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Beautiful Girlfriend

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This is my second story it is part truth part fiction


Jenn is the most beautiful person in the world. She is six two slender and the most beautiful shade of creamy white; she has lovely moles and freckles in all the right places. Her face is unbelievably cute with blue eyes that peer from behind sexy librarian type glasses. There is a sad depth in her eyes. She has perfectly straight dirty blonde hair, which she hates, especially when it gets long. When she is happy she is the cutest thing in the world. When she's sad it doesn't matter who you are your heart melts. One thing I like to think always makes her happy is making love.

Her breasts are exactly the right size to fit into my hand about the size of soft balls, with nipples the size of quarters that have a perfect bead on top that softens and hardens depending on the condition. I love to tweak them when they are soft and feel them harden under my fingertips. Moving down her stomach is long and beautiful with the hint of muscles barely showing, moving farther down her hips curve out perfectly and her sweet slit is covered with a thin dusting of beautiful red fur. It is the most wonderful feeling to kiss her perfect thighs and brush my cheek lightly against her soft area. If I can convince her to show me her perfect butt it is a wonderful sight a beautiful white heart that hides a cute pink anus between her two soft cheeks. Moving back up is her back, which is curved to match her wonderful stomach and is patterned with a nice constellation of freckles. Her legs are long and the perfect size to match the rest of her body. She is a nerd like me so she rarely has a tan, which is fine with me because I love her white skin.

On a normal day she wears a tee shirt with some sort of pirates on it and jeans that fit her very nicely, usually tapered out at the bottom. Leading you down to her cool skate shoes. One day we were in her parents house sitting on a big brown leather couch, she had just taken off those shoes and laid down with her head in my lap. I knew her parents would not be home until the next day so I decided to enjoy my girlfriend. I slowly slid my hand down her stomach I carefully unbuttoned her pants and slid my hand down under her jeans but over her soft undies. I moved my hand slowly past them carefully sliding my middle finger down the groove I could feel through the fabric. This made her gasp and grab my other arm. This didn't sway my methodic feeling of her privates, I kept moving down to where I could feel her thighs peaking from under the panties. I rubbed her thighs slowly and I could feel her grabbing my arm she whispered to me " you are so evil" and I told her that I was just getting started. She whimpered a little as I pulled my finger from as far down under her bottom as I could reach slowly and lightly all the way to the top of her panties. I pulled a little bit at the elastic at the top and felt a little bit of that soft fur I could feel her nuzzling me with her head as I did this and it pushed me to move my hand farther down her area. As soon as I did this I pulled myself back so as to torture her more at this she protested a bit however I still only touched her softly and barely brushed my fingers over her fur. I kept this up for about five minutes until I could feel her undulating her hips to try and move closer to my fingers. Even at this point I still pulled back and tortured her all the more. Once in a while I would dip my index and middle fingers into her soft wet flower making her shudder. On the third time doing this I circled my fingers around the outer lips of her pussy making sure to touch the area between it and her pink round hole, I could feel that I had made her sweet juices drip down making it a little bit lubricated. The thought of how it must taste made me want to lick her, but I knew I had to keep torturing her. I told her to pull her pants down and she did as I asked exposing her cute blue underwear with tiny pink writing all over.

She had her pants just about at her knees so I could just see those nice white thighs and I put my hand in between them feeling the heat that I had put her in. as I moved closer I could feel that her panties were drenched with juices, this just made me want her more and I could feel my hard shaft twitch under her head. When I looked down I could see her grinning at me in torturous enjoyment. Finally I applied some pressure to the top of her slit through her underwear. She moaned softly and I could feel some of the tension release. I moved my fingers in various patterns over her opening she writhed as the feelings washed over her I kept up a medium pace for a while until I felt her grab at me tightly she moved her head up and kissed me passionately. Suddenly I felt her tense up and her legs tightened together around my fingers. I knew that she had finally reached orgasm...this was only to be the first.

She lay there for a second panting softly I smiled down at her and she gave me one of her cute nervous smiles, I pulled her head up to mine and gave her a reassuring kiss. After a moment she turned over and started to play with my shorts. I felt her working on the button and already my penis started to get hard, soon she had freed my member and was petting it softly it felt so good all I could do was lean my head back and tell her how great it felt. Slowly I felt her soft mouth move over the head of my cock. I let out a small sound and she started to stuff it farther into her soft orifice she got it about halfway in and then started to move back. I felt her slowly going back and forth pulling me into her mouth and back out again. She started to go faster and faster I could feel the orgasm building, it felt so good I didn't want it to stop. I told her I was about to get off and to my surprise she didn't stop however moved even more vigorously. It was a wonderful feeling and in a minute I felt myself erupt inside her mouth. She sputtered a little bit and some of my white cum seeped out of her mouth but she gulped it down. Although she had stopped moving her head up and down I could feel her tongue swirling around on the tip. Once she had licked it all up she told me that she actually liked it. Already I could feel the strength seeping back into my soft penis.

I suddenly noticed her nice butt, I slowly started to rub my hand over it and she looked up at me surprised that I was hinting at more I lifted her chin and kissed her softly then went back to what I was doing. I slowly moved my fingers down her crack until I could feel her anus. It had been kept wet by the soaking I had given her panties earlier. I pressed my finger to it lightly and I felt her hips move away a little bit. I traced my finger around it for a second then moved down and dipped my finger into her soft juices. All the while she was making soft purring noises. I slowly walked my now wet fingers up to her anus and spread her juices on it slowly pushing my index finger inside up to the end of my cuticle. To my surprise she let out a small moan, which I could tell, was a good thing. I slowly pulled my finger out of her bottom and started to move it around between her two holes sliding down and putting two fingers as far into her wet flower as possible she let out a loud gasp, which surprised me. So I quickly pulled my fingers out at this she protested saying "more!" a word I don't recall ever hearing her utter during sex before. Quickly I reinserted my fingers and started to move them back and forth in various motions swirling from outside in to inside out. After a minute of this I got up turned her back onto her back pulled her pants off the end of her feet and yanked her wet panties off. I slowly began licking around her dripping area inserting my tongue occasionally I went all around it before finally sticking my tongue as far down as possible barely touching her arse and licking up the center of her slit taking in as much of the sweet nectar as possible. I could hear her heavy breathing and I knew she was loving what I was doing to her. I began to lick her up and down methodically and I felt the orgasm rise inside of her. I began going a faster but still keeping a methodic pace. She gasped let out an uncontrollable "keep going" with some moaning until finally I felt her hit that peak I kept licking, slowing down little by little and she told me it was wonderful. Then she noticed my erect cock peaking from my unzipped shorts.

She pulled me up to her and kissed me deeply while she grabbed at it. I began to tear at her pirate tee shirt and she lifted her arms so that I could get it off. Her wonderful breasts peaked out from her polka dotted bra and I brushed my fingers over the clasps until I could get a good enough grip to pop it unhooked. Once exposed, I began to softly grope her supple chest, which just made me even more aroused. I kissed her on the mouth then quickly moved down so that I could kiss her on her soft nipples making them become hard between my lips. She began to pull at my shirt and after a little bit of effort had me completely naked just like her. We held each other close for a minute while me made out. We were both so exhausted we fell asleep.

I woke up an hour later to a soft mouth on my penis. It wasn't hard or anything so I realized that Jenn had decided she wanted this on her own. I felt it growing inside her mouth and I looked down to see my sexy nude girlfriend on all fours slurping on my penis. When I asked her what she was up to she simply got up and said" waking you up" I followed her out of her room and she beckoned me into the bathroom. She had already turned on the huge showerhead and when I stepped in with her it completely engulfed us both. We kissed for a little while before lathering each other up with body wash and shampoo. She worked the soap up and down my hard genitals cupping my balls occasionally. She quickly got me to the point of orgasm and when I told her so she stood right in front of me and let me shoot my hot load at her like a target. Opening her mouth just in case any got up there. Only a little hit that high as most of it landed on her beautiful chest dripping down her sexy body. After this I helped her soap off again.

Once I knew she was completely rinsed again and my hands were clean I began to probe at her soft slit. When I did this she put her arms around me and kissed me deeply moving her hips as if to fuck my fingers. As she ground her genitals on my fingers I moved them in and out of her inflamed pussy. While she ground on my fingers and I did exactly what she wanted I felt more love for her than I thought anyone could. A few seconds after that feeling washed over me I felt her gasp and I knew she had come just as I had earlier. She melted into me and we hugged under the warm stream of water. Surprisingly I felt my organ twitch once more...



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