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Behind My Boyfriends Back

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This started over a year ago when my boyfriend was in Iraq. Since he's been back now for six months I still see Darren alone 5 or 6 times a month.


Darren lives in my apartment complex and my boyfriend and I became friendly with him about two years ago. Darren is 57 years old and is very nice and an extremely likable person. We felt a little sorry for him since he isn't a very intelligent man. Neither me or my boyfriend ever objected to him stopping by to see us and we often had him for dinner. When my boyfriend had to go to Iraq, Darren told my boyfriend he would watch out for me. He began stopping by every day and often twice the same day. I didn't mind and did enjoy his company. I knew he liked me very much and always told me how pretty I am especially if I were in my bathing suit or night shirt when he would stop by.

My boyfriend was only away about two months and I was so used to seeing Darren I became less modest of how I greeted him, often only wearing panties and a long T-shirt. There were a few times I had just gotten a shower and I greeted him with only a towel around me. I would fix him lunch or offer him soda, coffee or a beer. As we sat and talked he began standing behind me and rubbing my shoulders and back. I do admit it felt good but he began doing it under my shirt on my bare back. He wears shorts most of the time and I noticed a few times that he had an erection but I never said anything to him about it. Then one evening he stopped by and just asked me if he could pull my shirt up off my back. I knew I aroused him but let him do it and it honestly felt good to me. What started as a once-in-awhile back massage had become a daily routeen. I hate to admit this but the fact that he was so anamored with me made me feel good. A month or so went by and he asked me to lay on the sofa so he could massage me better. Even though I only had panties and a T-shirt on at the time I complied. I let him pull up my shirt and knew my breasts were partcially exposed but just layed there and let him massge me. He never asked but also massaged my legs but never did touch my rear end or try to touch my breasts. This went on for another month but only 2 or 3 times a week. I shamefully admit I was aroused each time and masturbated after he went home.

I knew I was teasing Darren and I had no intentions of having any kind of sex with him. However, I continued to let him expose more of me each time and shocked him the first time I was wearing a thong. He pulled my shirt up that night and I knew right away he was in complete surprise. I only told him I forgot I had them on and he just kept telling me its ok and how nice my body is. It became a game with me and I began wearing a thong more often and he slowly ventured up more while massaging my legs. After only a few times he began massaging my bare butt and I never said anything or told him not to. My boyfriend was away almost six months by that time and one Sunday afternoon the door bell rang and it was Darren. I wrapped a towel around me and let him. He sat down and I gave him a coke and we just talked for a long while. I still only had the towel on when he asked if he could rub my back. I'm not sure why but it kind of excited me realizing how little I had on. I laid on the sofa and as he rubbed my shoulders I was the one who told him to open my towel. That was the first time I was naked laying there and Darren didn't say a word as he massaged me from top to bottom. As he did it the only thing he said was to ask me if I would tell my boyfriend what he does for me. I just told him it was our secret. After that Sunday even if I were dressed I would go in and wrap a towel around me before he massaged me. A few weeks later I not only allowed him to massgage the back of me but to his delight turned over on my back. He was dumbfounded and avoided touching my breasts and vagina. The second time I told him it was ok to touch me anywhere and as much as I believe he was hesitant he did rub my breasts and touch my vagina making me wet and wanting to masturbate. The third or fourth time he did this I masturbated while he was rubbing me down and he knew exactly what I was doing.

Within a matter of days after that I began letting him masturbate me and the following week I began to jerk him off as well. I became so brazen after that I began letting him in with me being naked most of the time or shortly after he arrived. He always gave me a full rub down and then slowly masturbate me. One night I showed him my vibrator and I almost burst into laughter because he didn't know what it was. I masturbated myself with it but then let him use it on me each time. I don't exactly like jerking him off but feel guilty not to after he does all this for me. I always orgasm more than once and think maybe him seeing me naked has an effect on how aroused I get. Now that my boyfriend is back I still see Darren almost every day but now go to his apartment when my boyfriend is at work or on the weekends he has the reserves. I suppose I should feel guilt cheating on my boyfriend but he has said we will get ingaged for the last three years. Until I get a ring I will sneak over to Darrens for the massages and masturbation. I know Darren would never say anything to my boyfriend about it. I have to settle for 5 or 6 times a month with Darren now. When my boyfriend was away it went on 3 to 5 times every week. My boyfriend and I have great sex but the days I see Darren I always have an excuse not to. There are times though when I have to fake an orgasm after I had already been with Darren. He and I only masturbate each other and aside from him touching and seeing me naked nothing else goes on. I told Darren I won't have intercouse with him and I know he is ok with that as long as I jerk him off.



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