his hand around his Hard Cock, slowly stroking it while I couldn't take my eyes off it...He was easily 7 inches, with a large head on it, dribbling precum. Continually stroking it he moved in my direction.



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