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Bed and Breakfast

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I'm a divorce male. I masturbate often, usually about 5-6 times per week. The most I go is usually 3-4 days without it. I travel frequently for my job as a technician for a company that sells very complicated tools. I am on call to travel for repairs and maintenance.

I was called one day about a month ago to a town about 4 hours away. It was a small tourist town and on my way I booked a room at the only hotel in town, which was an Inn. I went straight to the job site and worked all day until around 8:00. I wanted to finish so I would not have to go back the next day and could just drive home the next day.

I drove to the Inn and was told that they gave my room away because I did not check in by 6:00. However, they made arrangements for me to stay at a Bed and Breakfast right next door. I was pissed off, but didn't have much energy left. The people at the Inn arranged to have my suitcase moved to the B&B while they gave me a free hot meal. I was hungry so I agreed. I had a quick meal and then walked next door.

When I go there, I was greeted by a nice looking lady about 50, who owned the Bed and Breakfast. She was very nicely dress and very sexy. She gave me a nice smile and showed me around. I was the only guest that night and she gave me the best room, with a private bath. As she showed me around, I noticed my bag was unpacked. I was nervous because I always travel with a couple of porn DVD's that I play on my computer. After she left, I quickly checked the bag and they were there at the bottom of the bag, but she would obviously had seen them if she unpacked it for me. I took a shower and got out my computer to watch a movie. But I forgot my DVD drive so I was stuck without anything to watch them on. I decided I was too tired so I went downstairs to a common sitting area. When the owner heard me come down, she came out to see if I needed anything. She offered me a glass of wine which I accepted, and she sat with me. We had some small talk, and she asked if I wanted a book or something to read. I told her no. Knowing that she saw my DVD's I figured I'd get bold. So I told her that I would normally watch a movie but that I forgot my DVD drive for my computer.

She told me that she had a TV and a DVD player in the private area of the house. She said that she did not usually invite guests into that part of the house, but becuase I was her only guest, she offered to let me use the DVD player. I told her I didn't think that would be necessary as they were not the types of DVD's I'd watch in someone's living room. She smiled and said she was okay with whatever I wanted to watch and then mentioned that she was aware of what I had in my bag.

I was really horny, and got a boner at this conversation. I decided to accept the offer and went up to get a movie. I came down with two of them, both really nasty. One was a compilation of cum shots, and the other was about blow jobs. She showed me to the private area which was small and cozy. She showed my where the DVD playere was and took the remote control from the top of it and opened the tray. Then she said to put it in and she'd get it operating for me. I put in the one with cum shots and she pressed the button to close the door. She then handed me the remote and said to sit and enjoy.

I sat in a chair and she stayed until the menu came up. She then asked if I was okay and said she'd leave me alone. I told her she was welcome to stay and watch with me. She said that she'd give me my privacy and declined. I told her I was okay with her staying. She thanked me and walked out of the room. I say down in the chair and watched cum shot after cum shot. I was really hard but not sure if I could just openly jack off. A few minutes later, the owner came in with a large towel and a box of tissues. She asked if I would sit on the towel and use the tissues when I was done. I was shocked. I stood up with a huge boner sticking obviously out in my pants. I put the towel down and put the box of tissues down. She then turned and left. I undid my pants and pulled them down. I sat down and started stroking. I was ready to cum in about 30 seconds, but decided to milk it. I had not cum in about 3 days, which made me ready to burst. About 2 minutes later, the door opened again, and in walked the owner. She looked at me stroking, and then focused on the TV. After noticing that it was just cum shots, she said she didn't really like this kind of porn but figured men liked this kind of stuff. I mumbled something, but was barely audible. She said she was sorry and did not want to interupt me. I said it was okay, and that I was finishing soon anyway. She was focused on the TV screen when I started to convulse prior to orgasm. She then turned to watch me which sent me over the top. I slowed my stroke and turned to make eye contact with her. Just then, I shot a long stream up my chest, some landing on my neck. The rest of my load went on my stomach. It was so nice cumming with her watching. I sat for a few minutes then started to wipe up. She brought me a small trach can to put my tissues and set it in front of me.

I sat with my pants down still and continued to watch. I told her that I had not cum for a few days and wanted to have a second one right away. She was surprised and said go ahead. I fondeled my penis for a while and got it hard again in minutes. Then I had a longer session, about 20 minutes. She stayed in the room all the time. Every once in a while she'd comment on a cum shot by saying something like 'that was awful' or 'oh that's a lot of cum.' There was one in particular where Peter North came all over some young girls face. He had surprised her with the force of the shot, then covered her face with his load. The owner made a comment like 'That is unbelieveable. That guy has huge loads.' After a while, I shot my second load, and cleaned up. I told her I was going to bed and thanked her for letting me use the DVD, and for watching me. I told her it was a big help. She was happy to help.

I had another session with her in the morning after breakfast. Then I drove home. It was amazing.



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