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Becky, Melissa, Susie Continued

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I hope you liked the first part of my first experience with Melissa. To continue, Melissa and I got cleaned up and watched TV for about 15 minutes more that night. Melissa put on a t shirt and put her panties back on. I put my shorts and shirt on. She sat Indian style and rubbed her pussy during this time. I got a hard on watching her and she teased me about my hard on. We heard our mothers downstairs talking to Susie and Becky. I quickly ran in to Melissa's bathroom and Melissa ran downstairs. I took cold water and a washcloth and held my dick trying to get it to go down. The cold water did the trick.

Mom and I walked back to our house and she asked if I had a good time being with all those girls. I told her I had a good time. When we got in to our house I said I was tired and ran up to bed and I actual was tired. I climbed into bed and fell right to sleep. I dreamed about Melissa's pussy and all the girls I knew over my lifetime. In my dreams I could see all of their pussies. I had a hard on all night it seemed in my dream. When I woke up the next morning I definitely had a hard on.

It was late, around 9:00am my mother came in to my room and said I had to get up, we were meeting the girls and their mother at 10:00am to go to the lake. I was on my stomach so she couldn't see my hard on. She wanted me to take a shower now. I said I would be there in a couple of minutes. She left my room and I thought I could masturbate I pulled and pulled and couldn't cum. Next thing I know my mother is in my doorway saying come on we don't have much time you need to shower and eat. When she left I ran into the bathroom dropped my shorts and jumped into the shower closing the curtain behind me. Now I thought I could take care of myself. My mother came in and was washing her face and brushing her teeth. I turned on the cold water and shower and lathered up the soap. I couldn't do it but my hard on went down.

After breakfast mom and I road our bikes over to Melissa's house, the girls and Connie were ready and waiting on their bikes to go to the lake. I saw Melissa and she winked at me. I had never noticed how the girls road their bikes until this morning. Of course I was watching Melissa the most. The girls took off ahead of me and I had the view of their rear ends most of the time. Our mom's stayed in the back of us. I noticed that Susie's bike had a big round seat with a little horn sticking out. Susie sat on her seat most of the ride only standing when going up hills. Becky and Melissa had a seat that was more like mine. It was narrow and had a long horn. I noticed that Melissa was standing most of the time and leaning back on the horn of the seat. It appeared she was rubbing against it as she glided on her bike. Becky sat, stood and just was riding her bike.

When we got to the lake I noticed that Melissa was a little wet between her legs. My dick noticed this also and started twitch. We laid our blankets out on the beach. Susie laid down in front of me on her stomach looking at the lake and had a book to read. I could see between her legs where I laid. I had noticed in the past that Susie had a bushy pussy and her hairs would be outside of her suit not a lot of them but enough. They were blonde so you had to look to see them. My dick began to get hard. Melissa laid down beside me and taped me I think she saw me looking at Susie's pussy. I laid back but all I could think of was pussy and my dick was getting hard. I jumped up and said I am going into the lake.

Melissa ran after me and jumped on my back as usual but this time she came around front and grabbed my hard on and whispered in my ear. I new it, you have a hard on. I saw you getting a hard on looking at Susie's pussy. I whisper back in her ear I couldn't help it, it was right there in front of me. She said I will show you later what a trim pussy looks like. I said what, and she said you'll see and pushed away from herself. I pulled her back and said by the way were you rubbing your pussy against your bike seat. She looked at me and turned red. She said OK you caught me. Cold water or no cold water my dick was hard now. I knew you were masturbating on your bike. In the lake the water was not as clear as the pool. Melissa pulled on my hard on and said you like that. This surprised me because last night she wouldn't touch my hard on and today she wouldn't let go. I was in heaven. She whispered in my ear telling me to rub her pussy she needed to finish what she started with her bike seat. I reached inside her suit and felt her pussy lips. She came closer and rubbed against my legs. Her tits were rubbing my arm. I was able to stand where we were but she couldn't. I brought my knee up so she could sit on it and we played like that until I shot a load right there in the lake. I lost my balance and let out a yell and Melissa and I both went under water. Melissa said that I owed her one later.

The day was great Melissa and I played in the water for hours and I got to play with her pussy every time she came close to me and she would grab my dick every time she could. Becky and Susie came out a couple of times and called us fish because we were in the water so long.

By mid-afternoon Melissa and I came back on the beach and just laid there the rest of the day. Susie was still on her stomach reading a book; her legs spread with the best view of her pussy. I could see the outline of her pussy lips though her suit. Susie's legs were beautifully tanned laying in front of me. Every once in a while she would adjust her suit around her pussy and her top, when she did this I could see more blonde pussy hair. Melissa was noticing me even though I was pretending to sleep. My dick would go semi-hard, she told me later that night she knew what I was doing and saw my dick get hard. I didn't deny it because it added to the excitements that night thinking about Susie's blonde pussy.

It was Friday night and my father was coming up. Both of our parents were going out to dinner together and wouldn't be back until late. Connie suggested that I come to their house and have dinner with the girls. My mother later asked on our way home if this was OK staying with these girls all the time. I told her it was OK and she said I notice you and Melissa are playing together, and she said is she your girlfriend. I said no I like them all but Melissa is fun to hang out with. Later that night...... Melissa the director.



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