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Behind the Door

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This true story took place in 1954 when I was Twelve years old as my Pre-Puberty hormones had already kicked in as I was only a few months away from my first ejaculation of semen, so therefore, I was a real horny little Boy as I had been jacking off since I was nearly Nine years old and having 'Dry Orgasms' as I have related in my other posts on this wonderful site.


It was in the summertime of 1954 and me just being a few months away from my Puberty (Although I didn't know it then), I was in an almost constant state of horniness with full-blown erections or partial erections all during the day and night. So on this summer afternoon, it was no different as my brother (Nine Years Old) and myself were in a room that was beside our kitchen that we only used for storage and junk that we played in as well. Anyway brother was playing with some of his toys but I had other things in mind, it was my toy alright - A 'Boy Toy' which was my hard penis that was begging for some relief. Anyway brother was squatting down about the middle of this room and not paying me any attention as I sat down on the floor and leaned back against the wall directly behind the door that opened to the adjacent kitchen where mother was cooking the evening meal. This door was open by about a space of 4 or 5 inches that pushed into this room where I was stretched out behind it which also caused a probably half-inch crack from top to bottom of this door where it was hinged at. So now you have the setting and here's the story.
Boy, did I need to 'Jack-off' real bad even though I only had a door between myself and my Mother who could've stuck her head in it at any moment to check on myself and little brother which added a certain amount of suspense or thrill to the this event. Usually I would be in one of my several more private spots to engage in my favorite activity of 'goober exercise' that I did 3 or 4 times each day. However I was so horny I thought that I would just play with my penis a little bit and not have a full-fledged jack-off to orgasm since Mother was on the other side of the door and I definitely did not want her to catch me in the very act of masturbation as 'being caught' was one of my worst fears as a Boy. I was only wearing a pair of short pants with no underwear (As many Boys did back then) and was shirtless. I just slid my hand down under my waistband and began to just fondle my little boy erection and my balls and it felt so good just to do that, so naturally being the highly-sexed kid that I was, I decided to stroke my little hard-on a few times as I grasped my foreskin between my two fingers and my thumb sliding it back and forth real easy and I didn't want to draw attention to myself from my brother or my Mother. Although my brother was already a 'Jacker' and he and I both jack-ed off together and with our older cousin as well, but at this time I was hoping he wouldn't even notice me and if he did, he didn't say anything. Although I meant to stroke my penis only a few times, really knowing all the time that I couldn't stop at that as I had already found out that If I could keep my fingers off of my erection, then I probably could hold off from masturbating for the time being, at at times I could just fondle myself for a short time and then stop till I had a better opportunity. However, If I as much as stroked penis a time or two, then it was just about impossible for me to stop short of an orgasm, as this would be the case this afternoon.
Now you see, after making several strokes to my foreskin with my hand stuck under my waistband of my short britches because to begin with I was too cautious/scared to pull my erection out through my pee fly because If my chance Mother took a peak behind this door she would've seen my hard goober sticking straight up with my fingers on it, so this way I could jerk my hand back real quick if need be. Anyway, A Boy will throw caution to the wind when he gets highly sexually excited and in my case, needing a little more freedom and room, I removed my hand from under my waistband and reached thru my fly slit (no zipper on these type summer shorts) just an overlap type fly which if I sat down sometimes in a certain way would cause my fly to gap open exposing my boy equipment if someone cared to look. Now I have my little boner in a better position to do some serious 'Jacking' although If I hadn't been too afraid of being caught, I would have slid my summer shorts down on my legs to my knees and fully exposed my boy rocket and balls, so I didn't. It was so exciting to be stroking my penis with just a door between myself and mother, wondering if she could tell what I was doing by looking through the crack where the door hinges were as I kept turning my head looking through this crack to see if she was looking that away, although she could have only seen my head and upper torso if she did look over this way thru the crack.
By now I was feeling real good, but making sure I was very quite with my movements and definitely not wanting to make any oral noises as I got closer and closer to my climax as I did make noises on many occassions, like most boys will, when their orgasm gets real close and up to the actual orgasm itself. Please note I was still having 'dry orgasms' at this time, but they were very intense and I enjoyed each one thoroughly. I knew I was fixing to 'Get-Good' (thats what I called an orgasm back then) with only a few more strokes to my hard as a rock penis as my boy body tensed up as I stretched my legs as far as I could feeling like I was going to explode as those intense pleasurable feelings shot all over my twelve year old body as I made that last stroke to my foreskin when my penis quivered all over and reached it's maximum size at which time I turned it loose and watched it twitch back and forth violently several times trying to shoot sperm that my balls didn't have as I enjoyed my orgasm that gradually subsided as my limp penis fell flat on my set of little boy balls as I always lost my erection upon orgasm but I could rebound in 3 or 4 minutes and Jack-off again and on occasion I would Jack-Off as much as ten or more times in an afternoon, especially when all of us were down in the woods playing in our small pond that we had damned up.
Anyway back then I would have liked my penis to stay erect after my orgasm/ejaculation like some of my friends and playmates did, but it wasn't to be, and it really didn't matter as far as my sexual activity was concerned anyway, since I could rebound so quickly. But through the years I learned that there are just big differences between Boys concerning their sexuality and this was one of them. This is the only occasion that I masturbated that close to my Mother as far as I can remember but it was a very enjoyable experience.
I would like to hear from other 'SOLO Readers' in regard to whether they retained their 'Erection' after orgasm or whether they completely lost it like I always did, or maintained a partial erection. Then too could you immediately start stroking once again after just a few seconds like a couple of playmates of mine could? So if there's anyone out there that has memories of this, I would like to read about them.



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