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Becoming a Nudist Family

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The following story is fiction, but I wish it was true. My name is Bobby and in this story I am 15. My family has always been pretty modest. If my younger brother Bradley (he's 13) or I came out of our room wearing just our boxers, mother would promptly tell us to put on a robe. My mother and sisters Pam, age 17 and Paula, age 19, always wore a robe over their nightgowns and my Dad wore pajamas when he wasn't fully dressed. My brother and I shared a room and would change in front of each other but it was just us boys. This all changed this summer when my oldest sister came home from college.

Paula arrived home late in the afternoon on a typical hot and humid day in June. After the family helped her move her suitcases and boxes of school stuff into her room upstairs, she declared that she needed a shower. Mother shooed us out of her room and went downstairs to start making dinner. The rest of us followed her downstairs to watch some TV. About 10 minutes later I got the surprise of my life. From my seat on the den sofa I saw Paula walking into the kitchen completely naked. This was the first time I had ever seen a girl without clothes on. She had a tall thin athletic body with small breasts with a narrow waist and long muscular legs from running track. Her body was tanned and did not have any sign of lines that marked where her swim suit had been. My penis started to harden and my face was burning red as I noticed the bush of light brown hair between her legs. My other sister and brother had just noticed Paula. Pam covered her mouth to stifle a giggle and Bradley just stared completely dumb struck. My mom had her back to her and hadn't noticed her lack of clothes. Paula spoke to her telling her that she was out of shampoo and wanted to know where mom kept a spare bottle. When my mother turned around she gasped loudly and dropped the spoon in her hand to the floor. 'Young lady what do you think you are doing parading down here naked as the day you were born!' Paula just giggled a little bit and said, 'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shock you but all the girls in the dorm walk to and from the showers without bothering to put on clothes and I guess I'm just used to it. Besides that old athletic dorm has no air conditioning and everybody sleeps nude when the weather gets hot.'

'Well, I guess we need to have a talk.' Mom said as she turned her daughter around and pushed her forward back upstairs. About an hour later, Mom came downstairs and sat in the kitchen talking with Dad in hushed voices for a long time. Finally both mom and dad came into the den where we had been sitting and whispering about what was going to happen to Paula for her daring escapade. Mom spoke first announcing that we would be going out for dinner, since she had been interrupted earlier. Then she said that Dad had something to say. Dad spoke in a voice that was much calmer than I had expected. 'Well, I guess you saw that your sister had a surprise for us this evening. Open nudity is not something we have practiced in our home before but I want everyone to understand that there is nothing dirty or nasty about it and none of us needs to be ashamed of our bodies. Paula has asked if she could be allowed to be nude around the house. Before I give her an answer I wanted to discuss this with you. Your mother and I have discussed this and we are okay with it as long as it does not make the rest of you feel uncomfortable. Is this okay with you Pam?' Pam shrugged her shoulders and said 'I guess I don't mind.' 'And you Bobby?' I thought to myself if she kept it up I would have a permanent boner but I answered, 'It seems strange but I don't care.' Bradley piped in that if his sister didn't have to wear clothes, he didn't either. Dad answered that as long as we didn't have guests in the house, clothes would be optional. 'But stay dressed for now because we are going to the cafeteria for dinner.'

When we returned, things seemed more normal than earlier and we settled into the den to watch TV. At about nine o'clock, Mom announced that one of us needed to get their bath started. Bradley poked me and said that it was my turn to go first and I poked him back saying that I was first last night and he'd better get his bath done. Bradley slowly got up and went upstairs. About 20 minutes later, Bradley returned downstairs to say goodnight wearing only a smile. His body was well into puberty and he had a muscular build. His penis was semi-erect as he tried to appear nonchalant while he entered the room. He walked over to Mom and gave her a hug. She gave his bare butt a playful pat. He waved goodnight to the rest of us and went upstairs. I followed him upstairs to take my turn in the bath. I went into our room, closed the door and undressed, put on my robe and headed for the bath room. Pam was coming down the hallway toward her room and said, 'Well, at least somebody still has some modesty around here.' As I showered, I thought about seeing Paula's buff body and instantly got hard. I lathered my penis with soap and slowly jerked off until I shot cum out with such force that my knees felt jittery.

After I dried off, I was about to put my robe on when I stopped. Instead I just folded it over my arm, opened the door and stepped out into the hall. Just as I got to my room, Pam emerged from her room wearing only her panties. We both froze for a moment, unsure about what to do. We had never seen each other naked before. As I viewed her body I noticed that she was curvier than her older sister but still very trim. Her rounded breasts were very white, the tan lines making sharp contrast against the rest of her tanned body. I could feel a boner coming on. Pam straightened up and walked straight toward the bathroom I had just left. As she passed me, she whispered, 'Does that flagpole between your legs hurt when it gets like that?' I said, 'No, it really feels good.' She looked down at my fully hard member and gently touched it with her fingers. I jerked at the touch barely able to keep from coming right then and there. She said, 'I'm sorry, did that hurt?' 'No, but you'd better take your shower.' She nodded and went into the bathroom.

When I got into my room, I closed the door behind me, dropped the robe on the floor and began to masturbate furiously. When I came, I spurted cum all over the floor. Bradley was lying in his bed watching intently. His own erection made a prominent pup tent in his sheet. It wasn't the first time either of us had seen the other masturbating but it had always been under the covers before. Now Bradley pulled back the sheet to reveal his boner and began to jerk off. He came quickly and then lay there naked on the bed. After a few minutes we both got some tissues and cleaned ourselves off and went to sleep. It was the first time we had ever slept completely naked. I felt the coolness of the sheets against my body and it was wonderful. I slept soundly.

When Pam finished her shower, she wrapped her hair in a towel and dried the rest of body. She had shaved her legs in the shower and began to apply lotion. She liked the silky feel of her skin. As her hand moved up her thighs applying the cool body lotion, she felt a tingling between her legs. She poured a generous amount of lotion into her hand and began to coat her private parts. She shivered as her fingers passed over her clit and onto the small triangle of her light brown pubic hair. She began to rub herself harder as her body filled with wonderful sexual tingling. She moaned loudly as the climax rolled over her, making her shiver with pleasure. She rested a moment and then returned her room wearing only the towel on her head.


Paula lay in her bed the next morning thinking about yesterday's momentous event. She had actually told her mother, her whole family really, that she was a nudist. She had been completely naked in front of them. The boys even became aroused at the first site of her without clothes. Puberty! The sun was already warming the room, and she looked forward to a swim in the back yard, sans swim suit!

Pam got out of bed and walked over to her dresser and opened up the top drawer where she kept her panties. She giggled to herself and closed the drawer. Today she was going to see what nudism was about. Today she would go down to breakfast, do her chores, watch TV, swim, all without any clothes on. She felt nervous. It had been awkward seeing Bobby in the hall last night. She had seen his erections making bulges in his pants before, but last night she actually saw his thingy and even touched it. It was bigger than she expected. She thought about the cute boy next door, Daniel. He was her age and she wondered how big his would be.

Bradley woke up with a huge boner. This seemed to happen a lot lately. He glanced over at me and I was still asleep. I had tossed off my covers and lay there with an erection that made his own seem tiny in comparison. He went over to his my bed and shook my shoulder. 'Hey, man its time to get up, if you can stand up with a pecker that stiff.' I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and looked over at my little brother. 'You're packing a pretty good boner yourself.' Bradley looked down at it and replied, 'Yeah, I hope it goes down soon. I don't want the girls laughing at me.' ' Well, you'd better start working on it, I smell breakfast cooking.' Bradley started stroking his swollen penis. Bobby reached down and started masturbating. They both came quickly. They cleaned themselves off with tissues and headed to the bathroom.

The bathroom door was open but Pam and Paula were standing at the double sink vanity brushing their hair. They turned to look at their two naked brothers who had just come to the door. Paula waved us in, 'Well you might as well come in. It looks like I've started a fashion trend in the family.' Paula turned to Pam and said, 'Boys will be boys.' They stepped aside as we washed up. Then all four of us proceeded downstairs to the breakfast nook in the kitchen. Clothes free.

James and Pat were in the kitchen doing their usual morning routine, making breakfast and reading the newspaper. It was not quite their usual routine on this June morning. For the first time in twenty years of marriage, Pat stood at the stove wearing only one of James' tee shirts, bra and a pair of cotton briefs. Her husband sat at the table reading the paper wearing a Tee shirt and jockey shorts. When Paula had appeared naked in front of the whole family yesterday, it had thrown her for a loop. But after talking about it they finally agreed that it would okay to allow some casual nudity within the family. They agreed with Paula's arguments that it would help everyone to have a healthier image of themselves. They had tried sleeping without pajamas last night and had enjoyed the experience, the sex they had was also very nice. This morning they put on some underwear so that they wouldn't shock the children. Pat was not completely comfortable with showing off everything to the children. Her brief outfit made her feel self-conscious. This would take some getting used to. It would better if they gradually reduced the amount of clothing they wore around the house to get everyone more comfortable.

As James tried to read the paper, his thoughts kept drifting to last night. He remembered giving Paula a bath when she was younger, but to see her grown up body nude was a bit of a shock. When he looked over at his wife standing half naked in the kitchen he felt aroused. Last night had been some of the best sex they had had in many years. Sleeping without pajamas had proven to be very cool and comfortable. He might enjoy becoming a nudist.

They heard the kids coming down the stairs joking and laughing about something. When they all came into the kitchen in their birthday suits, it took them by surprise. 'My, my! It seems like we really are a nudist family now.' Mom said as she set a platter of pan cakes on the table. Bradley stood up pointing at Mom and Dad saying, 'Not everyone is a nudist. You and Dad still have your underwear on!' Everyone laughed. Dad put his paper down and stood up. 'I guess you're right Bradley. We'll have to change that.' Dad pulled off his tee shirt and walked over to the door to the laundry room. He tossed his shirt into the laundry basket and then took off his briefs and tossed them in. We all sat there staring at his naked backside. Even though he was in his late 30's, his body was firm and well tanned except for the clear outline of his Speedo swim suit. When he turned around he revealed his hairy chest and firm abs that were coved with dark hair that ran in a narrow band from his navel down to the thick bush around his large penis. His ball sack was prominent between his legs. We all applauded as he returned to his seat at the table. Mom had a big smile on her face and walked over to the laundry room. She stripped off her tee shirt and through it into the laundry basket. Then she turned around still wearing her bra and panties. The cleavage of her full breasts was now on full display. Her full brief panties came to her waist, the dark thatch of hair between her legs poking out around the crotch. Her body was well rounded but not fat. The tan lines of her one piece swim suit clearly visible. She looked at us and said in a small voice. 'I guess, I'll have to leave it at this for now. I just can't take any more off.' Paula said 'That's okay Mom.'

After the breakfast dishes were cleared away, Paula announced that she was going for a dip in the pool. The rest of us followed. All of us jumped in the pool and started a splash fight. After a while we got out and settled down the lounge chairs for some sun bathing. Mom was still wearing her bra and panties which were now soaking wet and completely transparent. She looked down at herself and laughed. Then she removed her last remaining clothes and walked back and forth across the pool deck in triumph over her nervousness.

As I lay there sunning, I had a clear view of Pam and Paula laying on their lounges, legs spread apart. My dick came to attention. I looked around self consciously to see that Bradley also had a boner. Mom had been lying on her stomach and rolled back over. As she looked around she saw our erections and laughed out loud. 'You boys seem to have a problem that needs attention. You need to take care of those things before you poke somebody's eye out.' Bradley and I quickly went up stairs and masturbated. My sisters were just staring at Mom because they couldn't believe what she had just said. She had actually told their brothers that they should masterbate and they went and did it!

Pat looked over at her daughters and just smiled. Then she lay back on her lounge. 'You girls look like you could use some relief yourselves. Go upstairs and have some fun like the boys. They looked at each other with big grins and ran up after us, pushing us aside as the ran to their room. The hallway filled with the happy moans of orgasms. I'm going to like being a nudist.



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