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Becca's Mom Jeanie

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Becca had been great and it ran in the family!


Becca was an incredibly hot girlfriend who lived two apartments down from me in Florida, back when I was twenty-five. She had been living with some other girlfriends and we all had great experiences together. However, her special culinary classes were ready to end and she was moving back to New York in a couple of weeks.

As it turned out, Becca's mom was going to come visit her little girl before she headed back north. I was only mildly surprised when Becca introduced her mother, Jeanie. As pretty as Becca was, her mom was stunning. At 42 years of age, she was a 5' 7' 35C-26-36 brunette with wavy shoulder length hair and dreamy emerald eyes. Becca had been born young for Jeanie, and they could have passed for sisters.

After a whirlwind week, Saturday rolled around, and Becca's boyfriend Rob was coming down to help with the move of her stuff back home. While awaiting his arrival, I invited Becca and Jeanie to go to the beach with me for one more fun-filled day. Here I was at the beach, the envy of every red-blooded man, as I was there with two of the most beautiful women in sight. As we awaited the arrival of Rob, we shared a large bottle of cold wine and I couldn't help but be turned on as I got oiled Becca's back, and then started on Jeanie's.

As I worked Jeanie's legs, Becca let out a squeal, and went running down the beach to the boardwalk to meet Rob. Jeanie looked up, and let out a low, 'Oh, crap!'

I asked what was wrong, and she said, 'I had no idea that Sam was coming, too.'

'Who's Sam?' I asked in a voice filled with cold rage.

She said, 'Sam is my ex, Becca's dad. He's my ex because he cheated on me pretty much from day one and we only stayed together until Becca was out of high school.'

Well, I was feeling more than a little wierd, since I darned near had my hands on Sam's ex's ass. Then Jeanie said with a gleam in her voice 'Will you play along with me?'

I replied, 'Sure, what's do you want to do?'

'Just pretend that we are an item and don't hold anything back,' she snickered.

Being no fool, I had no problem playing the part for all it was worth. After brief introductions, Jeanie grabbed my hand and pulled me out into the Atlantic. As we splashed into the low waves, I chased her like we were two 15-year olds, instead of two adults. As we got chest deep into the water, Jeanie threw her arms around my neck and we embraced in a deep kiss. The cool ocean water did nothing to diminish the growing bulge I felt as Jeanie wrapped her legs around my waist.

Jeanie giggled, as she said, 'Well, you sure are taking this role to heart there, stud!'

I stammered an apology, saying something about how living alone had made for some long nights alone. She smiled, kissed me again and said, 'You aren't the only one with nights alone, you know.'

We broke our embrace, before we went so far as to be arrested for indecency on the beach. Our show had not gone unnoticed and all eyes were on us, as we returned to our beach chairs and blankets. As we arrived, talk began to revolve around the plans for the night. Sure, Rob was spending the night with Becca, but where was Sam to stay? Jeanie took this as a chance and offered the sleeper sofa she had been using at Becca's apartment to Sam. The gleam in his eye went from white-hot to cold as ice, when she continued that she would spend the night with me!

We broke up the beach party and went back to get cleaned up and dressed for an evening on the town. As we arrived at the apartment complex, Jeanie asked me to come get her bags and move them to my apartment. Going along, I complied, and she returned with me to my place. When we arrived she could not stop apologizing for putting me on the spot. I reminded her of my agreement to play this to the hilt, and put her mind at ease. We prepared for great dinner and night of dancing.

Jeanie was breathtaking as we left for the night. In a black satin backless dress, split all the way to my imagination and beyond, she was an absolute dream. I wore her on my arm like a trophy, and you could see that as the night wore on, Sam got the picture that he was not welcome in Jeanie's life. The only problem was that to sell the illusion, we were touchy-feely all night. As we danced a slow dance Jeanie reminded me of my problem earlier in the day. She knew how to turn me on, and let me know she knew I was aroused.

As midnight rolled around, we excused ourselves to go back to my place, my job seemingly done. When I helped Jeanie from my car, she threw her arms around my neck, and kissed me ever so sweetly, saying thank you. We went inside, and I put on some Luther Vandross for some final chatting before I hit the sofa, having planned to give Jeanie my bed.

'Let's dance some more.' Jeanie suggested, so I took off my jacket coat and she slipped into my arms.

With out a word, we slowly kissed as we danced. For the third time today my cock stirred while in Jeanie's arms. This time I pressed in tighter, and slid my hands down onto her ass. With a soft squeeze she moaned into my mouth. She slipped her hand between us and began unbuttoning my shirt. I reached up and found the one big button at the top of the halter dress, and undid it in back. The satin top fell away, and I could feel her hard nipples against my chest.

As we continued to dance kiss and grope, Jeanie unbuckled my belt and pants, and undid my fly. I slipped the dress past her waist, revealing she had been naked underneath all night. She pushed my pants, and she got a similar surprise, as I wore no underwear. Here we were, dancing nude in my living room, my hard cock pressed against her belly, her warm moist pussy against my leg.

Jeanie found my cock and began slowly, softly, but firmly stroking me. I picked here feet up off the floor, and let one leg come down on each side of my right thigh. She gasped as her slickness mashed hard against my leg. As she stroked me, I slid her up and down my leg both of us increasing our speed as we neared orgasm. After two, or was it three more songs we both erupted into screaming fits of passion, as we flooded each other in cum. Having never been with a gusher before I was ecstatic to have hit a high like I had never known before.

Yes, Jeanie did spend the night. She also postponed her flight late the next morning as well. She stayed for two more weeks and we filled them with many more memorable moments. These were not to impress Sam anymore, they were just for us.



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