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Beginning My Obsession

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This is how it all started for me.


First I would like to say this site has been a constant source of 'entertainment' for me. Keep submitting!

One of my first serious girlfriends is responsible for my consuming passion for womens masturbation. She was always very sexual, usually instigating the sex rather than waiting for me to. When we first started dating she was seventeen. She was 5'10' about 140lbs, big brown eyes and nice d cup breasts.

Whenever we would mess around she would always direct my hand to her very wet pussy. Not having a lot of experience with women, I was, and still am, amazed by the amount of pussy juice she could produce. One of my favorite acts of foreplay was to 'dry' hump her when she had just satin panties on. Even when I had my underwear on I could still very much feel the wetness. In addition she had rather large pussy lips that would pout when she got worked up. I could feel these lips through her underwear and would slide my cock up and down between her well lubricated but still clothed pussy lips.

Anyway, there was one time when Missy (not her real name) and I were getting particularly hot and heavy. We were both completely naked. As usual she guided my hand to her wet and waiting pussy. I was sliding my middle finger up and down beween her swollen pussy lips, slowing only slightly to rub a small circle around her clit. Each slide allowing me to feel the hot slippery place I would soon be thrusting into. She had not taken her hand off mine and was following my motions with her hand on top of mine. Whether on purpose or not she moved her fingers off the top of mine so they were in between mine, and started to slide her fingers into her pussy as I passed over the top. Her motions became less passive and more urgent. Out of curiousity I stopped, leaving my hand resting just above her mound. She continued, and in fact with no little force, slid her hand down and thrust two fingers into her pussy, making a delicious wet sound. I almost came right there!

I wanted to get a better view of this, having never seen a woman do this before. I lowered myself down between her legs so I was inches from her disappearing fingers. I could see her juices squeezing out around her fingers, and they were all shiny each time she brought them out. After a minute or so of slow hard finger fucking she brought her other hand into play. This one she used to pull up on the outer lips, spreading them open wider for the thrusting fingers. When she wasn't doing that she was sliding her well endowed clit between her forefinger and middle finger.

My mouth was dry, my cock was a cement piling, and I was totally enthralled. She was almost acting like I wasn't even there, which was, strangely enough, a kind of turn on. She almost immediately started bucking and thrusting faster, cumming within seconds.

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen and she knew it. After that she would always start our foreplay by masturbating first. Watching a woman always makes me want to do that, and the wetter the better, I love the sounds.

I still think about her, as the woman I am with now does not admit to or seem to have an interest in masturbating.



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