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Beginnings of My Two Fetishes

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I have a couple of fetishes I have enjoyed all my sexual life. This describes their early origins.


I have been a confirmed masturbator from the age of 11 or 12 when I discovered my 'willy' was about pleasure as well as just peeing.

It's hard to really say how I discovered it, part from hearing friends talk about 'wanking' but not wanting to show my ignorance by asking more, part from school sex which was all about function and nothing about pleasure, and part from just experimenting with my body.

My two main sexual fantasies go right back to this time. The first is one I think quite uncommon: I get aroused by women with elaborate hairdos. It may seem weird to some but the sight of a woman with a freshly done updo style or anything that clearly has taken a lot of effort is almost guaranteed to have my cock stiff and mind wandering to sex. I think I know exactly why I have this fetish too: when I had newly discovered masturbation images to fantasise about were hard to get. There was no internet and all the 'mens magazines' were carefully controlled. There was a bit of a black market in Playboy and the like but they were few and far between so I used to supplement these spare supplies with pictures of women from magazines my mother had. The ones that I liked most were here hair magazines as the women in this were always beautiful, in my mind I would transpose their heads onto the bodies of women I had seen in the mens magazines. The first time I realised it had gone beyond that simple imagination into what I would now call a fetish (although then I didn't know the word) was when one of my mother friends visited after a hair appointment. The sight of her carefully coiffured hair resulted in an almost instant erection and I could not take my eyes off it. I was so aroused I almost came in my underpants and I soon had to sneak off to the toilet to take care of my erection.

My other fetish seems a little more common judging by the number of sites on the internet that cater for it. Put simply being naked around women who are fully clothed is a huge turn on. These days it goes by the name of CFNM: Clothed Female, Naked Male but for most of

my life it never really had a name. Again this goes right back to my earliest sexual history. I remember it starting the during the summer after I had discovered masturbation. My mother and I were visiting one of her friends who was considered really well off by her as she lived in a big house and even had a swimming pool.

When we visited I was allowed to use it as swimming was one of my favourite things. That time it was a really a hot day but I had forgotten to bring my swimming trunks. I asked her friend if her husband had any I could borrow (they had no kids) and she happily obliged but unfortunately they were way too big. I was really disappointed and I think it was obvious. At that my mother piped up 'just swim naked, it's just me and Barbara'. As a barely pubescent not quite teenager I was obviously embarrassed but it was hot and I really wanted to swim. It was very in character for my mother though, she had always been very open about nudity (if not about sex) so I think it was quite natural for her. To put me at more ease her friend made some joke about not peeking and it anyway being nothing she hadn't seen before. As usual I went into their spare bedroom to change, grabbed a towel which I draped round me and walked to the pool. I glanced over to make sure they were not looking, hung the towel over a chair and dived in the pool. Soon swimming up and down the pool.

I soon forgot I was naked and just enjoyed the swim. In the middle of my swim my mother and friend came out with some drinks to sit in the sun by the pool, my mother's friend sitting on the chair where my towel was. This was pretty normal so I did not even really notice until suddenly I remembered I was swimming nude. However instead of being embarrassed I remember my cock getting as stiff as I had ever known it. It was wierd but the more I thought about being naked like that with those two women just going about their normal life the more aroused I got. I am sure it was the presence of my mother's friend that did it, nudity around my mother had never done that for me. I decided I had to get out of the pool and go somewhere private to relieve the tension but I had a problem, there was no way my erection was going to go down and my towel was many feet away.

I swam to the pool's edge and called out for my mother to pass me the towel. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) she didn't hear and at that moment walked inside to use the toilet. Her friend did hear and called out she'd bring it. She was true to her word and left it by the pool side but the way the ladder was constructed there was no way I could get out without being exposed for a bit. She was as good as her word and went to look away but some devil in me made me say 'don't worry I'm not really that shy', although my voice shook so much the words hardly came out. Having committed myself I just got out in front of her with my erect cock prominent. She said nothing although I am sure I saw her eyes pass over me which sent an electric jolt though me. For a few minutes I made a show of drying myself but then my confidence disappeared and I pulled the towel around me and rushed for the house. I passed my mother on her way back out as I dived into the toilet and seconds later was cumming hard.

That experience burned itself into my mind and then often my masturbatory fantasies involved me naked around fully clothed women. As I have always had a good imagination it was not long before the fantasies evolved and got more elbaorate and also incorporated my other fetish. The women would be well dressed and always with perfect coiffured hair of course. One of my favourite fantasies is to be the only male employee in a company run by women and to perform normal work duties naked while the well dressed women go about their business. Another you can probably guess is to be the guy who sweeps in an expensive hair salon, naked of course.

Now writing this has left my mind full of all those images I am going to have to go and do something about it! Another time I will try and write about the one and only time since that first time in a pool I got live out my nakedness fantasy.



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