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Behind the Barn

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This was twenty years ago but I will never forget it.


I was staying with my grandmother for the summer when I was fifteen years old. Mom and dad thought that I could paint the rooms of her house. My grandmother is a thin grey haired lady that is about sixty-five but she looks younger because she tries to stay fit. I get along great with her and didn't mind having to spend the summer with her.

The work wasn't that hard and I was getting the living room painted by the end of the first week. Granny's cooking was great and she made sure I had plenty of iced tea or lemonade to drink. The only problem I had was I was getting horny but I didn't want to masturbate anywhere around my grandmother's house. It just didn't feel right.

By the end of the second week it was getting pretty bad. My grandmother had noticed something was wrong. After lunch one day she told me not to get up from the table. She said she had something for me and got up from the table and went over to the cabinet and pulled out a big brown envelope and handed it to me. She told me to take it behind the barn, open it and take out the instruction sheet and follow it line by line. I asked her what is was but she told me to just trust her.

I went out behind the barn and took a look around. There was a small field covered in tall grass surrounded by trees. There was also this big wooden chair. I sat down in the chair and opened the envelope and pulled out its contents. There was an instruction sheet and what looked to be some kind of health book. I started to read to the instructions.

'Tommy,' it started, 'I want you to read this book before you do anything else.'

I opened up the book and started to read. It was a book for teenagers on masturbation. It started with the boys. It had instructions on how to masturbate and had drawings to show how to hold the penis and the different techniques on how to stroke or rub it. It stated that many young males masturbate and it was something not to be ashamed of. They suggested it should be done in private. I had been masturbating for over a year so none of this was really new to me.

I then read the girls part of the book. I found it very interesting. In fact the drawings were very detailed and they were making me excited. I could feel my penis growing in my pants. I finished the book and set it down and grabbed the instruction sheet and read the next line.

'I noticed in the last few days that you have become very restless. For a boy of fifteen it probably meant that you were getting sexually frustrated and needed some kind of release. You are in one of the most secluded areas of the farm. It is very private.'

I read on but could not believe what I was reading.

'You have to trust me on the next instructions. There is a bucket behind the chair. In it you will find a bottle of lotion and a towel. You need to strip all the way down and follow the book. Again I remind you that no one can see you. It is safe for you to masturbate and I really think you need to try to.'

I looked around and it really was private. I had never been naked outside before. I began to strip off my clothing until I was standing there in my underwear. I looked around one last time before I slid off my underpants. I immediately had an erection. I could feel the sun shine on me. I then grabbed the lotion and began to apply it on my penis. It felt really good. I began to stroke myself. It didn't take long before I could feel my orgasm building up. When I came I was shooting out long strands of semen. It was the best I had in my life up to that time. I picked up the instruction sheet.

'Clean yourself up with the towel, get dressed and bring the bucket back with the towel and the lotion to the kitchen.'

I put my clothes back on, put the lotion and towel into the bucket and headed back to the house. I felt a little nervous about talking to my grandmother. I entered the kitchen. She had me sit down.

'Did you follow the instructions, all of the instructions?' she asked.

'Yes,' I answered as I looked down at the table.

'Look at me Tommy will you please,' she said.

I looked up at her and saw her kind gentle face.

'What you did was nothing to be ashamed of. Don't you feel relaxed now?' she asked.

I told her I did, that I really felt better. Then I told her about how I had never been naked outside before, let alone masturbated outside. But I really did feel good. She then told me that I could masturbate behind the barn anytime that I felt the urge for relief except for when there is a towel hanging on the barn door. I asked her why. She said that if I see a towel that she will be behind the barn. I looked at her and she blushed.



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