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Behind the Stable

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This happened when I was young.


I've always had a job as a horseman. Now I'm a race horse trainer but in my teens I had a job working on a breeding farm. My job was to usually hold the mare while she was being serviced. For those of you who don't know you must first see if the mare is 'in season.' You do this by taking over a teasing stallion and she how she reacts to him. I won't go into the details here but an experienced hand knows all the tell tale signs. When she's ready you hobble her so she can't kick the stallion cause of their worth.

One day a young girl about my age came to watch to see how it was done and maybe work there too. She asked if I was scared, she had never seen it before. I Told her I'd do my best to teach her and there wasn't anything to be afraid about as long as you left yourself an escape route if anything happened. Sometimes horses are skittish and may hurt you by accident, most would never intentionally do so. There are a few mean ones but they usually don't get that way until they are very, very fit and ready to run.

Like I said tho, you have to hobble the mares cause sometimes their instincts take over while a stallion is mounting her. Once he's on top she settles down just like a woman when they get a cock slid into them. I asked the new gal to hold the mare and I would put the hobbles on her hocks.

She seemed like a fine hand to me and handled the horses with good care. It usually takes a team of three to assist. It has to be done and witnessed by a breeder cause that's the rules with Thoroughbreds, Quarter horses they do it artificially.

This one day I was having a hard time getting this mare to calm down, she was getting anxious and quite excited. So the whole thing took a lot longer than expected and I couldn't wait to pee until it was done. When the stallion mounted the mare this new gal was all flustered and excused herself. I assumed to the restroom like where I was headed. I asked the breeder to hold her while I went.

Now this gal would have walked back almost the house but I just ducked in behind a stable and took my penis from my pants before I got there. I rounded the corner and let rip into a pile of old straw. As I was standing there I realized I wasn't alone. It was this gal, she was about six feet further in between these two stalls than I. Only she wasn't peeing, she had her pants around her ankles and her hands were furiously rubbing her pussy. I just stood in amazement for a second and then I excused myself and apologized for the intrusion. I found another place to pee and started to go back to work but my hardening dick brought me back the where I had left Beth. She was still standing there moaning and kind of jumping with both hands still in her crotch. She just kind of looked at me with her eyeballs rolled back into her head. I now realized she had never even seen or heard me until now. She got all stiff and arched her back in orgasm while I just stood and watched. Where she was standing there was no way out except through me, the place was quite narrow. Unless of course she wanted to crawl through a window into a stall.

She said, 'Let me see you.' I wasn't sure what she meant by this but the sight of her beautiful blonde pussy made me do what she had just done. I pulled out my cock and started stroking it. She was talking to me, telling me to shoot my come for her.

I asked if she'd spread her cunt for me. I needed to see her clitoris. It was pink and hard and it stuck out from the pink lips and blonde hair. It was too much for me, seeing that little nubbin of flesh and I came in long ropes, squirting on her boots. I actually shot come over four feet straight out from my cock until it stated arching downward and landed on her boots.

We were gone about a half hour and when we got back to the breeding shed the other hand and my boss just gave me a knowing wink. Later he told me when he was my age he could come six times in a day.

I can tell this story now my old boss is dead. He was quite famous in the industry. I never did see this young gal again. I guess breeding horses wasn't for her, it got her too damn excited. As 'excited as a hobbled mare.' That was always our term from then on. I doubt that gal would be able to recognize me now. I don't think she ever knew my name. I never new her's.



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