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Beach Hike

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Please let me know if you liked this story. (names changed or withheld, on purpose)


This event took place two years ago and recently came flooding back into my mind as the weather over the past few days were much like the day this event took place.

I was a freshman, if you will, in school. It was my first trip back home over a short fall break that had temperatures rising instead of falling. It was mid week and the weather report had looked bleak at first but the weatherman is hardly ever right. My neighbor and best friend, all throughout school, was also back in town and asked if I would like to go on a hike with her and her ex-boyfriend the following day. I agreed to the hike, so long as I wasn't going to be a third wheel. She told me they broke up on good terms and stayed close as friends and nothing would be awkward. I did not expect what happened, but it did.

We arrived at our parking destination and grabbed our packs and headed off on the trail. The trail was used to get down to the beach on the state reservation land. Many people have used this trail, including the ex-boyfriend who was an avid hiker and outdoorsy person. That day, because of the weather report of mild temps with a chance of rain or fog, I think many hikers stayed home. Mike said he knew of a shortcut that no one else knew about and it would bring us to a secluded beach that was hard to reach from the north and south beaches because of the dangerous almost vertical rock walls that separated the secluded beach. He said we could make our way down to the beach and veg out for the day while he went off exploring the shoreline.

When we arrived, he was right. No one had been to this beach in awhile and it seemed like no one had ever been to this beach. No foot prints in the sand, no marks on the trees or stakes lining the path. The area looked pristine and untouched. The weather on the beach actually started to warm up a bit and the sun broke through the clouds. Mike found a spot where we could sit and enjoy a light snack together before he went off to explore. The sun's rays were getting much warmer and we started to take off layers as the temperature rose.

Mike headed south along the beach after giving us instructions to stay put until sundown. If he wasn't back before then to head back to the car, he would stay the night outside. He walked off and was out of our view within minutes. Sandy and I sat and talked about school, boys, movies and new music tastes. As the sun's rays warmed us up even more the chatter fell silent for a short while when I heard the sound of my friend getting up. I opened my eyes to find a topless girl, that looked a lot like a girl I once knew, standing up and removing her shorts. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was too hot to just sit there and was removing clothing to work on her tan and maybe even dip in the water to cool off. She said her clothing was getting in the way and she did not want to get her shorts wet if she went into the water. I asked if she really was going to get naked, in public, in front of me. She informed me she had been seen naked by me plenty of times, in school, at sleep over, in the showers and it was no big deal to her. As for being in public, she said it was hardly a public place we were in as we still had yet to hear or see another soul in hours.

She asked me again to join her down by the water's edge for a quick dip. I agreed it was getting hot and said I would remove my top. She called me a wimp and told me to strip or she would strip me herself. I stood up and removed my clothing, but not my panties. She again called me a wimp and asked if I wanted to make that hike back to the car with wet panties on. I said I would not go in the water but I would get my feet wet. Again she said I had seen her naked many times as well as she had seen me naked. She reminded me that you only live once. I decided to strip all the way.

And when I did I felt the most intense sense of freedom I had ever felt before! I felt like a new woman. I was naked and not in my bedroom or in the shower or having sex. I was outside, with my naked friend and it felt great to have the sun's rays hit every inch of my body. IT REALLY DID FEEL GREAT TO BE OUTSIDE AND NAKED. I wanted to yell and scream joyful cries of freedom and great feelings but knew if I did and someone was close by they would come running. I held back mainly because I did not want my friend to know how excited I was to be naked outside. I knew we could not get into much trouble even if someone caught us.

We walked down to the water and dipped our toes into the frigid cold waters. There was no way in hell we were going swimming or even dunking in for a quick cool off. That water was ice cold, it felt like. We stayed down near the water's edge watching the waves roll in to the shore line. We stood and stared for the most part not wanting to talk and ruin the moment. We then went back to our towels and laid out to get some more sun. That's when I must have dosed off.

When I started to come to and wake back up I felt an urgency to open my eyes to see if it was just part of my dream. But then if it was just a dream I did not want it to end, so my eyes stayed shut. That's when I thought I heard a soft whimper and a groaning noise. It sounded close by but not too close. then it stopped altogether and it was peaceful once again. I did a quick inventory of my skin sensations and yes, I was naked and the sun was losing its touch with my skin. It must be mid afternoon and the sun has begun to fall behind the trees leaving the beach we are on in shadows. But man, do I really need to pee.

I open my eyes and see my friend sitting on a piece of driftwood, looking the other direction towards the sea. She is still very much naked. I sit up and look south, only one set of foot prints leave our area, none return. I ask my friend how long I had been out for and she tells me about an hour. Then she turns around and darts me with a question of how long have I been awake. I tell her I just woke up and have to pee really bad. She says she just recently went over near the large piece of driftwood alongside the north side of the beach. She said she finally tried to pee like a boy while standing up. She said it was interesting and I should try it now myself. I told her I had no need to try and pee like a boy and would squat like I normally do, thanks very much.

When I make it back over to her I ask her what she had been doing. It looked like she had played in the sand in front of the log with her feet. She bows her head, almost like in shame, and says she just rubbed one out. I must have not heard her or was still waking up because I don't think I heard her right. I asked her to repeat herself. She said she wasn't going to ever repeat it again. I knew it must have been something and kept at her to tell me.

Finally she broke down and with the biggest grin on her face she told me she was masturbating while I slept and she just squirted for the first time. I could not believe I heard her just say that, but then again the grin on her face tells me that she wants to talk about it. So I ask. She tells me that she had been going like crazy lately and had not had some me time, as she calls it. She was feeling frisky and horny being naked outside and with me sleeping she wanted to take care of things. She said it only took like two minutes and the outcome was amazing. It felt almost as good being outside and naked like we were then. So she too was feeling the same feelings I had about being outside and naked. Wow!

She then asked me if I had ever squirted. I told her no and that guys squirt not girls. She points to the played with sand and says she had to move the sand around to hide the signs of her juices squirting out in front of her. I said she must have peed herself or something. She said she had an empty bladder just minutes before and the feeling of relieve was more than peeing. She said it was amazing and suggested I try it.

What here? Now? I was feeling horny as she was, but wasn't about to do that type of thing in front of her. We have talked about it before, but never done anything, and never touched each other in a sexual manner. I told her no, not now. What if her ex-boyfriend returns while I am in the middle of it? No way, no how. She then offered to help me get it done quicker. I thought she was nuts. She asked me to sit on the log where she just was and knelt down to the side. She pressured me into moving quicker. I sat down but faced the woods. She said to begin by rubbing my boobs and tweaking my nipples. I did as instructed. She moved closer and started to rub her hand softly on my back and thigh.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. I caressed my nipples and ran my hands down and back to my boobs. I circled each nipple then squeezed them. She kept quiet while rubbing her soft gentle hand along the outside of my thigh. My right hand went down in between my legs and darted round my hole then ran my finger tips down the inside of my thigh. I felt her hand come up over my thigh heading to the inside. I closed my legs quickly only allowing my hand to stay inside. I pressed my fingers against my slit and moved them up and down. My favorite thing to do while masturbating. It feels like a man is pressing his penis along my slit, teasing me before he rams it in me. My legs open a little more and my other hand goes down from my breast to my slit. My two hand stake turns, one caresses lightly around my slit while the other one attempts to make entry.

I lean back farther and almost fall, but she catches me and props me back up on the log. I open my legs farther and dig deep into my hole. My other hand goes back up to my breast and starts to twist and pull each nipple. Then I feel a foreign hand touch me. My friend is no longer caressing the side of my thigh, her hand is rubbing like crazy my clit. She is almost behind me and reaching in front of me and rubbing my clit raw. Her hand must be going a mile a second. I want to stop. Open my eyes and tell her we have gone too far in our friendship. But I can't. It feels too good.

I am getting close, I am about to climax. It feels better than any time before. Again I want to cry out and scream, but I don't. I allow myself to release into this professional's hand. She goes faster, I didn't even know there was a faster speed available. She adds more pressure. It feels like I am going to pee again, but I know I don't need to go since I just went. The point of no return arrives in record time.

I came with such a force never felt before. The contractions I felt were amazing. The release of the buildup was beyond words. I never thought it was possible to come like that. It felt amazing. I tried to keep my body from going limp but I could not hold on and my body relaxed in every sense of the word. I could barely catch my breath. My friend held me up on that log until I could regain use of my limbs. She then asked how it was? If I ever thought I could do that. I asked for details as I did not understand what she was referring to. She pointed out in front of me the wet sands between my open legs. She said she was able to get me to squirt the same way she just squirted herself.

I looked down and saw the sands were wet, just in front of me, and about three feet from my toes.

We agreed it would never happen again like this and it was a onetime deal. We would never discuss this event with anyone and only talk about it if both of us wanted to. We then stayed naked for about another ten minutes before getting dressed. Once we sat back down we heard Mike yelling from the woods to head back to the car as he was done exploring and he wanted to get home.

The weather report these past few days was wrong, again. They called for fog and light rain when the sun came out and warmed us up a few degrees warmer than they had expected. Makes me want to go for a hike again.



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