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Beachouse Memories

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Izzy's July 23 experience reminded me of a fun time I had as a teen at a friends beachouse...


One of my best friends in high school was a kid named Mark who's family had a beachouse about 30 minutes from where we lived in Southern California. They would invite me down often during the summer to stay as Mark and I loved to surf, hang out, and of course flirt with the girls whenever possible. Their beachouse was small and right on the ocean in a community of other houses sandwiched close together.

Mark and I had walked to a local market one hot sunny day and were coming back when we walked past one of the beachouses along the way. One of our friends from school, Michelle, and her family had a place not far from Marks and as we walked by, we caught sight of Michelle at the side of her house rinsing off under the outside shower. Most of the places at the beach have a shower for rinsing off the ever present sand when you come out of the ocean or off the beach. Some, like Mark's have a three sided enclosure and others are just a shower head and are open otherwise. There was no enclosure at Michelles so we were treated with the sight of Michelle with her back to us. Showering off in her light blue bikini, long curly brown hair and tanned skin made us want to just reach out and touch her. We stood there and did our duty as young horny boys and watched her as long as we could. She had a nice, sexy surfer girl body with medium sized firm breasts with nipples that showed prominantly when under the cold water of the shower, nice narrow waist that curved into beautiful hips and long shapely legs. It was her perfect butt, however, that would catch our attention that day. The bottoms of her bikini were small and her cute ass was on wonderful display as the water ran down her back and caressed her bottom before making its run over the back of her thighs and down to the ground.

As we watched the view got even better. She was pulling her swimsuit down a bit and away from her body as everyone does in order to get all the sand out of those tight places. We would get a glimse of her butt from time to time and even a side glimpse at her pubic hair as she washed herself off. Gentlemen, it was nice.

The next day I was on the patio alone as Mark was still surfing a distance down the beach when Michelle walked by our place. I said hi and waved for her to come up and join me. She layed down on the lounge chair next to mine and we chatted a bit before she rolled over and sighed, saying she was kind of tired. Her bikini that day was a dark red and displayed her body very nicely. We continued to talk until she looked at the back of her legs and commented that she was getting a bit of sun and did I have some suntan oil or lotion she could borrow. I said sure and then she asked if I would please put some on her back and legs. 'My pleasure' I said with a smile.

I straddled her body while on my knees and began with her shoulders. She then reached back and untied her top so she could avoid tan lines in the middle of her back. I massaged the lotion into her skin, moving my hands down her sides and touching the sides of her breasts as she lay flat. I wasn't sure how she would take that so I looked at the side of her face and saw her smile and knew it was ok. Feeling bold I sat on her butt while applying the lotion on her back and of course this felt better than ok and my penis began to grow and harden. At first I thought I better move but again I saw the opportunity and stayed put, knowing she could feel my hardening cock against the round cheeks of her gorgeous ass.

She gives me a 'mmmmmm, that feels nice Jimmy' and leaves me not knowing whether she meant the lotion or my erection pressing against her derriere. As good as it felt in the positon I was in, I had to move away from her to lotion her legs. I put extra lotion on my hands and moved up and down her legs, coming very close to her pussy as I rubbed slowly up her inner thighs and around the bottom of her butt. 'How does that feel?' I asked with a smile and she simply smiled back and said 'devine.' By now I was completely erect and trying to figure out my next move.

I lay next to her on my stomach which pressed my hard penis against the chaise lounge and made me all the more horny while I looked at the body next to me. I decided to roll the dice and I told Michelle that Mark and I saw her yesterday showering off on the side of her place. 'Really?' was all she said as I complimented her and told her how sexy I thought she looked.' In fact,' I said, 'you have got me kind of hot and I need to go cool off in the shower.' I stood up, my cock making a tent of my swimsuit as I walked to the side of the house to the shower stall and turned on the water. Michelle looked up as I walked away.

I pulled my shorts down a bit to free my erection as I showered with my back to the opening of the shower stall. It felt great to free my penis out in the warm sun with the cool water flowing over it and of course I hoped that maybe, just maybe, Michelle would come and join me. I was surprised as Michelle walked up behind me seeing my ass out from my lowered shorts and she says 'nice butt...now it's my turn to watch you shower.' I had my penis covered and wasn't sure where this would be going but laughed and said 'ok, girl, I just needed to clean some sand out here' as I felt my dick again grow and harden more with my back turned to her. Then she stepped forward, pressing her breasts into my back and reaching her hands around my tummy and said,'here let me help...'

I reached behind me, pulling her closer and moving my hands from her waist down to her butt, caressing those soft globes as her hands moved slowly from my stomach down to the top of my thighs and then to my balls and hard, erect cock.

I gasped as she caressed my wet sex and we both fell silent as the water cascaded over our bodies while we touched and explored each other. Having her touch my penis with my back to her was erotic in a way I can't describe. Feeling her hard nipples pressing against my back was having its effect and I knew if we continued this way, I would cum soon. So I turned around.

Facing her now, she looked down to see my seven inch hard throbbing member and held it again in her hands. She looked up at me and I kissed her, long and very deeply as my hands slipped under her bikini and I fondled her perfect breasts. We continued this way for a moment until my hands moved down her back and pulled her bottoms down as I tickled her butt and spread her cheeks apart as I pulled her closer into me. Playing with and fondling her bottom as she held my cock in her hands was a dream come true.

I moved a bit away from her so I could caress her pussy with my right hand as my left continued to feel her ass and explore her between her cheeks. I have forever been turned on my a girls bottom and particularly her anus and my hand and fingers touching and feeling her little puckered hole had me excited beyond words.

As we mutually masturbated one another under the cool water it didn't take long for me to groan and ejaculate into her tummy. A few seconds later I could feel her quiver, then hear her moan as my hand that was stimulating her pussy and clit began to be soaked with the juices of her arousal. I moved my finger into her pussy and pumped it in and out rapidly with the palm of my hand pressed against her clit. She suddenly grabbed my wrist and pushed it even further into her sex as she moaned out loud, cumming and shaking as she stood there with me.

As our breathing began to go back to normal, I held her close to me as I touched her softly in the afterglow of our orgasms. We laughed and kissed and put our swimsuits back into place. It was a great summer with more sexy encounters with Michelle.



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