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Beating off With a Friend

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Beating off with a friend

I suppose everyone, male and female, has a close friend they can confide in and discuss personal situations. Fortunately the one I had worked in the same building and we would car pool to local meetings now and then and go back by the office for a few drinks.

One night after I had been divorced for several years, after a meeting our discussion ended up on sex. He asked if I had found a girl friend yet. I said no, I wasn't really looking. He then asked if I could still get hard and if I masturbated. We had never discussed that and I was a bit embarrassed but I said yes. I told him I didn't think at our ages (60's) I would be so interested in sex. He said he didn't either but a few years earlier he developed an impotency situation and had a penis implant inserted and he could now keep a hardon as long as he wanted. He then asked if I had seen one. Of course I said no and he proceeded to unzip and said, 'Here I'll show you how it works'.

He pumped it until his dick was standing almost straight up. He began slowly stroking and asked how often I beat off and if I had ever beat off with anyone? I said, 'Not since I was a teenager when I did it a few times with a close friend. I do it almost everyday now, I get hard just thinking about masturbating'.

He was still holding and stroking his dick and said. 'You're probably going to beat off when you got home why not now?' He knew the way I was positioning myself to hide it I was already hard. He had his wife didn't like for him to beat off and he had a few friends he enjoyed beating off with. At that point I couldn't wait to get home so I unzipped and took it out. Mine was a good bit larger than his and he offered to beat it off for me and I told him I wasn't interested in that.

We went to the rest room and he spread a hand towel on the counter to catch our cum when we shot off. He kept staring at my dick and started beating real fast and I told him it might take me a few minutes to cum as I like to take my time. In about a minute he suddenly stopped and when I asked why he said he was about to cum. I told him I loved seeing cum shoot off and I had only seen it in videos. I said, 'If you're that close go ahead and finishing beating it. Shoot if off and show me some cum,' In no time his cum was shooting off and I couldn't believe how much. It shot out a foot and it kept going. Each time he pumped his dick more would shoot out. I counted at least ten times. I had never seen that much in a video. I told him I couldn't believe he could cum that much and wished I could shoot off that much too.

He then started looking my dick again saying he wished his was that big and said he was ready to see how much I could shoot. He said he was still impressed my dick was much larger and wanted to hold it but I was too close to shooting off to stop. I could hold it back no longer, started beating faster and said, 'If you like to see cum, here goes'. I didn't have near as much cum to shoot off as he did but the sensation is always awesome. We cleaned up and left for home. Needless to say I had to beat off again when I got home just remembering how much cum I had seen him shoot off.

Several months later he said he wanted us to get together again but I had the feeling he wanted to go further this time so I declined. I still beat off remembering how much cum he could shoot off and wished I could do the same.



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