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Beautiful 18-Year-Old Girl in a Tent

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Hope this turns some of you on-particularly the girls.


I was 17 and pathetically innocent when I finally had my first proper sexual experience with a girl. She was a year older than I and staggeringly beautiful: eighteen years old with a slim figure, great breasts, and long dark hair with a face to die for. Let's call her M. I thought she was most definitely out of my league, and when I learnt she had a boyfriend, it seemed my worst fears were confirmed.

We were on a school trip together and she was sharing a tent with another girl. I ended up in a one-man tent that duly collapsed after the first night. It was all pretty casual, so the two girls said I could crash in their tent. The other girl pretty much passed out. This left me alone with the gorgeous M in the darkened tent.

I guess my confidence was up as I had made her laugh over the course of the evening, and we were getting on pretty well. Still, it was a surprise when we leaned in and kissed each other-and she welcomed it. I was delighted and we spent what seemed like an age just French-kissing in the dark while our friend was zonked out next to us, oblivious to what we were doing.

I didn't expect we would progress to much more than kissing but, of course, I was getting completely turned on and very hard. I slid my hand up the back of her white cotton blouse and under her camisole top and just massaged the soft skin on her back for a while. She kissed me back deeper and put her leg between my legs and rubbed her thigh against my cock. I must have moaned a little, and she asked if I was okay, worried she'd hurt me. I told her it was ecstasy, and she carried on.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to slide my hand down towards her jeans. I tried to put my hand down them but they were too tight. She stopped me but did tease me by saying, 'You are getting horny.'

At this stage of my life I was too innocent to know much what to do for her. In later years, I would pride myself on knowing which buttons to press and how to give a girl the orgasm she craved, but at this point, I probably only gave her the vague pleasure of having her little hole inexpertly fingered by an intrigued and horny young boy.

After a time of this, I asked her if she was on the pill and she said she was-but I could tell she was not at all keen to go all the way with her friend sleeping just a foot from us. However, I reckon she liked the idea of corrupting me a little so instead she quickly reached down and, in what seemed like one fluid movement, she popped open the stud of my jeans, pulled down the zip and parted the fly. She then pulled down the band of my pants and my cock sprang out. Before I could be even vaguely embarrassed by the enormous hard on I was sporting and the fact that nobody had ever seen me erect before, she took hold of my cock in her hand and started to play with it, pulling it up and down.

Now we were both bringing each other off. She was wanking me and I was fingering her. I have to say it was incredibly erotic and I was loving the unfamiliar feeling of another person's hand playing with my cock. Her being so beautiful was an unexpected bonus.

However, she was as inexpert with her technique as I was with mine, and she grabbed it around the base and not just under the head, as I would have done. I tried to slide her hand higher so she could pull on the part I really craved her to play with, but she just teased me and kept saying, 'You can do it yourself if you like.' I think now, years later, that she was curious and wanted to watch me do it in the half light but, back then, I did not realise and certainly would have been too shy to play with myself in front of her.

Instead, I let her carry on and just lay back and thought about what was happening to me, how unexpected it was, and how lucky I was that this gorgeous girl was wanking me off. That eventually did it and suddenly, without warning I came with amazing force. My cock pulsed a half a dozen times and shot loads of spunk from the end-way more than I had ever managed before when I was alone.

The orgasm was incredibly powerful, and I swore a little, as it was so unexpected and intense. She just laughed and said, 'We both knew it was going to happen.' Then she said, 'My god, I am absolutely covered.' It seemed that most of my cum had shot all over her, but it was hard to tell in the dark.

It was an amazingly erotic experience and a great introduction to women-even if I had to wait a little while to go the whole way, and I made sure I knew more about how to please a girl when that finally happened.

The funny thing is, it was only years later when I thought how unusual it was that the other girl passed out and was asleep that I kind of deduced, in actuality, she probably wasn't. I think she probably just pretended and was awake the whole time, listening to everything we did. It's quite a thought that for my first ever experience of mutual masturbation I probably had an audience!



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