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Being Asked To Spank Her

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True story of how a marathon make-out session evolved into one of the most intensely erotic experiences of my life . . .and opened my eyes to a brand new world


This is the true story about two of my favorite things. Masturbation and Spanking. Ironically, to me they are pretty much about the same thing. The pure uncontrolled passion and pleasure that a woman experiences when she allows herself to let go . . .completely. Many women are able to let themselves go and experience the joys of masturbation. Its safe, clean, simple, and incredibly fun! But few can experience the release that comes when the lines between pleasure and the sting of a spanking blur and combine. For me. It is only pleasurable if the spankee enjoys it...and I mean REALLY enjoys it. For me it's about the intense honest raw reaction from you...not the spanking itself (although that is rather erotic too). And I remember quite well the first time I gave one.

My lady friend and I were in the middle of a long incredible makeout session. Our clothes had long since fallen to the wayside about an hour or so before. We just kept passionately kissing...hands exploring...our nude bodies writhing into new positions and squirming all over each other. Our fingers were touching, probing, stroking each other. Both of our hands and fingers were wet with each others juices. But we were in no hurry to end it. She would stroke the length of my thick hard cock for a while. And I would slide my fingers into her over and over again . .and rub her hard clit. Then would change positions and start all over again . . .savoring each exquisite touch. At one point she crawled across my lap while I sitting upright on the sofa...I had thought that she was going to turn over and reach up and we would continue kissing again. Instead, she stopped...looked back over her shoulder at me...and in a small voice said "...spank me....please...".

I was very much taken aback by this. There was this pretty, little, soft, tender ass laying across my lap that I actually hand my hand resting on...and I had never thought of doing something like that before . .to anyone. As I sat there, the passion of the moment coursing through my body, I thought, what the hell...and brought my hand down on her ass with a nice crack. That was when my world changed. WOW, I was not prepared for the reaction. The sound of the crack might as well have been an electric shock as her body jerked and a loud gasp came from her mouth...followed by the most incredibly erotic moan/whimper that I have ever heard. I was already hard as a rock from the hour long make up session as she lay across my lap...but this caused my cock to actually throb against her from below. I can not recall ever being so aroused by a womans reaction before. I was instantly mesmerized.

As I continued to spank her, her body started writhing and jerking with each spank. In between spanks of her ass, when she could catch her breath, she would tell me how much of a bad little girl she was. This really got her going, and when I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back and told her how bad little girls who get me all hard like this truly deserve to be spanked. To which her only reply was, Oh, yes, daddy . ..spank me hard . . .please! As worked up and aroused as I was and with all the precum that was dripping out of me, it caused my pulsing rod to slide back and forth underneath her and against her smooth tummy from below. She was getting so aroused that I thought she was going to cum just from the spanking.. . well, that and the fact that my hand rubbing her still stinging ass cheeks in between each spank.

And as a result, it was like her smooth tummy was stroking my throbbing member inadvertently over and over again as her body reacted to what my hands were doing to her. When my other hand started exploring the crack of her ass and down between her thighs at the same time, it sent her over the edge. And that just increased the motions of my naughty little girls body even more. . . .as well as the amount of precum that was leaking from my engorged cock pressed up against her. I would take my free hand and let my finger run down between her perfect ass cheeks..over her tight little asshole...running little circles around it...pushing on it a little..just enough for the tip of my finger to enter her as she squirmed...then ::: SMACK::: and her body would jerk from the shock and the pleasure running through her. Then my fingers would continue down and between her thighs. I could already see how wet and swollen her pussy was. She was already wet and aroused from my fingers rubbing her earlier and sliding into her now and then but now she was so wet that her juices were dripping down onto my thigh. I didn't help matters when my fingers parted those puffy pink lips of hers and started playing. . . Masturbating her while she was being spanked. Rubbing her hard little clit. And slowly pushing inside of her.

Sometimes I would use my thumb to rub her clit while my fingers probed her and my other hand continued the spanking. She came time and time again on my fingers as they plunged deep inside of her. And I would ask her, Does my naughty little girl like it when I fuck her with my fingers like the nasty girl she is while she is getting spanked?. Again, her only reply was a breathless Oh yes daddy . . .finger you naughty little girls pussy more . . please! I lost count of how many times she came. But she finally pulled herself off of my lap..tender, sore and completely spent. And I could not get more aroused. The head of my cock was purple and swollen with lust.

That's when my naughty little girl crawled between my legs and took my hard fat swollen cock into her mouth as her hands expertly slid up and down on my throbbing shaft, stroking me off while her lips worked on the sensitive head. And it wasn't long at all before I was shooting a huge load of thick creamy cum all over her tongue. It was truly a night that I will never forget, and the memory never fails to arouse me even to this day.



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