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This is how I started.


Since I was young I had touched myself between my legs. It just felt nice, no other reason. I usually did it lying on my stomach on the carpet in the sitting room watching tv with my two brothers. I just lay on my hand and gently rubbed my clitoris through my tracksuit bottoms which was what I usually wore. If I were wearing a dress or skirt I would not be allowed lie on the carpet. When I was about ten I began to read in bed lying on my stomach and gently rubbing my clitoris. Sometimes I stopped reading to concentrate on the feelings in my body, then started again after a few minutes. At this stage I did not make any sexual connection. It was just something I liked but I was clever enough to know that it was to be done in private. I did not want to give my brothers any more reasons to tease me.

At the age of thirteen I went to secondary school. My older brother was two years ahead of me. I got to know a boy in his class and sometimes began to think of Thomas when I played with myself. At this stage my breasts had begun to develop and I could get feelings through them even though at times they irritated me. Usually it was my left hand I used to rub my clitoris and now I began to fondle my breasts at the same time with my right, all this in the privacy of my bedroom. By now of course I had got some talks on growing up and made the connection between what I was doing and sexuality. The girls in my class sometimes talked about boys wanking and they thought it was gross and also made it plain that it was not something girls did. So I kept my thoughts to myself.

In the summer holidays of my first year the boy from my brother's class, Thomas, asked me on a date. We went for a walk along by the sea and in a quiet place I got my first kiss. He was very good with me and only kissed me and hugged me and of course I was nervous but I kissed him back. We had a few more dates during that summer. After the first date when I got back to my bedroom that evening I was excited and nervous and anything but calm. Eventually I got ready for bed and as I lay on the bed I relived every minute of my date. I remembered how Thomas looked at me and how he felt when he hugged me. I remembered the smell of his hair and the smell of his clothes. As I remembered and as I rubbed my clitoris the feelings mounted and got stronger and eventually I felt this release. I found that I was breathing heavily and suddenly realised that my fingers which had been in my crotch were wet. This was a whole new experience for me and I realised that my playing with myself had got to a new level.

I can still recall that night which I think was my real first time.



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