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Becoming Bi

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It started in school then lay dormant until I turned 50 but I had some fun times along the way......


My first experience of masturbation was hearing the older lads talking about it, and whilst sitting in a den we had made out of wood we would use for our 5th November bonfire the older lads started to talk about wanking. I had never done it, I knew my willy� (as I referred to it back then) got hard and that touching it felt nice but I had never actually played with it until I had cum. Within a year of that I had had my first orgasm. I don't know if this is an odd first time technique but what I did, and I remember it like it was yesterday, was push my hard cock from side to side pushing it against my groin, letting it spring back up then pushing it the other way against my groin the other side. I remember thinking of the orgasm as a barrier,� odd when I think back about it but great fun at the time all though they were always dry cums. I used to do a paper round and one of the people I delivered papers to used to have Health and Efficiency magazine, anyone else remember that publication? I used to flick through it as I delivered the papers up to his house, I don't know if he ever knew his 13 year old paper boy was looking at his magazine getting a hard on looking at the pictures, they were very tame by today's standards, I seem to remember they were all (or certainly mostly) black and white pictures. Not long after delivering his magazine there was an old disused building I would always sneak in there and wank off, by now I was rubbing it. I have always had a tight foreskin and I had discovered that sliding the foreskin back and forward over the head of my cock, yes I had grown out of calling it a willy, could give me great pleasure and that I was now shooting spunk. Fast forward to my last year at senior school; I used to sit next to the same guy each week in our music class, his name was Trevor, we were both bored and we used to try to sneakily hit each other in the crotch. Soon the hits became squeezes. We both enjoyed the squeezes more that the hits to our groins and it quickly became just squeezing. Each of us taking turns to squeeze each other's cock, soon we were just squeezing the end of each other's cock's this having the effect of sliding the foreskin over the head of each other's cock. It was probably the third or fourth time of doing this to each other that we both came in our pants, never once did we ever put our hands inside each other's trousers or take our cocks out and after many months of doing this I never did see his cock and he never saw mine. After I left school I discovered girls and had many years of fun with them. When I turned 50, and don't ask me why as I have no idea why, my thoughts turned back to the fun I had had in class with Trevor. I started to get more and more curious about doing something again with a guy. To be honest sex with the wife was very vanilla and always what she wanted when she wanted it. I started chatting to guys on line on an adult dating site. I joined it to try and find women to meet for sex but it was mostly guys on the site although I have met a few ladies from there. I chatted to a few men and found myself getting very turned on chatting to them. I had a web cam and after watching a few guys playing on web cam I decided I would play on camera too. I was working from home a lot so during the day whilst the wife was at work I had many wanking sessions on web cam with other guys. Then one day I was wanking with a guy who lived in the same town as me and we arranged to meet in a local car park for some fun. Both of us were married and curious. It was his first time with another guy as it was mine, if you discount what I did at school. We met up at lunch time in the car park of a local park, well known for nocturnal car park activities. Although I was nervous, I was also very aroused waiting for him to arrive and kept giving my hard cock a squeeze and rub. When he arrived I got out of my car and got into his. We were both nervous as hell but I was hard at the thought of what we were about to do. I took the lead and leaned across and started to rub his cock through his trousers, although soft at first he started to harden fairly quickly. I unzipped him and took his cock out of his trousers and undid his belt and waist band. Now I have never considered myself well endowed but I was certainly bigger than this guy. He apologised for being on the small side, I said that was fine and it was. I started to rub his cock slowly as I did he leaned over and undid my trousers and pulled out my hard cock. We wanked each other slowly savouring the build up, suddenly he said he was cumming, he stiffened and shot a couple of ropes of cum before grabbing a napkin and covering his cock and cleaning away his spunk. I was nowhere near ready and he continued to wank me but he was not gripping me as hard as I like and I could not cum. Whilst exciting and enjoyable it left me wanting and I have to say I had to finish myself off when I got home. To date that is my only experience with a man and that was several years ago. Has it put me off trying it again? it did for a while but now I am more than ever determined to have some cock fun with another guy. I am 58 in January; I am determined to have cum with another guy before my birthday, just need to hook up with the right guy. I am sure it will be just be wanking each other but I do keep thinking what it would be like to have a guys cock in my mouth. I am sure this story is not over and when I have blown my load in another man's hand I will post here again. Sorry this account is a bit rambling but I hope you have enjoyed reading about my old (er) age adventures in to the world of cock fun.



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