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Beach House Fun

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First off, I would like to say that I love this website! I am a passionate masterbator and I have had many masturbating experiences worth telling, but I haven't out of sheer sissyness. I finally got the balls to write a story, so here I go.

I am now 15 and in high school. I masturbate at least once a day, if not more. I'm Hispanic, and I am not gay. When I turned 13, I traveled to my hometown for the first time by myself. Actually I jerked off on the plane in the bathroom, but that's not the story. That was just out of necessity!

So, I'm at my grandma's house, when I overhear my aunt planing a trip to the beach. I go up to her, and she tells me that we are going to go to my grandma's beach house, along with my cousin and the nephew of her best friend.

I am psyched, but that afternoon my cousin (let's call him Javier) came over to the house. My cousin is the same age as me, but he's five inches shorter (I am 5'11' now, was about 5'4' then). Javier was born a month after me. He is obnoxious, to say the least, but that couldn't have deterred me 'cause I was going to the beach. About ten minutes later, my aunt's best friend shows up with her nephew, who is our age, called Chris. He was taller than me at the time; now, we are about the same height.

We get to the beach house and swim and stuff. When it came time to go to bed, our aunt says, 'You guys can have the west house all to yourselves. We will sleep in the main house.' So, we went to the other house and jumped into sleeping bags (the house wasn't furnished yet).

I had really hit it off with Chris and we were already talking about girls and stuff. At 1:00 we are still talking and suddenly the conversation turns to porn, which quickly turns to masterbating. We all deny that we ever do it. Then, after a bit, I admit to having done it once. Then Chris says, 'Yeah, me too.' Then we both admit that we do it all the time. After all of this, the annoying Javier says, 'Nah, I don't' and 'That is nasty.' We tell him to shut up and go to bed.

I actually don't remember how it happened, but I got a total hard on, which Chris noticed and laughed. I got him to shut up. Then he suddenly lifts his covers and shows me that he is totally hard and leaking some major precum. I'm laughing and then Javier says 'What's so funny?' Chris and I say, 'If you wanna jack off, say something now or forever hold your peace and go to sleep.' Javier looked at both of us and then finally admitted that he masterbated.

The conversation turned to techniques. Soon I realized we all had our cocks out and were pumping them like crazy. We all started to laugh. Then I go over to Chris and said, 'Let's see who can hold on the longest.' Then he said, 'Well, to make it fair, let's time it so we can actually tell and take turns...'

So we made it like a game and established the rules. The person with a hard on can masterbate any way he pleases and the other two, who are watching, are not allowed to touch themselves. Then, if the other two want him to cum faster, they can do anything they have the nerve to do to make the other cum.

Javier goes first and he starts pumping and we are like totally staring at him. Chris is timing. After only two minutes, he busts all over his own chest and hand, and he even manages to get some on us.

After much debate we choose Chris to go next. Since I was the oldest, I would go last. Chris starts pumping his meat and he gets to two minutes and is still going strong. I think to myself (being this horny and having had to wait so long), there is no way I am going to last. Then I say to myself, 'I've got to go over there and make him bust.' I go over to him and pull his hand off. I spit in my hand and all over his cock. I start pumping it, and the next thing I know his mouth is all over me. I look over to my cousin who is jerking off looking at us, and I signal for him to come over. He does, and I grabbed his cock and furiously jerked it off. Needless to say, we all came and it was a great mess, which we enjoyed cleaning up. We all fell asleep and when we woke, we did not mention it.

We have never talked about it since, and all three of us are very straight guys. We all have girlfriends. Masterbating, to say the least, is addictive-or I should say contagious? Happy jerking!



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