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Becoming a Man at a Band Concert

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Becoming a Man at a Band Concert
I was thrilled to come a crossed this web site as masturbation is a constant part of my life. Many of these stories remind me of my first experience with sex and masturbation. I was 13 at the time a little large for my age and quite sheltered by my parents, especially my mom. My dad is the band director for the high school band in our town. Once a year we have exchange band where our band will travel to another school and put on a concert, then that school would do the same in our town later in the year.
Well I was at that time in my last year of grade school when my dad asked me if I wanted to come on the band trip. I was excited as you can imagine to think of being around big cool high school kids. So on a Thursday afternoon my mom picked me up from class and delivered me to the high school were a big greyhound bus was parked in the parking lot. I was kind of scared as these kids seemed so big and loud but I soon settled into a seat up front. The trip was about 6 hours long and I don't remember a whole lot of what went on during it. When we arrived at the guest high school we meet the other band and had a practice session with them. During the practice there were some other kids around my age and older that were there with their parents to bring us to their homes afterward.
Well I sat with these kids in a row of chairs right behind the percussion section and we were fooling around and trying not to make too much noise when one of them took out a book that had pictures of naked women. Until that time I had never seen a naked girl except my cousin who was around five and a neighbor girl not much older. I was really interested in it as I had always wondered what a girl looked like. All of a sudden one of the boys pointed to my crotch and shouted, "Look ,he's got a hard on".
All of a sudden I felt the whole world looking a the tent in my trousers. I turn as red as a beet and trying to hide it while looking around to see who had noticed. That's when I saw her. She was one of our band players who played the cymbals just standing about four feet in front of me with the biggest smile on her face. I was so embarrassed. I would have crawled under a rug if there was one. All evening during the practice and the little pizza party afterward I kept seeing this girl smiling at me and looking down at my crotch. I began to feel like an object of desire especially when I noticed that she was talking to some other girls and they were all staring at me giggling. All of a sudden I felt that tinging sensation in my cock that I always got before a hard on.
Now I had never masterbated up to this time. The most I had ever done is maybe spend a little more time then is necessary washing my cock and balls when I took a shower. A few times I had gotten hard thinking about some stories that My neighbor friend had told me, and once his younger sister joined us for a little show and tell and let us pee on her bare feet and she peed on ours.
Later that night I thought about what had happened and about those beautiful naked women with their big juicy boobs, and how I had caught that girl looking at my woody and the smile and look in her eyes. I just about went crazy. I knew there had to be a something that I was missing. I pulled down the blankets of my guest bed and opened the fly of my pajamas and looked at the thing that had started the whole thing. At that time I was probably only about 61/2 inches long but it looked huge and I got real worried that I might not be able to hide it if it got any bigger. I lifted it up of my belly a let it spring back and slap my belly a few times. then I went to sleep.
The next day was a dream come true for a sixth grader. In the morning we went to a beach. I had a great time listening to the big kids talk especially when they were talking about sex. I learned a lot of new words and my dad wasn't around to guard me from it. We spent all morning listening to cool music laughing and checking out the "babes" and commenting on their "tits"and "asses". The guys really let me fit right in after of course they all had a laugh at my expense about my predicament the night before. One even commented about how big it looked in my Levis. Then they started asking me if I had ever fucked a girl. I lied and told them that I fucked my friend's sister. They asked how old she was. I lied again and told them she was 16. Then I was really in a hole again as they wanted to know who she was. finally after hemming and hawing for what seemed like an hour, one of the guys said "Leave him alone, can't you see he's embarrassed?".
Well that started a barrage of sexual advice about oral sex, anal sex, fucking titties, fucking two girls at once, fucking in the car, fucking on a couch under a blanket while her family watches TV, and all the girls they were going to fuck from the other school that night. I felt like a whole new mysterious world was about to open up to me. All of a sudden one of the guys says hey lets play volley ball with those girls and they all jumped up.
I was on my feet when I realized that I had another problem. Yep you guessed it. I not only had a boner but it seemed to had grown another inch from the night before. I poked so hard at the front of my nylon shorts that it gave it gave me a wedgie. I quickly turned to try to hide it as I adjusted myself when I met the gaze of the cymbal player. She was laying on a towel with three other girls just staring at my cock with that same big smile. I thought, I'd give a million dollars to be a girl right now. Just then she looked up into my eyes and winked as if to say "its OK". the other girl had by now realized what had caught her attention and I heard them giggle. I turned again and bent over to scratch a pretend itch on my leg and I could feel her eyes on the back of my shorts wedged up my crack.
This was the first hard on I had that wouldn't go away. My mind kept seeing that girl in her one white piece bathing suit that exposed most of her ass cheeks. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get her out of my mind. I kept walking and scratching my calf till I walked right into the water. The water was very cold but I didn't care. I kept walking into it till I could feel the waves splash my balls. Finally I felt safe enough to stand up again.
I just stood there letting the cold water do it's magic on my cock when I heard a girl say behind me "Wow this is cold". I turned my head around to see that girl again. She was a few feet behind. She said, " Hi, want to swim". I nodded yes still trying to hide from her in case it was still visible. With that she took a dive in to the next wave. I looked around and realized we were the only ones in the water. When she surfaced I dived in and came up next to her. I could hardly breathe. The water was so cold We were both shivering and laughing. She asked my name and told me she was Donna. Another wave came and she stood up and I could see her nipples were sticking out and I could see the brown around them. I had never seen any thing so sexy. She noticed me looking at them and said "i know, they always do that when I swim in the ocean". I smiled and thought now it's her turn to be embarrassed. But she wasn't . She scooped up soon water and hit me in the belly and said "haven't you ever seen boobies before?" I said yes half giggling. With that she splashed me again and started a splashing fight with me. When we had turned a pretty deep color of purple, we went on shore and grabbed our towels to dry off. She introduced me to her friends and I tried my hardest to keep from staring at their asses and tits. Girls had never looked so good to me. We decided to take a walk to warm up. The sand was warm and donna walked a little bit ahead of me and I noticed that one side of her bathing suit had moved up her ass and exposed one whole cheek. It looked so smooth and soft. I had to move my towel down a little farther as I felt my cock getting warmer and starting giving it's tingling feeling. When we went by the guys playing volley ball. The guy that had stuck up for me gave me a thumbs up and mouthed to me "nice ass" nodding to her.
I couldn't tell you one thing she said while we walked. I don't even remember if I said anything back to her. I was a man who had a real woman.
When it was time to go we said goodbye and she said that she would save me a seat at the concert. Well my dad had other plans for me and I ended up sitting two rows in front of her. However when it was our turn to play I had a great vantage point to see her and caught many smiles and winks from her as she played. I was in love.
That night I had the mother of all hard ons as remembered all the things I had learned and the way Donna looked at me and her white bathing suite. I pulled my pajamas down again and measured my cock again picturing Donna putting her mouth over it. All of a sudden my cock convulsed and a stream of liquid came running down over the top of my head. "This must be cum" I thought and I took a little and tasted it. It was tangy and salty and I pictured Donna busily lapping up my little stream. With that I turned over and realized how good my cock felt on the clean sheets. I made some humping motions but eventually stopped and went to sleep not having a clue to what a real orgasm was.
The next morning found a huge wet spot which now I realize was a wet dream. There was an 6"-8" patch of wet sheet soaked right trough into the mattress. I sucked on the sheet just to make sure it wasn't pee, and sure enough it was cum. My balls must have been so full. It was Saturday, a morning at the mall. After about an hour walking around with my dad and the host family, I finally saw Donna. I asked my dad if I could go with friend I had made and he reluctantly agreed after instructing me on when and where to meet him. I took off and caught up with Donna just as they were coming out of an intimate clothing store. She smiled, said hello and said" Wait let's show David the under ware". Suddenly I pictured 4 girl sliding down their pants to give me a view of their panties when she grabbed my hand whisked me inside with the other girls giggling behind us following in hot pursuit. She led me down an isle and picked up a pair of grey under ware and asked "are these your size?" They had elephant ears in front with a pair white tusks and a long sleeve in the shape of a trunk. The girls were beside them self with laughter saying "try them on and see if they fit", "are they big enough for you". I finally dawned on me what the trunk was for as Donna held it up in the air. She smiled again and I felt my face get red and my cock grow at the same time. Finally I said "do they make them in my size?"
We were all laughing and the girls were showing off other kinds with everything imaginable saying "Wow look at these". I could feel my cock bulging and for once I didn't care. Donna made it all seem alright. We left the store and Donna continued to hold my hand. I was in my glory. I had to leave to meet my dad and she embraced me, smiled and thanked me for having fun.
Later just before dinner the host familie's son came home with a bag for me saying someone wanted him to deliver it to me. I was curious and started to open it in front of everyone when I saw the grey cloth. I quickly said "Oh the shirt I lost" and took off to the bedroom. Inside I took out the same pair of under ware we had seen in the store and a small envelope. I opened the envelope took out a perfumed note with the neatest writing I had ever seen. It said, I hope I didn't embarrass you in front of my friends today. I really like you and think you are really cool. Love Donna. PS I though you might like these to remember our time together. I'll save you a seat on the bus and maybe you could show me how they fit. (I still have this note, and the under ware)
Needless to say I quickly got my soap and towel took a shower spending extra time on my cock, balls, and anywhere else I thought she might want to see. I put on the new under ware carefully inserting my dick into the trunk and put on my cloths.
At the school yard I loaded my suit case in the luggage compartment as I heard a knock on the window. I looked up and there was Donna motioning me toward the back. I didn't even ask my dad I just got on and made my way back to her. I had become pretty popular with the guys now as they were high fiving me and giving me the thumbs up. "Hi good looking" she said as I slid in the seat next to her. She grabbed my hand and asked if I had got her package. I knodded and thanked her and said "their just my size". That drew a big smile. After a minute she leaned over and said "I can't wait for it to get dark".
We found plenty to talk about while it was still light. She told me about her family, her music teacher, her car she was getting next year. She asked alot of questions too, and it didn't take long for me to become very comfortable with her. Then before I knew it the lights dimmed and you could hear a hushed cheer go up as Donna waved her hands and said "Yea".
She laid her head on my shoulder and rubbed my arm. I was getting al kinds of feelings I had never had before. It was one of those moments you wished could last forever. Love was in the air as I could hear kissing and hushed voices. I looked down and saw Donna looking into my eyes with that smile that she always had. It let me know everything was OK.
She whispered in my ear,"Your really cute". "So are you", I replyed. And her lips met mine. I followed her lead putting my tongue in her mouth when she did. It was so good. I could feel my cock getting bound up in my new briefs. Suddenly it started to hurt so I reached down with my right hand to try to adjust it when she asked if they were to small. "I don't know?" I said. With that she asked to see reaching down and feeling around for my zipper. I could feel her hand on my cock through my pants. It was unbelievable. In a quick pull my pants were open and her hand darted in pulling my cock to freedom. My body was twitching at this point, I said in a quivering voice "that's better". The next thing she did I never expected, as about everything else afterward,she pry my hand off the seat and guided it under her shirt, For the first time in my life I felt a womans breast trough her lacy bra. My instincts took over and I quickly found her hard nipples. "How do they feel?" she asked. The only thing I could I could get out was "Phew". She laughed
and went back to my swollen cock. "You have a huge cock" she said softly. "It's bigger than any high schooler boys I've seen. Have you ever been with a girl?" I shook my head no. "I have a lot to teach you" With that she showed me how to unhitch the front of her bra and let the warm brown tits fill my hands. "now pinch my nipples, That's it. Your good".
By now her hand is working my balls and rubbing my cock alternately. "How do you like to jack off?" she asks. "Do you like to touch your ass hole?" reaching her fingers down to it. I shrug my shoulders as I say "It all feels good". I lift myself up a little and let her have her way. My mind is a blaze with new feelings. I feel pre cum oozing out my dick just as she whispers "Holy fuck your trunk is all wet". She trys to pull it off my cock but it is so tight it won't come off. "Shit you've got one gorgeous cock" she remarks softly in my ear, "you don't ever have to be ashamed or embarrassed of it. Besides all those guys last night had hard ons too, they just didn't show." With this she is pumping my cock.
I felt my balls starting to contract. She senses this and asks if I'm going to cum. "I think I did" I say. "You'll know when you do. Here don't forget I have a pussy" With her left hand she removes my hand from her tits and guides it to her crouch. Her pants are open and her legs are open. My hand instantly find the warm humid spot on her under ware. Our lips meet again. Her hand is expertly jacking my cock the other squeezing my balls. She whispers "Oh David go in my under ware." I obey just as everything starts to happen. My body goes nod from the tip of my toes to the top of my head while her left hand pinky finds my ass hole while her tongue goes deep in my mouth while my finger for the first time enters a pussy. I get dizzy, My eyes cross, I grunt out loud, I feel my cock go wild with convulsions. Shhh Donna says as a girl behind us says "you guys having fun" people laugh. I shut my mouth as my cock continues to pulse. All of a sudden I have this incredible relaxed feeling.
Unbelievable. I realize my fingers are going wildly in her pussy. "Here let me show you how a girl likes to be finger fucked" taking my middle finger and putting it at the top of her pussy. I feel something hard. "That's my clit" say whispers in my ear kissing me on the cheek . I feel her guide my finger over her clit several times in a circle then we both sink up to our knuckles into her pussy then back to her clit. With all the maturity that I can muster I take over and try my best to please my girl. I feel her tensing up and I start rubbing her harder giving her kisses all the time. I notice she is now pulling on her tits pinching and rolling her nipples. "Just rub my clit she says through clench teeth" I focus all my attention on her clit. It seems so incredible to see myself with my hands in a beautiful woman's panties giving her pleasure. "I'm coming " She announces. I continue not knowing what to expect. When she puts her arms around me and pulls me to her I realize she is done. "That was incredible" she whispers in my ear. "your going to make a lot of women happy".
We sit there with our heads on each other, our pants wide open, cum soaked and amazed. I can feel my cock still pulsating to my heart beat. I think of all the things I've learned in three short days. Most of all I think of how Donna taught me to love my body. To this day I'm not ashamed of my cock. She was right, I have made a lot of girls happy and a couple of guys too.
While we were just sitting there holding each other I was dying to know if something that I had heard was true, so I asked if girls really like the taste of cum.
Without a moment to think her head was in my lap sucking my cock through the silly elephant trunk. I lifted my ass up and she and I pulled my briefs down and peeled the trunk off my cock. When she touched my naked cock she set off a thousand shocks through my body. And when she sucked it into her mouth while squeezing my balls in one hand and touching my ass hole with the other it was all I could handle. Within 20 seconds it happened again only this time it was more intense. I didn't make a sound though and when I was finished she licked her lips and said, "It's the best food God ever made."
When we arrived at our school I guess word got around as guys and girls were joking me about it. I saw Donna giggling and taking excitedly with her best friend. I went to her and she gave me a big hug whispering "you were incredible" in my ear. I asked where she lived. She looked at me sadly and said "we can't be boyfriend girlfriend David, It just wouldn't work. But I'll never forget you." My heart was crushed but I said Goodbye as she whispered again in my ear "Remember, never be ashamed of you body".
I never did get to see her again. She was out of high school by the time I got there. She will always be my favorite. She taught me so much. As I got in the car with my dad, he said, "you got your shirt stuck in your zipper". I looked down and there was the end of the elephant trunk. As I stuffed it in my pants he said, "I see you got kinda close to some of those kids, David. You just need to be careful you know. Nowadays a boy can get in trouble pretty easily." I acted interested and innocent at the same time wondering how much he knew of what I had done. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Well drugs, and crime and girls get pregnant pretty easily" This sparked my interest and I tried to think of a way of asking if a girl could get pregnant by sucking on cock without letting him know I knew anything about it when he said, "Well it's probably to soon to talk about it right now. Someday we'll have a man to man talk and then you'll understand."
All the rest of the way home I thought about how I was already a man. I already knew what my dad knew even more perhaps. I wondered if mom sucked his cock and played with his ass hole. I even looked at his crotch when a street light went by and you know I saw a bulge. My cock swelled instantly tenting my pants again. I never felt as close to dad as now. Once home I made no effort to hide my stiff, I walked in hugged my mom feeling her thigh against my cock, which she had to of felt also.
I walked straight to my room shut the door pulled off my clothes hid my under ware and the note in my lock box marched over to the mirror as naked as the day I was born but a whole lot more mature. I opened the closet door so the mirror would reflect from my bed. I sat at the edge of the bed and got to know my cock. My mind raced through all the experiences that had happened that week and I pictured mom with her head between dad's leg and dad reaching be hind her to rub her clit and stick his fingers in her pussy. As I stroked with one hand I played with my balls with the other and leaned back to touch my ass hole just as Donna had taught me. I had my best orgasm yet. I shot cum up to my chin and watch the whole thing from the mirror. I would cream one more time before falling into a fitful sleep.
I have been a confirmed masturbator since, 3 to 6 times daily in my younger years and now at least once a day and more when my girl friend is gone away. I'm 22 now and still haven't had my man to man with dad. I don't think there's a whole lot left to teach. In fact I had a pretty fun time teaching a few lessons to my neighbor friend who helped me teach his sister also. I even let him wear my elephants and got my chance to taste his cock. But that's another story.



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