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Behind the Dumpster

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Well... If I had to tell about anything-It would have to be about my Time behind a Dumpster in Damn-Near Plain Sight!


So it was a Few Years Ago when me and my Dad had to run into Town to take care of Taxes and Stuff. Being only 14 and still developing, it was rather hard for me myself to control how Horny I would get...

So Anyways, I was waiting in the Lobby while my Dad was taking care of everything. I had been sitting down for nearly an Hour and well... That's when it started to get a Little out of Hand... My mind wondered- and suddenly there were images of Lesbians and Wet Sex in my Head (As I am a Lesbian myself)...

Next thing I Knew- I was suddenly getting so Wet down South- it was like a Waterfall- LITERALLY!!! Then my Instincts started to get the best of me as I began to rub a bit here and there to try and relieve myself... Didn't work very well... So I went to the Room where my Dad was and knocked carefully as I opened the door and told my dad I would Be Right back...

So I ran to the Bathroom- but 3 out of the 5 Stalls were Out of Order and the last Two were taken! But I had to 'Get Things Done- NOW!!!' So- Suddenly feeling VERY Horny and feeling that I may Explode at ANY Moment- I ran outside and looked Secluded place to possibly do my Business.

Nothing... But then I noticed an Area with all these Dumpsters all boxed together and decided to check it out. I noticed that there was a Rather Small yet big enough for me to fit opening that led into a rather private Pocket of the Dumpsters!

Now Dripping with Anticipation and Excitement- I decided- I would Masturbate in there- RIGHT NOW! So I managed to squeeze myself inside and began feeling my panties (I wear Skirts alot) begin to drip my juices! Feeling Hotter and Hotter- I pulled my Panties off and Squattedas I began teasing my Clit; Oh my God- Sparks running up my Spine and the Sensations overwelming!

Then my Bladder began to throb- and I knew that this Orgasm was going to be a big one! So I stripped completely Naked and began playing with my breasts as I let out a Rather Warm stream of Urine that seemed to have lasted forever! As it kept going- it just started feeling so good- I knew I was close! and suddenly- I simply touched my Clit and rubbed it slightly- and an Overpowering Orgasm that I had never felt before suddenly rushed through me and my Pee sprayed all over the place! I had to hold my Screams in but my Moans sort of Leaked out slightly... I thought I was caught and waited after my Orgasm Calmed, and thank goodness, no one noticed... But then I noticed I was still slightly Peeing- so I pushed with all my might to get every last drop out of me- and finally finished that Crisis...

I then realized- I was still horny- and couldn't help but get to my knees and shove as many fingers as I could into my pussy and just Thrust as hard and Fast as possible! 3 or 4 Orgasms later- my Hands were soaked, I was breathless, thirsty, and my pussy was drenched in sweat and juices... But I was STILL Horny! Eventually- I just decided to stop there and simply pulled my Skirt and Shirt on (I don't wear a Bra at All) and threw my now soaked Panties into one of the dumpsters as I squeezed myself out of there.

Looking around to be sure no one noticed me, I made my way back to the building in time to see my dad coming out of the room. I waved to him and we got into the car and drove home. When we made it, I ran inside, into my room, locked the door, and ripped out of my Clothes and began straddling the end of the Bed, my Chair arms, the desk corners, and eventually laid down in my bed and humped my pillow, blankets, and finally fingered myself to at least 9 more orgasms!

By the time that was done- I was spent, my Legs were tired, my pussy ached, my breath was gone, and the feeling was finally gone... Unfortunately- after about the sixth orgasm- I discovered I was a Squirter- and realized I had made a BIG mess in my last 3 Orgasms... But decided to clean up the next day as I was too tired...

After that- I tried more Outdoor Masturbation Since- and realized that my Orgasms have become more Powerful and satisfying in Public. Maybe I'll tell one of my Adventures one of these days. But for now- I need to step outside and rub off for awhile. Typing this made me VERY Wet and Horny- and I think I may be away for awhile.

Happy Reading! ^^



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