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Becky, Melissa, Susie Part 3

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When I got back home my mother told me to take a shower. I had been in the lake all day. I wouldn't have thought of this but I was glad later that mom suggested this.

My father didn't get to our house until close to 8:00 pm and we left to go over to the girl's house. Their father was late getting to there house also so things worked out. He started the gas grill and I was in charge of making hot dogs and hamburgers. Melissa and Susie were in short shorts that had sayings on their backsides (Princes and Brat). They were so tight I could tell neither one had panties on.

Our parents left for dinner and said they would be back around 12:00 pm.

Melissa had a bathing suit top on different than the one she had on earlier, she smelled so good. She came out on the deck to the grill and grabbed at my dick. I looked around to make sure no one could see us, and no one could. Susie and Becky were in the house. Melissa smelled good and I told her she did. She said she took a shower and Susie and she shaved their pussies. I looked at her and said what did you say. Melissa said Susie always helps her shave her pussy and she shave's Susie's. Melissa said there are places I just can't see when I am in the shower. Melissa said they have been helping each other shave for over a year. Melissa whispered in my ear that she didn't have panties on and did I want to see her pussy. She said your dick is hard you must want to see my pussy. (In the past 24 hours I think my dick was soft for only 15 minutes I told her).

The hamburgers and hot dogs were burning and I had to get them off or they would have been ruined. I was starving as I hadn't eaten all day but the choices were hard. Melissa pulled her terry cloth short shorts down and out with her back to the house. Sure enough her blonde mound of pubic hair was just a very small V-shaped patch above her pussy lips. Melissa grabbed my hard on again and said wait till after dinner. I got the hot dogs and hamburgers and carried the plate just above my waist so I could hide my hard on. Melissa grabbed her father's chef apron and told me to put that around my waist. I did this and walked in the house.

Susie smiled at me when I walked in like she knew something. Her terry cloth short shorts were tight in her pussy and my eyes went straight to her pussy. Susie must have noticed because she turned and pulled them so they weren't tight against her pussy lips. Melissa's shorts were in her pussy also but she new I was looking and left them that way. We all sat and ate dinner. Melissa sat across from me and kept putting her bare foot between my legs. It was almost 9:30pm and Susie asked if we were going to watch TV. Melissa quickly said that she and I were going to go to her room. Susie said fine Becky and I will watch TV down here then. Susie didn't have a clue what Melissa and I were going to do neither did I. The girls cleaned up the kitchen. I had to stay seated because of my hard on. I didn't want Susie and Becky to see it.

When I finally got up Melissa and I ran up the steps to her bedroom. Susie hollered do you still need the chef apron. I think she knew I had a boner.

We got into Melissa's room (finally). Melissa said she has a hundred questions to ask me. I wanted to ask her some also. Melissa went first; she wanted to know why I wasn't circumcised. I told her it was a family thing my father told me. Melissa said then your father isn't circumcised either? I said as far as I know but I haven't checked him out.

My turn; when did you first masturbate you know a lot about what you want and like to do. Melissa was sitting in front of me on the side of her bed with her legs hanging over. I was sitting in the chair. Melissa pulled her top off and her tits bounced and then stood out in the cold mountain air that was in the room. My boner went straight up. Melissa winked and cupped her tits. She said I do know what I like squeezing her nipples. Nice hard on Melissa winked again. She said I started when I was around 12 years old. She saw Susie playing with her pussy in the bathtub when she ran into pee one day. She asked Susie what she was doing. Susie said it felt good and that she should try it. Melissa said Susie didn't know it was masturbation but, she just knew it felt good. After Susie showed her where to rub the little button on top of her pussy she started masturbating everyday. Melissa said her mother caught them both one time. Her mother didn't yell at them but told them it was something private that they can do. On her 15th birthday her mother gave her a small vibrator. Her mother told her it was special and she should keep it private and not share it with anyone. Susie got one on her 15th birthday and showed it to Melissa. Melissa waited over a year before she got hers. Susie would use it when they masturbated together and said it felt so good to slip it in and out and hold it on her clit. Melissa said Susie and she would still masturbate once in awhile together, like today. After they shaved each other's pussies Susie put lotion on my (Melissa's) pussy so it wouldn't get all rashy. Susie rubs my clit and my pussy lips and all around where she shaved. I almost always cum Melissa said. When I (Melissa) do Susie I rub lotion on her pussy lips and clit. Susie's pussy lips are larger than mine I think it is because Susie masturbates at least twice a day everyday. Susie's clit is more sensitive I only have to rub her clit lightly with enough lotion and she will cum hard. I like mine rubbed harder and in a circular motion like this. Then she started rubbing. She came but not hard just a soft jilling she said.

Oh my gosh my balls, my boner are ready to blow with Melissa sitting in front of me telling me these things. She rubbed her pussy as she talked. Melissa said my turn.

I had to pee so I got up and went to the bathroom. Melissa followed me in. I told her I had to pee. Melissa said she wanted to watch, you watched me last night. She wanted to see how this worked. First she wanted me to take my shorts all the way off so I did. My boner stood straight out. I had to use my thumb to push it down so the pee would go into the toilet. I started to pee and Melissa said stop don't you hold your dick. I said no, with that she put her hand on my boner and said go ahead. I continued to pee with Melissa holding my boner when I stopped I was semi-hard (this always happens) and she said now what. I said shake it, squeeze it, and shake it again. Your done I told her but she didn't let go. Melissa turned me around and got down on her kness right at the same level as my boner her face inches away. Melissa was stroking my boner and then said your balls they are back.

I said what she said at the lake I was trying to grab your balls. I like the way they hang but they weren't there. I told her the cold water makes my sack shrink and that pulls my balls up. She said she was so glad to see them back and hanging. She said last night while I was jerking off she heard them slap against my fist. She said the last ten minutes she was jilling she pretended that my balls were slapping against her clit and that is how she got off.

My cock was harder now than it ever had been in my life. Melissa still had her short shorts on with no panties on. Melissa was holding my boner so I reached for her pussy through her terry cloth shorts. Melissa was wet and her pussy was so soft and she smelled so good. Melissa asked me to stroke her from her butt hole up to her clit very slowly, I did this at least 50 times. Then Melissa pulled my hand away and stood back and wiggled out of her short shorts. Susie did an excellent shaving job. Melissa's pussy lips and clit were in plain view. Melissa asked what do you think. My hard on is pounding looking at her beautiful tits and shaved pussy. I grabbed her and picked her up and put her on her bed. She smelled so good. I laid her down and ran my hand over her pussy feeling her smoothness and wetness. I put my head down next to her pussy. It was so smooth and she smelled so nice. I ran my fingers over her pussy again and this time my middle finger slipped inside. Melissa jumped and let out a moan she was so wet. Melissa said that feels really good. I stroked her clit and pussy for 10 minutes, she just pressed hard against my hand as I put my fingers inside.

Melissa went to slide to the side of the bed and bring her legs up to her chest. (Melissa the director). Melissa was totally exposed, her butt hole and everything. Melissa told me to go to her top draw of her dresser and look under her panties. I found her vibrator there along with the baby oil from last night. I brought them back and she squirted the oil all over her pussy and butt hole she then turned on the vibrator. I am watching all of this like it is as usual. Melissa told me to jerk off over her pussy but don't cum around my pussy hole only on my stomach and tits. While I jerked off Melissa spread her pussy open and slid her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her fingers went deep into her pussy and then she but the vibrator into her butt hole. Melissa alternated between fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her face was amazing to watch when I wasn't looking at her pussy butt action. I came within five minutes shooting my load of cum right on Melissa's tits. Melissa watched my cum shoot out and she came right as soon as it hit her tits. I fell on top of her and kissed her hard. Melissa was covering her pussy so my dick didn't slide in there. Melissa kissed me back and with her other hand rubbed my dick with her vibrator still in her butt. Melissa smelled so good that night. I had my hands and eyes all over her.

We almost fell asleep. Melissa jumped up and said I hear the car. We made a mad dash for the bathroom. Melissa quickly wiped the cum off of her tits and belly. She then slipped a t-shirt on and short shorts on and ran downstairs. I grabbed a washcloth and wet it and wiped my entire body down. I put my clothes on and made it downstairs just as my parents walked in. My mother looked at me strangely I told her I fell asleep, it was after 12:00am.

Next time: I caught Becky in the hallway jilling watching Melissa and me.



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