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Beginnings in Central California

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My next door neighbor Pat and I were the same age and the best of buddies. This was in the middle or late 50's. We were probably 11 or 12 years old. I think I was the instigator of most of our sexual exploitations, but he enjoyed it too. I generally only remember a couple of our sexual adventures, but I'm sure there were others, until I had to move across town.
This particular experience was one of our first. We had spent several days building a fort in his back garage/shed. It had tunnels all through it. We had to crawl up and down over and under for a long way before we finally reached our secret chamber. That was where we thought we could never be found and could be as free as we wanted. From the outside it just looked like a pile of junk. So every day after school we would get together and traverse the hidden obstacles to reach our fort.
We had taken some of our prized possessions and set them up in there to play with. On this afternoon neither his nor my parents would be coming home till very late at night. So I said, 'Pat lets get blankets so we can stay in the fort for a long time'. He said, 'Ok, meet you back here in 5 mins. We each got a blanket and I grabbed a dirty magazine that I had found right in the middle of the street the day before. I hadn't had any time to look at it but I knew it would be exciting. Pat didn't know I had it so it was going to be a surprise.
We had done the - I'll show you mine if you show me yours - a couple times and even rubbed each others dicks but never went all the way. I had been rubbing my dick for a couple months and would get - the feeling. I didn't think Pat was doing it yet. Today I was going to ask him if he did it. We got back to the entrance at the same time and I went first. At the first larger opening in the tunnel I stopped and said, 'hey I think I'm going to take off my cloths and go the rest of the way naked how about you'. Pat said, 'Ok'.
It was really dark and while I was pulling my shorts off my elbow hit Pat in the stomach. 'Oh man I'm sorry are you OK'. Yeah he says and reached over to hit me and instead slaps my dick. He says, 'hey your dick is stiff'. I say kiddingly, 'that always happens when I think about your dick', and kind of giggle. Than grab my stuff and continue on our journey.
Once we get to the chamber I turn on the light and we spread out the blankets. I also notice Pat has a stiffy too. Finally we are all snug sitting with our knees bent and touching. Our dicks sticking straight up, balls hanging between our legs and Pat says, 'I get a stiffy when I think about your dick too'. But he isn't giggling. I start to say I was kidding but I don't. I just say, cool, I got a surprise you'll really think is cool.
I reach under my blanket and pull out this tattered magazine and hand it to him. His reaction is understandable, he can't take his eyes off the naked bodies on display. I slide a little closer and say, 'hey let me see too I haven't seen it yet'.
As we leaf through it he stops on a page with a man on top of a women and says, 'I've seen my Dad do that to my Mom'. 'For real', I say. Yeah 5 days ago I got up in the middle of the night to go pee and I looked into their bedroom and that's what they were doing'. I'm thinking, I wish I could see that. We continue looking at the pictures and near the end there is one that shows a man sucking on another mans thing. We don't say anything but we both have put our hands on our dicks and rub.
I finally break the silence by saying, 'I bet that feels good'. Pat says yeah I bet he really likes sucking his friend'. That's not the way I saw it but the thought passes. I say, 'do you wanta try it. He says, 'I don't know'. I say, 'Hey I'll suck you first ok?' He says, 'ok'. You stay right there and just keep looking at the pictures and I'll try it. I crawl around and position myself with my lips over his dick. I suck it into my mouth and Pat says, 'OH MY GOD THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOD'. I mumble something and start bobbing my head up and down on his 4 inch dick.
After about 5 mins he says, 'my turn'. I say, 'why do you want me to stop don't you want to get - the feeling. He says, ' what do you mean 'the feeling'. 'Don't you get the feeling when you play with your dick? He says, 'No'.
Well I'll explain while you suck me ok? Pat hands me the magazine and I lean back against a pile of cardboard and spread my legs. Next thing I feel is Pat's mouth on my dick. It takes my breath away and I can't seem to say anything except to finally take in some air. With my head back and my eyes closed I feel it starting. Before I can tell Pat what the - feeling - is it is upon me. My whole body stiffens and I thrust into Pat's mouth. I hadn't noticed but he was humping the blanket while he was sucking me. Just as I get the feeling his body stiffens and we get the feeling at the same time. My dick immediately gets tender and I say, STOP PLEASE STOP'.
After he finally lets go of my dick we collapse into each other like a tangled ball of yarn. After maybe 5 mins as we catch our breath Pat say, 'Is that the feeling'? Weakly I say, 'YEP'. I take the magazine from Pat hiding it under my blanket, grab a deck of cards and turn on my new transister radio.



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