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Behind the Dormitory Door

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This is a true story about my most recent orgasm. Let me know if you like it-I might share more stories about masturbating around the dorms.


Anybody who has ever lived in a dorm at college knows that they're sometimes prisons of sexual frustration. It's not like in the movies where everyone is having sex with somebody different each night, it's more of an urgent need to get your roommate out of the room so you can have some privacy to get off, or having to be extra careful not to wake him if you decide to beat off in bed at night. I'm not a bad looking guy, either, I'm tall, blonde, in shape, with a 7' dick, but more often than not, the girls just aren't there when you want them to be.

This past week, it was getting to that point with me. I hadn't cum in a while, and was getting re-acquainted with the restless fidgeting of being horny for so long. I decided I NEEDED to masturbate during the day, but that's always risky. Sometimes, while I think my roommate is at class, he ends up coming back early because it was cancelled or it got out early. Other times, my friends will come by and knock on my door to try and hang out or talk to me about something or another. If I ignore them and don't answer the door, they'll text or call me. Long story short, it's hard to tell when I'm going to get a good half hour all to myself.

Anyway, I was at the computer, fully clothed, and I started to watch some porn. I had to use headphones, so nobody in the rooms around me or the hallway could hear it, but had to leave one out so I could hear a key in the door and close everything if I was interrupted. My computer faces the door, and more than once my roommate has come back to see me frantically closing windows while hunched over. By now I was fully alert, my cock had grown hard, and I was slowly stroking myself through my pants. I don't remember specifically what porn I was watching, but I love watching real, amateur couples around my age having sex. I could hear people in the hallway, and it turned me on even more to know that there were guys and girls walking by just 10 feet away, and had no idea that I was in here, head thrown back, starting to sweat, and jacking myself off. I began stroking faster and faster, and soon my boxers were soaked with pre-cum. While my left hand was working my dick, I had my right hand under me, fondling my balls. I was getting really into it, my hips were back and forth in the chair, my breathing was heavy as I was trying to stay quiet, when suddenly I heard a noise.

Shit! It sounded like someone at my door, so I quickly closed the video I had been watching and threw my shirt over my bulge. My heart was pounding in my ears as I sat there, nervous and frustrated, for a good 15 seconds. My door never opened, so I finally got up, my still hard dick sticking out in front of me, and looked through the peephole. Nobody was there. Just a testament to how paranoid you have to be in order to masturbate in a shared room. Through the peephole, I could see down the hallway. Since I had closed the porn, I decided I would finish the job standing there. If my roommate or any of my friends were to come down to my room, I'd be able to see them before they got here and could put myself away in time.

So, I unbuttoned by jeans and slid them down to just below my ass. It felt so good to finally have my dick out in the open so I could wrap my hand around it and properly jack off. Immediately, I was back to the passion I was feeling before. This time, I was stroking with my right hand, while my left was cupping my butt cheek. I love feeling my butt clench as I involuntarily thrust forward and back as I near orgasm. I felt so dirty standing there, with my pants around my thighs, my hips thrusting, my balls bouncing frantically with my quickening strokes.

I knew I was close, so I went to my dresser and got an old sock for me to cum in. I put it over my dick and kept stroking, but now my other hand went to hold my balls, pulling down on them ever so slightly. I was still looking through the peephole, but until now nobody walked by. Just then, I saw a female friend of mine come down the hallway on the way to her room. She's not the hottest girl on campus, but she's cute in a plain sort of way. Pale skin, but tall and with boobs to die for. I saw her walking, and it turned me on so much to know that I was watching her, that close to me, and that she had no idea what I was doing behind the door.

Then, as she was just about right in front of me, I came HARD. My knees wobbled and went weak, and I leaned forward so my head was leaning on the door. There I was, with my friend right in front of me. She had no clue that, just two feet away, I was pumping a sock full of my cum and enjoying one of the best orgasms I've ever had. Long after she had walked away, I finally finished cumming. My balls were tight up against me, and I was sweating and extremely satisfied. When I was sure I was done, I gave myself a few extra strokes into the sock, then took it off and threw it back into the dresser. I just might have to do it again, sometime.



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